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Some say there's a war. Monsters as big as the Heroes of old have fought, with powers and abilities beyond the Titans. Some say that there's another prophecy, one that's bigger and better than anyone would expect. Tread carefully. Friends can be enemies, and everyone's true loyalty is muddled and confused.

Yet you don't know what I'm talking of, do you? Allow me to clarify; the gods are real. The Greek gods, to be specific. Remember Zeus, the fuckboy god from sixth-grade history? What about Athena, the goddess of wisdom that is literally a brainchild? Yeah, those gods.

They're real. And you — well, you're one of their kids.

You might remember the demigods from Greek mythology, children of gods and mortals. All those feats that they accomplished? They're real. And, maybe, you could be the next great hero.

But don't hold your breath.

After all, one of our generation's heroes, Jason, son of Jupiter, died with a spear in his chest from monsters. Monsters that chase you, monsters that will kill you.

You have powers, you have abilities that no mortal can fathom. You might be able to conquer the ocean, wield lightning, or raise the dead. You might be able to perform Herculean feats of strength or manipulate the mist like breathing air.

Whatever the case, those monsters will still destroy you.

Or, at least, if you don't have the training, they will.

Camp Half-Blood is safe for us. It will train you, it will let you wield knives and swords without a second thought and destroy monsters with a flick of a finger.
There is a rumor going around that a huge quest is going to happen, possibly as big as the one the Heroes of Olympus went on. Though it is uncertain if we will win or fail...The enemy is suspected to be bigger than anything camp has faced, this enemy might be so bad that the Hunters...the Amazons...old campers...even the Heroes of Olympus. But no, let's hope not. Though there might be a rumor live on with your camp activities, but be on alert.

Join us and stay safe.

Come to Camp Half-Blood, and see what kind of hero you'll become.

-----|==============> <==============|----

- Supportive LGBTQA+ community!
- Interactive Quests that you can participate in and even create!
- Weekly events like Capture the Flag, chariot races, and more!
- Fully Integrated trading system, to get winged shoes, exotic pets, and even Aegis!
- Exciting and fun server plot to participate in!
- Many gods to choose from, over 20 minor gods along with the Olympians.
- Your OC can be something other than a demigod such as a nymph, dryad, satyr, mortal, and even a harpy!
- Partnerships with other servers, both RP and chat servers!
Hello there wanderer! We are a Camp Half-Blood rp server set roughly 20 years into the future with many plot events and side quests occurring often.

This server has to offer:
↦ Active and Friendly Staff
↦ 2 sentence literacy minimum
↦ Over 30+ gods/goddess to choose from (open to adding more)
↦ LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming
↦ Nymphs and Satyrs
↦ Detailed but easy to understand power list
↦ Open counselor positions

Come join us and life your life in (hopeful) safety! But beware, the unknown lurks around every corner.
Jason is dead.

Reyna is gone.

The heroes live on.

Legion 12 is the final survivor, the only remnant of what was once a great empire, now rubble in a technology-forward world. But unbeknownst to the mortals, underneath their bustling cities, there is a camp -- a place for demigods, a place for people with godly blood in their veins and fire in their heart.

A place for us.

The world is dangerous, with monsters at every turn of a city block, monsters with fangs and claws and deadly stares. And you can't survive. Not alone.

But here, we are all together, we are all carrying on the traditions of the past into the uncertainty of the future.

We are the next generation of heroes, we are the people who will carry the torch into the next era, we are the new demigods of Camp Jupiter.

->-----------> <-----------<-

- Supportive LGBTQA+ community!
- Interactive Quests that you can participate in and join in on!
- Weekly events like war games, senate meetings and forums, and more!
- Exciting and fun server plot to participate in!
-Ranging from Paragraph to one-liner Role-Players!
- Many gods to choose from, over 20 minor gods along with the Olympians.
- Your oc can be something other than a demigod such as a nymph, dryad, faun, mortal, and even a harpy!
- Partnerships with other servers, both RP and chat servers!
Welcome to Camp Halfblood New Generation! Years after the events of the stories a new generation of demigods is training and living in camp halfblood. Join and bring up to four ocs into the rp whether they be a demigod, satyr, centaur, or anything else that makes sense with the lore!
This a PJO based RP
server where you can be a Demigod or a God. Server Events are once every week on Fridays. The server has a lot of channels to talk in and not a lot of rules to really follow. This server is just for fun and rolplay!
—>note i’m still kinda working on it<—
A year after the Giant War and another battle is coming but not with monsters of their own pasts. This time it's against gods of old Norse and the east. Neither is good or bad, they have their own goals. The truth of those goals is hidden deep within the prophecy that had been received:

The Thousand Gods swing their blades,
Setting the land and sky ablaze.
Ashes turn to dust as lives are lost,
Though light shimmers of light break through at any cost
Thou must step forward and put ideals behind,
before the soldiers are aligned.

Will you help put an end to the war or continue the chaos?
this takes place 10 years after the war with Gaea. You can create your own character, a kid of a Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian god, or a satyr. Roleplay your dreams of being a half blood into this server!
So, never heard of Camp Jupiter, eh? Well, let me fill you in: Camp Jupiter is the place where demigods, the children of the gods live. We survive and manage to live out our lives here in Camp Jupiter. Interesting, really. After your trip from the wolf house, you should definitely be prepared for what awaits you. Though, of course, you have the occasional wusses that do some how get through. Let me warn you now, before you decide to come to Camp, be ready for anything to happen. Especially getting blasted.

**Demigod OCs**

Here at **Camp Jupiter | The Era of Gods** you can make your own demigod character. Our restrictions? Everything that we restrict or decide isn't good for the server or won't work out is always reasonable and definitely and normally makes sense. We do the best we can to help you out with any demigod OCs you make too! We as the staff do our absolute best so that you can have the best experience here at Camp Jupiter. And guess what? We hope that you do!

**God Characters**

Now, if you look in other roleplay servers that have to do with the Greek and Roman camps from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, generally they don't allow anyone to become a god character. Wanna know something absolutely awesome! You can do that here! *Gasp* Yeah! It's really just cool! You can become your favorite god or goddess and roleplay as them and have a ton of fun! We have the 12 Olympians and even some Minor Gods! It's awesome!

**Join *Camp Jupiter | The Era of Gods* today for an amazing experience!**
A place to roleplay your own characters in Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson Series! LGBT+ Friendly! Come join and rp with us!

*** We are still within the developing stage of our server so please come in and help us grow ***
This is a Percy Jackson role play chat!
The taken characters currently are: Nico, Will, Percy, Annabeth, Calypso, and Leo.
We’re looking for: Hazel, Frank, Jason, and Piper!
Join us and claim the character you would like!
No OCs. Only pre-existing characters.
None of the characters or anything doing with PJO belongs to Rick Riordan, not us
This is a Percy Jackson server despite the name I’m just not creative with names so come join us! Characters are first come first serve, no double characters unless you don’t plan on roleplaying but I would assume you want to! All characters are owned by Rick Riordan. This is a SFW server so if your chat is going that way take it to dms, and no derogatory terms of any sort we are an accepting community and we don’t belittle others based on illnesses, physical aspects, gender, race, religion, or sexuality
Welcome to the Percy Jackson RP Server. This takes place after all the Percy Jackson relates series, such as PJO, HoO, ToA, etc. It shall have events that the admin and the owner have planned in the future. Here we have a friendly and fun community, mild swearing is allowed unless it targets someone. Join, make a character, RP, and have fun! Just follow the rules! Right now in the server, we are having a war against the primordials, so we could really use any demigod's help!
Heroes are born by Olympus. Embark on the all-new Heroes of Olympus roleplay experience from a new server owner. You will be the next generation of heroes in the ultimate Heroes of Olympus roleplaying playground. Just remember, roleplaying is better together, so the more the merrier.
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! A safehaven for demigods of both Greek and Roman descent. It's protected by a magical barrier which keeps out both monsters and humans.

This server includes roleplay, NSFW (only in the allotted channels), memes, and a great community!
-Things YOU can do at EO:RP-
-Harness the power of the gods
-Choose between roman, greek, norse, monster or mortal
-Interact with other demigods
-Visit Olympus
-Go out into NYC
-Own your own shop
-Enjoy our non-strict turn based combat system
-Do some private things in our ERP designated locations
-Have fun on the Eternal Olympus campgrounds overall
<3 enjoy your stay at EO:RP we love u all ! <3
Welcome, Legionnaire, to Camp jupiter. As a probatio, you will start in the fifth cohort, and as time goes on, you may or may not, move up the ranks. In other things our server offers, We offer the following.

A legitimate Camp jupiter experience.
Non biased staff.
A Greek sister server, for those who would be interested in doing Greek mythology, as well as roman.

Come Legionnaire, and start your beginning, today!
A Role-play server focused on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson universe. We currently have the Norse and Greek canons and plan on adding the Roman canon as the server grows.
We are currently looking for people who are passionate about text based role-play and will be relatively active.
The server does not require having read all the books, and the setting takes place before the events of PJO, so we are largely spoiler free.

This server is 13+

- Simple bio system with 2 OCs at level 1
- Absolutely a safe space, I'm gay as hekk
- Looking for moderators and admins
A pretty cool server (I think) in which you can create a character and play as them in all of the areas of Camp Jupiter. We’re only just starting up, and we would absolutely love some more members!