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Armin's Lounge

-=We are an upcoming Gaming / anime community. We are currently still in progress, you can give suggestions if you'd like!!
-=We have AWESOME Bots for you too use!
-=We have amazing staff!!
-= Fabulous giveaways and themed events.


-Chill and NON TOXIC people!!
-People to Play and talk with

We have A LOT OF NITRO & NORMAL emotes they are really cool and fun!!

We are getting more active each day,
are you looking for a chill server pretty much devoid of toxicity? Than this is the place for you!
Come to Boy's Funhouse 2.0! A Circus themed Discord Server where you can meet new people, Post memes, Listen to music, Take part in one of our Hosted events, Play games with bots, Meet people to play games with, Or even just chat!

This server is run very democratically with voting on staff members, Voting to impeach not liked staff members, voting on new rules, channels, and bots to be added.
Hey, we are a Rust Clan called {GTX}. We are a small community looking to grow bigger in size to compete in tournaments, challenges and community activities.
So Free minecraft and random more accounts give away

Anime Fans and Manga Fans! You loyal guys/girls/tanks are all aloud in our interactive freindly server~ :) I hope you enjoy our cool bots too!
————Bot List————
Dank Memer
Giveaway Bot
Member Count
Simple Poll
Come on and join right now! Your missing out our total fun! ;)
Greetings! We are a growing community with bots! We want to introduce you into our home and give you the opprotunity to be friends with us! You can do whatever as long as you follow the rules
**Welcome to Delta Games!
Here you can have fun teaming up in Games with others and getting all those wins!

⚬ We have a small but active community

⚬ We have awesome and friendly Members

⚬ Our staff is always active!

⚬ And we have great server mechanics to asure you the best experience!

Come join and have fun!
a new pokecord community server with battles and much more , open to suggestions :D
server kinda just started most population is for NSFW, but i'd like it to grow more into a server and lean away from nsfw portion - server base US WEST
A Pokemon oriented discord server for trading and battling. Ranks are given as you trade and get stars, as you go up you get higher priority.
We have fair moderation, give-aways of rare Pokemon (Starters, ditto, etc)
We will also host tournaments occasionally with prizes such as roles, QR codes for blissy farms, and rare pokemon!

So come on down and invite your friends for a nice server to chat with other pokemon fans :D
Hello, VisionGaming is a new upcoming discord Community!! You can help with growing the discord by inviting youre friends!

At 15+ Invite's you'll need to ask the high staff for a 15+ Invite Role!
We are a very nice community all based on games there is a section for everyone and if not we can and will make it for you we hope you enjoy being in our server and feel like your in a community, a gaming community.