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This is a GTA5 PS4 community dedicated to finding the best people to play GTA5 online with. Their are many activities to do including Talking, playing with bots, finding people to play GTA5 online with and much more! Click the button below to join!
Jeder ist Herzlich Willkommen,
-Kein Rassismus
-Kein Scam/Phishing
-Kein Trolling/Mobbing
-Falls es zu Konflikt Situationen kommen sollte sind dies im Privaten Rahmen zu klären und nicht auf dem Öffentlichen Discord.
Welcome To Astro Solutions!! We have the best prices on CAD/MDTs we have sales on holidays and we do events! Astro Solutions has Front/Back end, we have server setups for just 2-5$! And CAD/MDT packages up to 0-15$, hope you choose us for your community!
Welcome to Super Law RP. Where you can be the awesomeness and most greatest cops ever. This is a fun rp that is similar to something called Fivem in Grand Theft Auto 5. You can be a police officer or a civilian the decision is up to you. There's a lot of police choices as well. This is a 18+ rp so join with caution. Besides that have fun and go stop some crime.
Hello there.
do you wanna earn millions in GTA online??
so this is the server for you.
how is it working you ask? very simple. just invite your friends to the server and get free money directly your gta account!
5 invites = 25 million dollar recovery

10 invites = 30 million dollar recovery

15 invites = 50 million dollar recovery | + 25 levels

20 Invites = 100 million dollar recovery | +50 levels

25 invites = 125 million dollar recovery | + 100 levels

30 invites = 150 million dollar recovery | + 125 levels

40 invites = 400 million dollar recovery | custom rank

and there're free money drops in every weekend in 16:30 in france!
haven't join yet?? what are you waiting for just join!!

Were a roleplay server on FiveM creating a fun and exciting environment to be who you want. Create you alter cyber ego here with us. But also he on the lookout for the law. We have custom cars and custom map mods, as well as custom scripts. The possibilities are endless.
Welcome to Super Law RP. Where you can be the awesomeness and most greatest cops ever. This is a fun rp that is similar to something called Fivem in Grand Theft Auto 5. You can be a police officer or a civilian the decision is up to you. There's a lot of police choices as well. This is a 18+ rp so join with caution. Besides that have fun and go stop some crime.
Hello, everyone, I’m extract/LetMeWoosh and i created EclipseRP on the wonderful November 15th of 2019 with a group of friends Gridbase, Denied, and I as yes, three owners but we are strong! As we are new everyone is welcomed into this community, after all, it is a great idea to join a new unique community like EclipseRP! Why is it exactly? Well, so far we have active staff, but are looking for more and an active community currently but wishing to grow and fail role-play is non-existent here. Us as owners are always active talking to members but we do encourage you to follow the chain of command!

What makes this community unique and more than a community?
As myself (extract) and the owners, we are always active and lenient as we give people multiple chances to think. We are not just any other community but a large family. We are looking for more members to join FAA, SD and HP and soon to be LSPD!

What features and scripts do we have?

-Blaine County Sheriffs Office
-Highway Patrol
-Federal Aviation Association
-Detective Division
-Trusted Civilian

Want to donate to help the server?
Donating is always appreciated and always goes to the server itself! You can further go into the discord to donate! (in #💵donations💵
Scripts and Custom Features
-Everything mainly Discord integrated (no hex/steam IDs)
-Lots of custom cars
-Many scripts!

Hope to see you there!
This is a Gta 5 roleplay Xbox server please come and join we need members you have to be interviewed and then trained then you will be in the server hope you have a good time and enjoy SOSA
1.Serwer jest stworzony z myślą o Graczach
2.Gwarantujemy miłą Atmosferę
3.Wielu chętnych do gry użytkowników
4.Miła Administracja
5.Organizacja Eventów
6.Konkursy z przewidzianymi Nagrodami
A Więc nie trać czasu i Wbijaj! ❤️
A relaxed thus passionate gaming hideout for everyone. We talk about pretty much everything you're up for. Overwatch, Scum, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, we play them all.
Do you like FiveM RolePlay?
Would you like to be a part of a good FiveM community?
Well, FirstRP is for you! We Include
Great Staff!
Hiring Police!
Hiring Fire/EMS!
A Public Civilian Dept!
And much more! Looking for capable staff, department members and developers!
Check out FirstRoleplay today for all that and more!
Invite: or
SSRP is a Professional Role-play server , we are unique in our own way and we support everyone no matter your religion, sexuality, race, gender.
We are a community for people who would like too start roleplaying our join a Role-play community that is active every night and strives to make the community better each day
We support everyone in this community and we have a CAD/MDT System as well!
》Active, fast growing .
》 LEO departments.
》 Roleplay events.
》Inviting any age (depending on maturity)!
》 Server security
》 Organized Server to make users comfortable.
》Civ department is currently
》 CAD/MDT System
》staff applications open!
Welcome to my server Silver Mods! I am a YouTuber that provides you with free GTA V mod menus on all platforms! Subscribe to my youtube channel for new mods!
Just a chill gaming server.

We have 3 Minecraft servers, and a GTA 5 RP Server.

Come hangout, chill and chat!
Hello I am the Founder of CHP roleplayers in our server we enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza Horizon 4, and meany other games If you Join I will xi my bet to make sure YOU are satisfied
Welcome to Merseyside City Roleplay. The owners here at this roleplay server are Reiss Kieran and Aiden we are also the developers here. If you want to apply for police them head over to the applications section of the discord and fill out the form for what role you want We are HIRING police NHS and also mechanic. If you need help dont hesitate to make a ticket by going into the tickets section and writing -new with the reason and one of our support team will be on standby to help! Things we have to offer are:
Active Staff
Open Departments
Head of departments (open)
ESX Server
ELS Server
UK Based

If you would like to give us a try don't hesitate to join the discord
We appreciate you for being a part of this amazing NEW community and team! Together as one we grow as a roleplaying community where friendships and connections been made and great Roleplay content been created during our live streams! We offer a twitch partnered streamteam for streamers who stream on our city and help us advertising it!
Hey, And Welcome To Superbatman's server. We're a small community focused on finding other people who want to play the same games as us. Go ahead and join, we won't bite!
Modders Unite is a Discord Server for Modders and Coders of different Games to come together and a Marketplace for Game Mods and Accounts.
This Discord is Community based and is always happy to Welcome new Members to the Modding Community of the World.
London Roleplay Community

London? Roleplay? Community?
What are we?🤔

Well, we are a community that roleplays like the London emergency services.

What do we offer?

Friendly Staff and members.
New members weekly
Daily roleplays
A news station
London Ambulance Service
Metropolitan Police
London Fire Brigade

That got you interested?
Of course it did!

Well click that join button to slip into the LRC!