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|:| Camp Half-Blood | Reign of Chaos |:|

Do you like love Percy Jackson series? Have you read the books? Do you want to be a demigod? Do you enjoy roleplaying? Are you stuck in quarantine and have nothing to do? If yes to any of this, join us! ❤️

|:| About Us |:|

Camp Half-Blood | Reign of Chaos is an awesome roleplay server. You can be a demigod, or even become an immortal! There is lots of roleplay opportunities and fun things to do. There are lots of cool OC's that have been created by others, and it's extremely fun to meet them in roleplay!

|:| What we have |:|

🌩️ Become a Demigod of most immortals, including Minor Gods
❓ Make suggestions to further develop the server
😅 Become an Immortal! Yeah, you may be OP... Heh
🏔️ Many different areas of CHB
⚔️ You can duel with other demigods
👀 Active Members
🎉 Role Play Events!
🔥 There's even Tartarus... Scary
1️⃣ Boosters get **1** Demi-Primordial!
🔱 If you're active, there's a chance you'll become staff!
✅ Many more perks!

Join Camp Half-Blood | Reign of Chaos today for a great roleplay experience!

Join fellow Egyptian magicians.

This server is based off of the Kane Chronicles series, as well as other series written by Rick Riordan.


The house of life is a safe home for magicians and eyes of the gods. Together we train, go on quests and have fun.

We have leadership positions, the heads of each nome and the Chief Lector.

-We accept everyone and anyone, all identities, etc.
LGBTQ+, couples, etc.

-There are six nomes that you can choose as your home, each with a nome head and fellow magicians.

-There are legit punishments for breaking rules, these only apply to the more serious rules that are repeatedly, and willingly broken.
Welcome to Camp Jupiter! This is a general place for fellow demigods to talk about the Riordanverse. We have channels for every Riordanverse book for all of your talking needs. Please note that this server is a work-in-progress and you are very welcome to join, give me feedback and such. And please check the rules before speaking in the server. Have a good time, demigods! 😉
hello young demigods and legacies! Welcome to Camp Olympus! Say goodbye to to your days of running away from monsters, because Camp Olympus will give you safety, new friends, and training! The Greeks and Romans have finally created peace, so they have decided to create a camp combining the two different cultures together! Relax on the beach during the summer or enjoy some delicious hot cocoa from the café in the winter. Enjoy your stay!

➳ we are a LGBT+ 🏳️‍🌈 friendly server
➳ we host capture the flag games every weekend
➳ questing is currently in the works
➳ both ocs and canon characters are allowed
➳ this is a literate server
➳ ten oc limit!
➳ big three characters ARE allowed!

Welcome to a result of hating The Trials of Apollo (And uncle rick lowkey) and hopelessly hyper fixating on the Percy Jackson Series/Universe!

This is: the happy ending we deserve (roll credits!)

Timelines are going to be screwed with, but bascially this takes place in a pocket of time post heroes of olympus but in which Trials of Apollo doesn't... Exist.

LGBT Inclusive and friendly! So many characters are open! Headcanons are yours to create!
This is a roleplaying server based on the series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" and "Heroes of Olympus" written by Rick Riordan. Come and join our growing community of demigods, over 30 members! We are a fairly small, but active server and staff. We're LGBT+ friendly!
Welcome to Camp Half Blood!

The year is 2020, and things at Camp Half-Blood have been going well, frankly perfect, until recently. It all started out small, a few of the minor gods stopped responding to iris messages, stopped doing their jobs and then stopped showing up. Hypnos was first, mortal across the world stopped dreaming, and started having terrible nightmares. Then was Tyche and Triton. Only a few noticed the minor gods' disappearances. Word spread fast around Camp Half Blood, but no one paid much care. Until things began to spiral.
Hermes disappeared, leaving his demigod children weaker and slower than ever. Then, there were the big guns, Zeus. January 21st was the last day anyone atop Olympus saw the god of lightning, and the next day, poof, he was gone. His children left drained of much power. But now, it’s up to you, demigod, to solve these mysterious circumstances and bring back the honor of the Greek Gods. Can you do it?

We Offer:
-Unique plot
-Interactive quests and events
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-Friendly and devoted staff
-Open partnerships
-Easy to create character system
-many bots (including tupper) to play with
hi! this is our brand new trials of apollo (by rick riordan) themed server. we also have channels to discuss all of his other works and some fun bots! come join us!
Have you always felt out of place? Maybe you’ve seen some strange things? Or maybe you are just tired of being chased by monsters. Well welcome to Camp Jupiter, the roman counterpart of Camp Half-Blood. Here we worship the Roman gods and goddesses as they are our parents. Camp Jupiter is a place where roman demigods can train to fight monsters, meet new friends, participate in war games, and much more. Why don’t you come and join us? There is so much to do! (This is a roleplay server)
After the events of blood of Olympus. The gods decided that the seven and a few of the other campers from both camps would have a chance to live like a mortal again. That means highschool, mortal highschool. But the plus side is all the demigods live in mansion built for them by the gods.

How will everything work out for our heroes?"
Along Long Island Sound, shrouded by the mist that divides myth and reality, lies a summer camp built for the children of the gods. Demigods have thrived at Camp Halfblood for centuries, and as an unclaimed demigod, it is your turn to come to camp. You will train to fight monsters of myth, and potentially rise up and become a hero.

Are you ready to face your new life and the challenges ahead?


- an active and welcoming community of roleplayers ready to invite your OC into the action
- plenty of fun channels to talk in while out of character
- engaging combat and a quest board to go out and seek fortune and glory
- a supportive staff team to keep the server safe and comfortable for everyone in it

🦋 ***Welcome To Camp Half-Blood: Rebirth*** 🦋

**All of the old demigods of the Great Prophecies have left, moving on to higher places of learning, protection and power. Now, the camp begins a fresh start for names to rise, and with the rise in monstrous activity, satyrs are finding more demigods and bringing them to camp.**

*Go on Quests, enjoy the community, grow your character and enjoy the roleplay.*

*• Our server is Literate and Welcoming 🗞️
• We are LGBTQ+ Friendly 🏳️‍🌈
• We have an experienced and trusted staff 👍
• Active and Hands on Plot that you can be part of! 🏅
• We have Custom Powers for your favorite godly parent, if we don't, we can make some!* 📯

🦋 ***Join us in Camp Half-Blood: Rebirth*** 🦋
Welcome to Percy Jackson Hangout! A place to discuss the new TV series or any of the series written by Rick Riordan. This also includes a place to share fanart and discuss fan fics! Currently there is no role-playing on this server, but I am willing to make a channel for it if it is requested. This is a safe space, and is open to all!
Hi there! We are a pjo/hoo RP server with lots of fun stuff and quests.

This server has to offer:
↦ Active and Friendly Staff

↦ Welcoming to all races, genders, species
↦ open to adding new gods and goddesses, so don't be shy; we'll take your character.
↦ easy to understand power list that is very detailed
↦ many Open counselor positions

Join us! we hope you live a long life! (not that that happens to half-bloods)
A Riordanverse discord for fans to group with other fans! Come be claimed by your Greek godly parent and meet others in your cabin. We accept all fans of any of the series. This is a non-roleplay server where you can hangout, make new friends, chat about the book series and play some fun trivia games.
A friendly and quiet community for Greek mythology or Rick Riordan fans! Find out who your godly parent is, hang out with people with the same interests, etc. We will appreciate everyone and all who join!
Welcome demigods, to our new roleplay server! We're still in developement, but we're working hard to get it up and running smoothly. I hope you'll consider joining us!

- friendly staff

- plenty of characters

- clear rules

- and much much more!
Are you looking for an accurate representation of Camp Half-Blood? Well, look no further. This Camp Half-Blood runs off of a small admin team and we offer many unique things that not a lot of CHB roleplays offer!

Our Features:
- A unique claiming system to better your development
- Immersive plots that anyone can get involved in
- A friendly admin team

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and check us out!
So, never heard of Camp Jupiter, eh? Well, let me fill you in: Camp Jupiter is the place where demigods, the children of the gods live. We survive and manage to live out our lives here in Camp Jupiter. Interesting, really. After your trip from the wolf house, you should definitely be prepared for what awaits you. Though, of course, you have the occasional wusses that do some how get through. Let me warn you now, before you decide to come to Camp, be ready for anything to happen. Especially getting blasted.

**Demigod OCs**

Here at **Camp Jupiter | The Era of Gods** you can make your own demigod character. Our restrictions? Everything that we restrict or decide isn't good for the server or won't work out is always reasonable and definitely and normally makes sense. We do the best we can to help you out with any demigod OCs you make too! We as the staff do our absolute best so that you can have the best experience here at Camp Jupiter. And guess what? We hope that you do!

**God Characters**

Now, if you look in other roleplay servers that have to do with the Greek and Roman camps from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, generally they don't allow anyone to become a god character. Wanna know something absolutely awesome! You can do that here! *Gasp* Yeah! It's really just cool! You can become your favorite god or goddess and roleplay as them and have a ton of fun! We have the 12 Olympians and even some Minor Gods! It's awesome!

**Join *Camp Jupiter | The Era of Gods* today for an amazing experience!**
This a PJO based RP
server where you can be a Demigod or a God. Server Events are once every week on Fridays. The server has a lot of channels to talk in and not a lot of rules to really follow. This server is just for fun and rolplay!
—>note i’m still kinda working on it<—