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I hope you all enjoy this server I'm still making it but when im done adding a few bots and figuring out things this server will be good. Hopefully. This is my first server on discord. >.<
This server is based loosely on GGO and SAO. There are no canon characters to be had. Please, keep in mind when joining that very little is likely to follow GGO beyond the very basic premise; if anything.
Partner server to Isekai No RPG, check it out too!

Isekai No RPG released with more than just a minor flaw. The log-out function was intentionally sabotaged and the mysterious 'K' appears to be the only developer still active with the game. He's not interested in helping anyone. With the main staff out of the equation, Isekai has become a death game of the highest degree.

However, there was a little known feature. An account transfer, separate from the log-out system, for the other in-development game by the same company. While this didn't spell escape for everyone, World II remained a safe haven for those that trusted the rumors around Isekai.

World II: Cyber. A futuristic dystopia; rampant with chaos and destruction as an uprising shows itself in full swing. Within this world, abilities of the supernatural kind from Isekai are locked away. In their place, a slightly more 'mundane' skill tree exists. This skill tree involves thousands of weapons and other proficiencies. Which side will you join? The Resistance, The Protectors, or The Independents?
War of Shades Battle Royale is the more realistic version of Gun Gale Online But WSBR is in the same universe as GGO and SAO, WSBR is seen as GGO’s realistic mode as you can’t be a cute little girl running around with inhuman abilities and speed, You are put in at same kind of game but with some different tones. Still Anime.
Welcome to Sword Art Online.

Here you can experience the three top-VR games with all your friends in this action packed super cool RP! Here you can survive in the death trap of SAO (Sword Art Online), or fly in harmony in the skies of ALO (Alfhiem Online)! Or you can fight in the wasteland, trigger ready in the post apocalyptic world of GGO (Gun Gale Online)!

This is your story. Your game. Your reality.