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- 1:2 Boy/Girl ratio

- Our very own female nude/nsfw channels

- More active than any server below 1000 members

- Self assign roles with mee6 premium levels

- Super relaxed rules - anything goes

- 100 of the best pepe emotes including Nitro emotes

- Gambling channel that everyone is addicted to 24/7

- Various bots including Pokecord, BoobBot and Rythm

- Plenty of voice channels for anything you could need
Bring all your friends for a blastin' shitpostin' experience. Join the server for a BOOM BANGIN' time! Usually VC has faggots in it. Also, big tiddie e-gf's.
Ladies Lounge is a FEMALE ONLY community with the goal of giving girls a place to connect with those who face similar things in life. This safe and friendly server has channels for a wide variety of interests. Our helpful staff is around to keep the server safe and running smoothly and our members are very welcoming and enjoy meeting new people.
So if you're a girl and you'd like to be in a loving community of other women please come give us a visit!
Our server is a pretty chill server for hanging out. Lots of character, the staff are nice, and we got nsfw (boob bot too) so come on down and test us out!
Feel free to do anything here, just join and enjoy your stay.
Jealousy is a new, but fast growing server. We are a small community with egirls to feed ur big eboy ego, we aren’t a bunch of sensitive fucks so join if you like edgy ethot servers!
litty incel discord join now 5:1 female to male ratio
Welcome to INFERNO

The moment you join this server you get one free big tiddy goth.

If you are female you get a bad, bad boy.

Be aware of losing your internet virginity over here.

You might wanna ask your parents for permission to join.

And if you dont join you are gonna get exactly 7 years of bad, bad luck.

You are VERY welcome here.

1:1 Female to male ratio (Bot transforms the soyboys into females upon joining)
This is a very friendly gaming server for you and your friends to enjoy!
StrictlyNudes is as it says, we post nudes. It says 7 online but there are over 300 users and roughly 50 online atm

There are designated talking channels
Few rules
Female and Male nude channels
Friendly mods
Always active

If you join please don’t stay quiet, interact with fellow users :)
A place about girl power and feminine culture. Open, fun and creative community that is all about memes and keeping up a positive discussion.

feminism patriachy fem girly over matriarchy girls power girl frequency emma watson feminist
We're all dying at the end so y matter of living but for the time that u will be living make sure that you're living for a reason.

Oh and be nugget hehe if you don't wanna be a nugget than..oof ._.
**Cześć** 👋
Serdecznie zapraszamy, dla każdego coś się znajdzie!
Do wyboru jest wiele opcji.
Coraz więcej użytkowników!
jeśli szukasz jakiegoś fajnego serwera gdzie możesz z kimś pograć, pogadać, pośmieszkować lub poprostu powpisywać komendy dla botów🤖 to zapraszam do nas 😉 .
✅Dużą ilość botów🤖
✅Serwer lvl's
✅strefę dla graczy, walutę serwera.
✅miłą administracje
✅Ogrom kanałów i wiele innych rzeczy!
Dysponujemy wieloma kanałami tekstowymi jak i do rozmowy ale jeśli jest większa grupa skontaktuj się z administracją, jest duża szansa na osobny kanał ekipowy i specjalną rolę dla osób w grupie ;)
A jeśli zachęcają cię rangi żeby mieć ich wiele to zapraszam bardzo :3
Pozdrawiam z serwera "Maniaki Wszystkiego"
Hi love 🌸 Me &’ my friends invite you to join The X Zone! We have xEvents EVERY weekend, along with active vc’s, NSFW, a very close community and many new friends to make! We can’t wait to meet you!! Promise here you will feel welcome immediately, dont be shy to come say hi!! 💖
~Just created by accident just like u ;3~
wink wonk just don't make me prego please >///<
-lolis for days boi
-Can we get Married?
//If you aint Gonna TAlk GET OUTTA my LANE BOI//
Hello and welcome to our discord server, we are new upcoming discord server with an active community who is looking to have a lot of fun. Join to meet new people and also meet a lot of good looking girls and guys.
This is a server with alot of my viewers and followers of my stream. It's a adorable community with alot of great people (and not gonna lie alot of girls).
Were a friendly server with a fun and welcoming community full of lewdness for anyone. Cone join us and share you kinks and interests.
• Introduction:
Global Community for PRO Gamers (G.C.P.G.) officially born on 13/09/2017 as a group, precisely for gamers. Each of you, professional or not in the videogame world, but united by the passion of videogames in general, is invited to join the official server:
• Server's bureaucratically organization:
- Multilanguage support. ✔️
- Organized giveaways. ✔️
- Discord servers' owners,YouTubers and Twitch streamers cooperation. ✔️
Trippiest occult server on Discord with the hottest cutthroat bitches and the best memes. Join if you're dead inside.
Ein Server only für Girls
Du bist weiblich und würdest gerne auch mal in ruhe mit anderen Frauen spielen, reden und schreiben? ohne dass das Männliche Geschlecht dazwischen Funkt.
Dann bist du hier richtig.

➢Es gibt verschiedenen Context wie
-150 Farben [zur Auswahl]
-Casino [+Shop]
-Roleplay [In Arbeit]

Wenn Ihr spezielle Wünsche habt meldet euch beim Admin er wird alles machen was Ihr wollt außer euch Rechte geben.

Wir würden uns freuen Sie auf unserem Server Willkommen zuheißen.
🔥 I N S A N I T Y 🔥

🔼 1:1 Female/Male Ratio 👀

🔼 Awesome Community 🌍

🔼 Cool roles/Special Roles/NSFW Roles 🌌

🔼 Level System 🔝

🔼 Anime/Memes 🈂️

🔼 Aesthetics 🍕

🔼 Chill/Music 🚬

🔼 Events 💎

🔼 Games/Fortnite, PUBG,LOL,DOTA 🎮

🔼 Instagram/Youtube/Snapchat 📷

🔼 Verified selfies 🤳

🔼 Giveaways 🎉

🔼 Active Chat

🔼 E-girls to trade

🔼 Respectable Staff 🏆

🔼 Nudes/NSFW Channels 💦💋

🔼 NSFW Dump Channel 😈

🔼 Zerotwo lovers 🐟

🔹 Meet new people and have fun doing it c; 🌠

🔹 There are no limits at all UwU 🌠

🔹 You do not speak English? No matter you are welcome :3 🌠

🔹 What do you expect to enter? and have fun and meet new people? Insanity its your server c; 🌠

🔹 New discord server in growth, is an upcoming community where we are looking for active members to grow bigger with you on Insanity🌠

A dedicated server for the best of the hentai, you can share your content, pages, videos, images .... Everything !!!

What are you waiting to join? 🕶️

🔞 Giveaways every 20 members join !!!
🔞 Multiple channels
🔞 The best bots
🔞 Active server
🔞 Many roles
🔞 Hentai lovers
🔞 All genders
🔞 Channels vc
🔞 Everything is allowed
🔞 Music
🔞 Chill