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Want a Server to showcase your autism?
Post Dank Memes?
Freedom Of Speech?
Want to flirt with random E-girls and attempt to get NUDES??
Want thirsty E-boys to Boost you confidence and ego?
Want a server with cool bots and fun game features?
Want me to stop using the word want in this damn thread?
Say no more.
Join 'The Walls:Autism Edition' today!
We are a fairly new server hoping to grow and get some more active members. :D
22 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 55
UsNerds is A Friendly Gamer Discord Channel Base Around meeting awesome People For gaming and Talking anime and all that fun weeb stuff
-Plenty of Ladies in our server so Girls don't be afraid
~Mee6 Music Bot
~Role colors
54 minutes ago

**Server Type;** Weeb Community, NSFW
**Permanent Invite :link:;**
**Owner;** @$ourr#8700 <3
2 hours ago
All Games 21
*LOOKING FOR STAFF* No rules, just memes, music, nsfw bots and voice channels.
3 hours ago
Community 65
Fun - Social - Active - 16+
3 hours ago
Community 458
█ Welcome to Sexy Time! █

Owner: Ash~#2468

Description: The server has many "own-content" areas that users within the server can post in.
These content areas are both of SFW and NSFW nature. To view and post in the areas, you will have to verify yourself (everything is explained in the #verification section). Other than that though, we have a fantastic community made up of talkative people! We have gaming sections and a lot of areas where users can chill. We're a very friendly community, we'd love to get to know you as well!

❥ Post your own NSFW/SFW Content (after verifying)
❥ 3.3k members within a month
❥ Very active staff (available practically 24/7)
❥ Very friendly community.
❥ Post your selfies!
❥ Voice Channels are sexually intensified
❥ Post your Snapcodes and talk to other people on snapchat!
❥ Server events on a weekly occasion.
❥ Games (Truth or Dare/Smash or Pass/Roast me and more!)
❥ Gamer Chats (Fortnite/PUBG/League/Minecraft/Dota/GTA/COD/etc)
❥ An upcoming clan system!
❥ Nudity and constant sexual interactions!


5 hours ago
All Games 18
Le Memes are good for your health.
12 hours ago
If you are girl who likes other girls be sure to join the Sapphic Ship a server for all lady-loving women!
1 days ago
All Games 116
We're an active Pokecord (Discord Pokemon) Server with active Staff, Legendary Giveaways, Regular Tournaments, Contests, Custom Coded Events and more! You can just hang out and have fun as well as we have many bots and players to interact with!
18 days ago
NSFW server dedicated to posting and appreciating asian girls (18+). Pictures and Gifs posted daily. Come join us.
20 days ago
This is just a server where we share pics of our favorite celebrities:)
67 days ago
Community 22

✦ The traphouse is a chill and fun server and if you're bored and want to make friends, don’t hesitate to join us! Everyone is welcome. We treat all our members with respect and dignity.

✦ The mission of this server is to have chill and funny conversations with people and making awesome new friends. We hope you consider joining us on our journey!
✦ We partner with anyone that has over 30 members

✦ We have admins and mods but they dont have the "admin" or "mod" role because we dont want a cringe base server

✦ The only rules we have is please dont be annoying and dont judge anyone for there sexuality,age, or gender!!

✦If you have anymore questions about the server please contact the owners below.






73 days ago
Community 6
Welcome to The Darkside
We are an adult community mainly focused towards the BDSM Lifestyle.
We guarantee a friendly environment where you can chat and learn more about different kinks,
share your experiences with other people or even find yourself a partner.
107 days ago
Anime and Manga 65
OderCraft is a discord for Minecraft Online Dating.

Join our discord to meet one of the most unique online communities, play around with our bots, take part in our events, and more.
111 days ago
We are a community for everyone including gamers
193 days ago