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Hello, and welcome to Elysian Fields
[13+] open to partnerships (not a dating server) 😠
Being a creep results in immediate ban
In this server, you will meet and chat with people who seek what you seek!
° Friendly: A warm server to chat with people and establish connections.
° Genuine: An active honest community server.
° Security: The terms of service are a solid document that ensures no catfishing, spam, derogatory language or posts, and liers.
° Staff: Friendly and always around to help and fix issues present in the server. There is always one online to chat and to remove toxic users if need be.
° Acceptance: We don't discriminate against sexuality or different gender members.
° Fun: Games to be played such as truth or dare, gambling, families and more.
° Selection: A specialized role selection catering to your hobbies, age, gender, sexuality, location, searches, astronomical sign and statuses.
° Community: We are a wide growing community allowing anyone of age to chat and post anyway they please. Just don't be toxic. Thank you!
An up-and-coming variety, friendship-oriented for all your Discord chatting needs. Categories and roles cater to everyone's lifestyle and interest. Come get your daily dose of hugs and human contact. 100% autonomy, low moderation. Come get your daily hugs!♡
سرور دیسکورد نالوتی یکی از جذاب ترین سرور ها برای پلیر ها و کاربرانی است که دوست دارند به راحتی با دوستان خود در ارتباط باشند
سیستم رنک دهی خودکار/موزیک های آنلاین/ رادیو های پرطرفدار ایرانی و خارجی / تورنومنت و چالش های جدید به همراه جوایز زیبا

نالوتی شو !!!!
Something for Everybody is an amazing server which aims to provide a place for everyone to communicate. The difference with “SFE” is that we have no set theme for the server, as instead we have many different topic channels to provide a server where most things you may be interested in are all within one place and community. Not only that, but it gives an opportunity for members to learn about new hobbies and different interests which others may have to widen your mind on different cultures around the world and potentially find new likings and things you may enjoy. We have a kind warming community that everyone enjoys. We are also partnered with discord which is amazing!
Hello! This server is for gaming and meeting new people.
->Self roles(reaction roles)
->very diverse
->accepting community
This server is for everyone interested in gaming, who either speaks german or english and is interested in learning the other.
🎮 Our server is focused on gaming and memes!😂

We have:

● 💬Tons of fun channels you can chat and talk in:🔊
NSFW channels, self-promo, memes and much more.

● 🤖 15+ fun and useful bots:🤖
Dank Memer, Yggdrasil, Rythm and UnbelievaBoat are some of the bots this server offers.

● 🔢 Level Rewards:🔢
When you level up you get special roles to show others that you've reached that level.

● 🎁 Invite Rewards: 🎁
When you invite people you get cool rewards, like your own role and channel!

● 🤑 Free Advertising:🤑
You can advertise your socials in our server for free! (**not** discord servers)

● 🤝 Partnerships:🤝
DM the owner to partner.

● 😂 100 Memey Emojis:😂
50 gif emojis and 50 normal ones.

😁 We're open to suggestions annd ideas! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!😁
Welcome to bobs with cheese
200+ members
subscribe to pewdiepie and join the 9 year old army.
❁With active text chats, voice chat, regular events and games
❁You can be sure there will always be something to do. Once you join, don’t hesitate to get to know others!
❁ Feel free to make yourself at home, and make new friends!
We’re active and we have:
★btw we also have no life
And way more!
I would love for u too join! ♡♡♡
we would love to see you and subscribe to pewdiepie ┐(ツ)┌━☆゚.*・。゚
Welcome to Stardust home of the kindest, loving anime community. Our goal is to make a friendly environment for all kinds of people, not just anime lovers. So feel free to chat and join our discord we always welcome new people!
Wir sind eine große deutschsprachige Gaming Community, die oft zusammen spielt. Dank unseres innovativem Bot können wir Spiele zuteilen indem ihr diese in eurem Status anzeigen lässt. Täglich sind mehrere Nutzer im Voicechannel und Chataktivität ist vorhanden! Wir sind Teil des Multicord-Servernetzwerkes!
Weeb Unity!
Is a server that's dedicated to people who are into Anime, JRPG'S, other Japanese games in general, that is the theme we are aiming for. This server is for conversations about all those topics and people who have the same interest to meet and communicate with each other.
We are a small community for now, but we have BIG plans for the future. we are mostly a furry gaming/yiff oriented server with a couple extra features. come check us out!!!
Our goal is to create a nice Friendly environment full of Anime Lovers~
➤Chill Active Staff Members.
➤The Best Bots.
➤Level Roles and Active Roles.
➤Anime Night / Games Night.
➤Heaps of Channel to share your interests in.
Hey! :3 Wir sind der frisch gegründete "Cornflakes Clan" und suchen noch Leute die genauso weird sind wie wir :3 Am besten wäre es wenn ihr Bezug zu Anime oder Gaming habt aber natürlich ist jede Person willkommen bei uns. ;3
We are a friendly community of laid back people who love PC building, hardware, gaming, security and technology in general. We keep up to date on current hardware releases, software and games. With over 1900+ users! and growing!
I invite you to Otakuz Fam, a server that's based around social gathering and playing games together. a friendly group of people that welcomes everyone and anyone!, JOIN US! :D
Phonos is a friendly EU gaming community with mature staff! We have a fun active chat full of great people. We feature a variety of games, giveaways and events.
Active Cyber Punk Server - Tons of bots, memes, friendly staff, and an incredibly active chat. 1:1 male female ratio. Join this active growing community.
Come to the Midnight Bunker to chill, talk about anime, movies, music, games or whatever. We have movie nights and contests! This is the best server to just hang out, be comfy, and have moderately serious discussions with really cool people.
Welcome to Anime Tits and Pics! Here we can share lewd photos, discuss favorite animes, video games, mangas, shows, whatever. Our server is streamer friendly, so those who stream on a regular basis can have their name added to our Now Live bot so it's broadcasted that you're live, whether it's Twitch or Youtube. Keep in mind, this is an NSFW 18+ server!
**__HYPER FURY__**

**``⏩`` What we provide!

``⏩`` || Friendly PUBG mobile gaming community.
``⏩`` || Find your teammates.
``⏩`` || Youtube promotions.
``⏩`` || Bots to serve you.
``⏩`` || Custom emojies.

``⏩`` About the server!

``⏩`` || Active community.
``⏩`` || Friendly staff.
``⏩`` || Self Assignable roles.
``⏩`` || Leveling system.

If you need any help, Kindly DM <@435806214484393996>

Ping: @everyone, @here

Our discord server -**
This is a gaming server but people who don't game are welcome too! It's still pretty new i hope you like it :) (We have 2 nsfw channels) We have a lot of fun bots!
We are a kind and friendly server with fun staff and great members :) We focus on Chatting, Dating, Gaming, making friends etc. If you have any kind of problems staff will gladly help <3
Welcome to the family~
Find new friends
Growing Community
Awesome Bots!
Friendly staff
Always looking for more partner servers