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Cat versions of the greek gods exist, and have now made clans. Be a god, demigod, or mortal, and join one of our clans! Join either Oliveclan, Poolclan, Boneclan, Deathclan, or Mothclan!

+Five fun Fanclans, one based off a real myth!
+TONS Of Open High Ranks!
+Powers are heavily encouraged!
+Lgbtq+ Friendly!
+RP is not required!
+Fun bots!
+Advertising and partnerships!

-No chocolate chip cookies upon entry. Sorry! It wasnt in the budget.

+Gathering, Med meet and Weather schedules!
+Custom Rouge Groups!
This is a server for all the people who loved Greek and Roman myths as children of are even continuing to study them now. Enter the world of Mount Olympus and learn and take part in discussions about your favorite myths and legends. This server is particularly useful for those studying classical civilisation but we welcome everyone!