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Summary: Ares, God of War, has been murdered. His Roman half, Mars, has faded away. Several other Minor gods have been found dead. The council has together to perform damage control on the absence of one of their important members, but also send word to any demigods available to help them. Chiron would train them and they would have their mission. Its details?

To hunt down a demigod boy whose causing chaos to rise on the world.

Hello there! This is a Roleplay story with a story based around Greek/Roman mythology. ESRB Rating would be from T to M in rating since I do expect you all to be mature but also have fun while being in here.

Story is based around my own ideas and some from other materials used like the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, some from God of War, and few of the movies that are based around Greek or other mythologies. I do hope you join since I believe many of you will like this Roleplay server.

I am also looking for people that can be trustworthy to help me run it and know more about the technical stuff with Discord.