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Say Hello. A great place to start a conversation with like minded people and to make great friends, after all that's how The Hello Server became to be.
hello woof woofs a friendly sever here. Adult chat with porn and Ethnic banter. No rules we are a freedom off speech server.
# Why hello there.!
Are you looking for a server you could fit in? A server that's uniquely weird? A uniquely weird server with uniquely weird people? Well..Come join Uniquely Weird right now!!

Welcome to Uniquely Weird !

Uniquely Weird is a place, where you can find uniquely weird individuals with uniquely weird personalities. Its a place that serves as a casual locale that accepts uniquely weird individuals such as yourself. Whether you like anime, drawings or unemployed! We will welcome you with the warmest and biggest greeting we could offer.

Uniquely Weird provides:
# A comfortable atmosphere, where everyone accepts you for who you are.
# A fun, enjoyable, yet small channel activities.
# And more!! ( just too lazy to type )

Uniquely Weird's rules:
# Don't be toxic, unless if it's meant to be joke.
# Message only at the relevant channels. We want the server to be neat and tidy.

Reminder: Since mostly half of the members, in the server, lives out of the US. When you join the server, not everyone will welcome you right away. This is due to different time zones. So please be patient until the members great you.
If they are online, you could always mention/ping them for a salutation/greeting. ( the server is almost dead )

Have fun in the server ! *kawaii emoji*

Hello one and all and welcome to the gamers Paradise were u can meet up and play games with any other gamer here.

We have
And litteraly everything else
If you're looking for some friends, memes, and just a chill place to hang out in with none of the drama, this is the place for you!
- Interesting Chats
- Good Concept
- Our Channels Are a Meme