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Hello my loves! Welcome to our server! Come join us for an amazing FNaF roleplay with our owner and our admins! We'll be sure to give you a warm welcome so you can feel welcomed here! We encourage highly for you to read the rules and make sure to read the canon list over to make sure not to submit a character who is already taken! Alright that's all, take care and don't be afraid to say hi!
Hey there, if you happen to stumble onto this! Welcome to the OC Shitshow, the shittiest of shows you'll ever see.

I thought it was a good idea to make this server. Basically, we’re a chill server where we just want everyone to have fun so we’re not gonna be too fussy with stuff. I made this server thinking - dang personifying random things is fun. So here we are! We welcome all kinds of OCs so don’t be scared to yeet them in!

Although originally based on country/city/sports team OCs, we now welcome anyone with gijinkas :0!

We are a roleplay community that does Pokemon Gijinka strictly, we are not anywhere near semi-literate!

We have our own lore, custom region, villian team base, and more!
We welcome all new-comers with open arms, all we ask is no NSFW, no toxicity, and no immense gore.

We welcome you to the brand new Genesis, all we need is for you to abide by our rules.
♖━♘━⇾ PokePalace: Renaissance ⇽━♘━♖

Welcome to Pokegea, a premodern fantasy world steeped in lore, adventure, and magic! PokeRen is a literate roleplay group that facilitates the creativity of artists and writers to create their own epic plots, craft their own lore, and add to the world of Pokegea! The benefits of our server include⇾

|♖| Present, active, and fair moderators
|♖| Passionate and welcoming members
|♖| An atmosphere that promotes creative and narrative freedom
|♖| Three years worth of plots, characters, and story to help make the world of Pokegea feel real and populated
|♖| Extensive lore to help facilitate character creation if you'd like- or the option to add your own lore to the world
|♖| Soft combat and magic systems, so you can craft the world to your interests
|♖| Member-run group rp events, settlements, and much more!
|♖| Strict rules against harassment and bullying, LGBT+ friendly atmosphere, and separate NSFW chats

Read more about the world at, and join our server to craft OCs, write with other enthusiastic roleplayers, make fun art, spin new lore and settlements for Pokegea, and most importantly- have fun! Suggested age range is 17+, but will decide on a case-by-case basis. Joining as a member requires a DA.
Long ago, in the universe that the former Earth resided, trainers lived in peace with their Pokemon. They battled, traded, etc. with others, and all was well. I assume you all have heard of the evil teams of Pokemon. And none of them succeeded, they all disbanded, right? Wrong. There was one team that everyone seemed not to take seriously. Team Skull. Just some hooligans doing petty crimes. But got a new boss, one that would change the world(literally). Claire Bohart. She didn't care about people. She didn't care about Pokemon. She cared about her and Team Skull. Over time, Team Skull became less of an evil team and more of a cult. A very, very dangerous cult, that killed people. They towered over the other teams, even Rocket, in terms of success. So much so, that even the young boy that moved into Alola couldn't stop them. No-one could. So you can imagine what they'd done to the world.

The world as Alola, no, the World of Pokemon had before was near to death. The ground cracked open, and ravines of toxic liquids releasing dangerous fumes threatened life on Earth. So Aether Foundation stepped up to try to help everyone. They studied more on Ultra Space, deciding it was best to transport everyone who was still alive to an alternate universe, just like the one that had been destroyed by Team Skull. A universe where trainers were fused with their Pokemon, into beings, named by Aether Foundation to be "Gijinkas." Slowly, this universe flourished, into guilds and dungeons, inhabited by criminals that try to defeat and steal things from Gijinkas. Of course, some Gijinkas already lived in this world.


a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

New Gijinkas, formerly humans, that had been transported to this world, also lost their memories and were put into a clearing, in a forest, the Pecha Forest. The nearby village, Happerlocke Town's inhabitants all have a soulmate that had been transported to this world. They suddenly have a drawing to the forest, they go in, and there's their soulmate. They're locked instantly, and soulmates are chosen by The Great [3RR0R] based on compatibility. As a result, most partners get along perfectly, but of course, there are exceptions. Will you be an exception? Will you get along with your partner? Find out, in this new world. And most importantly, have fun in Prism Guild.
Welcome to Axia, a region housing 4 guilds for explorers. Will you join one or will you go your own path?
Imagine a place very much like Earth, except it isn't. Imagine a place filled with magical beasts like dragons, golems, and the like. As well as shapeshifters and strangely.. humans.

Imagine a world, where all the communties live in their own world. Some in the future, some living in the middle ages. All is strange here in this world. Would you like to be part of it?

*This server includes:
- People, it has people. Join the server and make suggestions, and we'll see to them being added. ^^"
- An.. interesting story.*

SO COME AND JOIN! We promise we won't kill you. :)
Welcome to the Pokejinka Server! Here we specialize in ocs for the game series Pokemon! This ranges from Trainers, Pokemon themselves, and even (what this server is mostly based on) Gijinkas! We aim to have this place as somewhere to casually chat and be able to express your love for your Pokemon ocs and creations. This place is still a work-in-progress so suggestions are more than welcome!
This is a semi lit to literate rp. Though we would be happy to help scrip writers adapt to the new style. The rp uses gijinka style Pokémon. This basically means Pokémon with a more humanoid appearance but more human than Pokémon so not really a furry. The world is similar to that of the mystery dungeon so no humans really exist in it. We are alway excited for new people to join with their interesting ocs.


Rp info
This is a world of Pokemon and Pokemon Gijinkas. Which live in harmony for the most part. In this world there 18 total countries. One for each type. Between the countries are vast forests, lakes, deserts, etc. All of which act as natural barriers. Now not all Pokemon live in those kingdoms, in fact a majority live in the many neutral lands that were left in their natural pristine state or have small villages that (usually) peacefully go mind their own business. Even Pokemon that aren't the specified type live in various other countries. The nation type only really dictate what the royal families typing is.
The land of Causean has always been run by the law of the blade. Even when not in the midst of war, peace is often far from Causean's shores. Personal vendettas and disagreements are nearly always settled by the blade. It's a commonplace act and a perfectly legal one that has left the land stained in centuries old blood.
Recently though, a rebellious group that refers to themselves as "The Alliance" has risen up. They claim to be against the law of the sword, wanting it renounced in every kingdom. However, they've also been linked to and pinned with the blame of of several attacks, raids, and even murders throughout Causean, leading most people to believe they are merely another power-hungry gathering of people.
Another questionable detail of the Alliance is their leader and founder, Rea Northwode, better known to the Kingdoms as "The Ripper". She's an absol, originally from the Kingdom of Eriven and is believed to be the one behind the brutal murders of Eriven's former royal family that came before the Monteceuts. She's known to be brutal, calculating, and most importantly, ambitious, and is wanted dead in nearly ever region of Causean.
Of course, there are those who believe the Alliance to be in the right. Throughout the land, there are a few who claim the alliance and their beloved leader have been set-up, framed, and lied about over and over again, and that the true danger lies within the kingdoms themselves. These people may be few and far between, but they're incredibly adamant about their beliefs.
For now, it's up to you to decide what's right and what's wrong to you. Do you rely upon the tradition, and work by the Law of the Blade? Do you support the kingdoms yet still long for peace? Or are you amidst the Alliance, fighting for change one way or another? What will your truth be?
Come join us in Pokemon Unlimited(18+)

We are a server for Erotic Roleplay and Regular Roleplay. Proudly Invited Pokecord so that we have added fun. Create you very own Gijinka, pokemon or Trainer Character. Have fun roleplaying as you come across pokemon encounters. Capture, Train, and Battle other members or trade the pokemon to obtain the ones you want.

Please note that this server is for ages 18 and older. No one below the age of 18 is allowed. Thank you!
This is a company gijinka ( Personifying non-human creatures, objects, and various other things ) RP server! Meaning, you can choose and make your own persona of any fast food, gaming, clothing and social media company! To get started, all you need is to choose an open brand / company from our lists and you are all set, We don't ask for any template or biography of your character meaning you’ll have to show them off as you roleplay.

We hope to see you on the Shop floor x
╔═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╗
╚═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╝

Hello! We are a server about SFW petplay of
any type. Of course, since this being a server
about petplay, it is semi-RP, but we are mainly
focused on building a nice little community.
We have many lovely channels, such as a
positivity channel, and lots and lots of fun
bots! Since the cg/l and petplay community
often overlap, we also have a category
dedicated to littlespace. If you're looking for
more info about us, here you go!

╰🌺 16+
╰🌺 completely SFW.
╰🌺 friendly admin.
╰🌺 tons of fun bots.
╰🌺 reaction roles.
Welcome to Saint Arceus's Academy, a school for uneducated Gijinka wishing to learn more about the world! Be any Mon you wish and enjoy yourself!
Gijinka Pokemon roleplay. Star of as a friendly explorer, or cause mischief as a bandit, then decide which of the 4 guilds you would like to join and conduct missions for. Work your way up the guild ranks to challenge the leaders, and even the Elite Four.

When Arceus created the Seidiea region, three kingdoms scattered its time gears to different parts of the region. Now explore the region as a gijinka to experience adventure like never before!!

Server includes:
- Many areas of the region to explore
- Completely SFW RP
- Evolution mechanics from the Pokemon games