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Wir sind eine Ghost Recon Breakpoint Militär Simulation/Realismus Einheit mit einem gesunden Anteil von Roleplay für PC nach dem Vorbild der Bundeswehr bzw. dem Kommando Spezialkräfte. Kein HUD, Schwierigkeitsgrad Extrem, Befehls- und Rangstruktur, Missionen, Spezialisierungen, Lehrgänge und vieles mehr.
We are the Royal Australian Regiment MilSim server! We all play Ghost Recon Breakpoint on xbox. But all platforms are welcome! Please only join us if you are serious about playing properly, listening to commands and benefiting the server. Thank you!!
Aufgabe: Wir sind die Schwester Gruppe des KSKs für Breakpoint und befassen uns primär mit der Simulation der KSM. KSK:
Definition:Wir sind eine deutsche MilSim und RP Gruppe für Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC. Militär-Simulation (MilSim) bedeutet für uns realistische Taktiken ohne HUD, SOPs und Ausrüstung welche auf echten Einheiten basieren. Roleplay (RP) bedeutet für uns einen gewissen Grad von Immersion durch ein Rangsystem, eine Befehlsausgabe vor jedem Einsatz und einen gewissen Grad an militärischen Drill. Es gibt eine Grundausbildung die jeder durchläuft und danach Lehrgänge für Spezialisierungen.
TF: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Regions: We play with anyone from anywhere any skill level any class any playstyle.

Requirements: A basic understanding of English. Currently PS4 only but are looking to expand to the other platforms due to the prospect of a future crossplay option and to help build the community.

Mission Statement: Hey there Ghosts. I am the original founder of this task force and would like to bring you in to enjoy our photo ops competitions, our pvp public matchmaking, our pvp "Gamenights" where we do custom games and have fun, our raid ready system and specific chats, our technical help tab for fixes for in game bugs, our help chat for specific questions about the game mechanics certain mission etc., our general chat about the game, our music filled voice chats, and for a cool place to meet fellow players. Streamers and Content creators are welcome as well as we like providing the community with quality content and have specific roles and chats set up for those as well. Currently have a few partners and would like to expand that.

In this server we play a variety of games. The main games played are Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We have our own Minecraft server too which you are only able to join by joining this discord. All of the members are good craic to be in a call with. We also have very helpful and kind staff, who will answer your questions. We are mostly from the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe but there are others from other countries too.
US special force is recruiting for serious players for the Ghost recon breakpoint in Xbox and different other platform.we mainly focus on training new players pass their BCT (battle combat training )with the different armory and classes and after passing bct we will promote everybody to their own branch and can start earning rank by playing mission set by USF branch of defense.

We are serious about our milsim but we enjoyed playing with each other as a community.

We have Raid,PVP and milsim vs milsim categories where u can play as a team .
We have sets of admin and trainer ready for u to take in to the next level so please join us.
A server to talk about Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We have channels to ask other players for help.
Welcome to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint uk this is a server for all consoles for organising and playing together
A Ghost Recon Easter Egg Community that we would love for you to join! We have General discussion Channels, Voice Channels and a dedicated channel for Easter Eggs.

We also have plenty of bots, including a music bot that is easy to use and plenty of places to just chill. Come and JOIN!
A server for you to talk about recent games, including the Battlefield Franchise and Ghost Recon Franchise! It's worth popping in and checking the creators Youtube channel too!
1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, is a Milsim group, created by Meechy.

1st SFOD, also known as Delta Force, is a Special Force, in the US Army specialized in Hostage Rescue, HVT, Terrorist Operations, and much more.
We are a new milsim to breakpoint on xbox one we are currently a JTF (Joint task force) who play regularly and train regularly