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This server was made for my group X-Games, but I decided to make it for everyone, so you guys can meet others gamers and have a blast, but you guys already know that. Well, I hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions head over to #suggestions.

What you gain from this server
You get to play with other player from the same platform
You get a chance to join the X-Gamers
You can prove how good you actually are in gaming
You get the chance to get a shout out on any channel

What we get from this server
We get more people to join
We get to know people
We have fun with everyone that joins
We don't know what else we gain

What you can expect from this server
Active gamers
A lot of fun
Role play
Applications for the X-Gamers
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A nice Discord for everyone! On this Discord Server you can see the newest gaming news and find friends to play games!