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Welcome to the world of High-School DxD! Who will you be? A Devil who grants desires to people? Or an Angel who answers the prayers of people? Or maybe something else?! Who knows, but this is your journey to forge! So go out there and explore!

•New Server, So opportunities are around for a short period of time! Early bird gets the worm!

•Simple way to get Sacred Gears, but there is one requirement.

•Easy to understand Races in an organized fashion.

•Opinions would be helpful so the server can grow! So join and don’t be afraid!
Hello everyone!
On 28/07/2019 the old owner of Gremory House, who is not chill at all, screwed us by deleting the server without reason and without an announcement.
But we will not let this stand! This is the new age, the rise of the Phenex is upon us!
This is a Highschool DxD server with lots of cool people in it. We have a friendly, open community that you and your friends will never forget!
If you're looking for people to have a blast with, you're at the right place :D
The story centers on Students from Kuoh Academy who have different desires, some are good and some are bad, And Their abilities proves dangerous to the angels, the fallen angels, and the devils. (Some Cannon Characters are Allowed)
✯ ➼ Heyo! Are you a HS DXD Fan? If so, We'd love for you to join this Server! ✯

High School DXD RP
We love Anime and We want members who do too, We have a unique Template, We have regular events in the server.

Wondering what we have?
➣ Rules and Information Regarding the Server!
➣ Tons of Partnerships! Contact Staff to Partner!
➣ Tons of Misc Channels
➣ Spam, Venting, NSFW, Selfies, Pictures, Memes, Videos, Links, & Gaming!
➣ Voice Channels!
➣ Channels for Fun, Music, Level, and NSFW Bots!
Tons and Tons of HS DXD Role-playing Channels!
HEY! This server is mainly focused on the game Deltarune/Undertle, Danganronpa, the anime Highschool DxD and the tv series South Park! There is a special leveling system for South Park that one of the admins made, and there are buyable danganronpa roles. (uses currency from a bot) It also has many other features too. There are a bunch of other chats for games and voice chats for them to. Next there is a place for memes. Also a place to share art and another for nsfw 0_0. Finally there are bots if you ever get bored or wanna have some fun! Oh i forgot. The problem is we don't have many people so there is not much talking. Its so sad. We need your help. We need you to join and tell others how much you love this server.Thats all. Be sure to read rules and look at important crap (weird name for announcements) so you know what you can do here and how. Thanks!
Hi everyone i'm the actual dark magician girl from the YGO anime/manga nice to meet u and together with my friend rias gremory made up an server for hanging out with us we would be happy if u would join this server it has nsfw channels training ur pokemons while u are chatting with us and much more <3
This server is a roleplay server based on Highschool-DxD, the popular anime and manga. We are looking for all of the main characters, and you can make OCs too! Along with houses, other factions, etc. Create your OC or become a main character like Issei or Rias! You can do NSFW roleplay in the server also, recommended age 13+ but we allow anybody. Serious RP
Hentai and Anime Discord. Share picture of Hentai/talk about hentai. Anime discussions/Share pictures. Different porn catotgories. Different Hentai from Demon to fury. All legal