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Welcome to fasthost!
We are a friendly growing community which sells one time payment web hosting! We love to see more people join our server cause it is so welcoming!

Join you won’t regret 🔥🔥
こんにちは! (Hello! in Japanese)
I see you've stumbled upon this server! I bet you're curious! Wanna check it out! Bet you do beforehand let me tell you a bit about the server!

✿ Koki is Kokishin Community Server's adored and adorable mascot
✿ We have Gaming Events and even Anime Talk Times! (Occasionally we have Movie Night!)
✿ If you join the community you will be a part of our family and your problems will be our problems! (Also what happens there stays in there!)
✿ Get new roles as you talk or come up with new role ideas and maybe Huro will add it in!
✿ You will also be greeted by our lovely Welcomers! Be sure to say hi back!

✿ In Kōkishin we are nice anime/gaming community! We hold lots of events, and we even have our own bot!

✿Rawru (Huro's Hi)- Huro (Owner)
Hey, wir sind ein am 16.01.2019 gegründeter Server, der dafür da ist, neue Leute kennenzulernen.
Hier sind alle willkommen, egal welches Geschlecht, Hautfarbe, Alter, oder Sexualität.
Bei uns kannst du zocken, aber auch einfach nur mit anderen reden oder schreiben.
Außerdem kannst du dich hier kreativ ausleben und Zeichnungen u.Ä. mit uns teilen.
Falls du der Meinung bist, uns fehlt etwas, kannst du gerne Vorschläge da lassen, wir sind für alles offen.
Da wir gerade im Aufbau sind, würden wir uns freuen, wenn du uns beitrittst und uns hilfst diesen kleinen Server wachsen zu lassen.
Wir freuen uns auf dich :3
a new way to server 😼

gaming, dating, music, and fun all in one : )

join us lmao 🤘😩
A Safe Place is a discord server made to make friends, a safe community, converse, chill, listen to music, play with discord bots, and much more! It's a free, fun server for people of all kinds to come together and feel safe and welcomed.
Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity on the best Hytale Discord ! Hytale is a new game from Hypixel Studios. Hytale game updates, news & more
Hello! We are a semi-active community looking for more members. We have friendly staff, many many bots, a gaming channel, a variety of server emotes and many many more! There is no real age limit in our server you are allowed to swear but we don't allow NSFW we are kid-friendly. Of course, with a busy server, you have to set some boundaries! You can meet some lovely staff such as one of our owners Christy! Who are an art and undertale fanatic Then, you have our Administrator Indigo! She tends to get a little much at times but is a kind and sweet person to be around, just don't brag about your dad or mention Florida around her though.. There are many more staff members or members you can meet who are very nice! So don't be afraid to join The Chill Spot today we are a welcoming community!

Also, this is an English speaking server to speak English only but we do allow some French because the owner knows it.
Hi there! ✨ We’re a 16+ social/hangout server with a focus on gaming, anime, manga, and many other interests! We’re a very open server and love meeting new people! We’re the perfect place for you to make new friends~ We host weekly events and frequently VC, join us today! 💫

☆ Weekly events including browser games, movie nights, anime nights/mornings, PC games, and many more!
☆ Leveled roles that give rewards!
☆ A place to chat about many different interests! Including gaming, anime, manga, music and more!
☆ Find random crates in the chat that are full of money! You can use this money to buy fun items!
☆ Several self-assignable roles that unlock special channels, change your name color and help us get to know you!
☆ Fun bots that you can use to interact with other members! Including Mudae, UnbelievaBoat, IdleRPG, and more!
☆ Many different music bots for you to choose from!

✨We’re currently looking for mods and partnerships managers! ✨
This server is all about Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege with the awesome operators we all love! In this server you can set up your own game session, check your stats on the game and do much more! We support all kinds of platforms and are very friendly!
This is a chill server were you can Chat, Meet new friends and overall just have a fun time. Its small but I hope you will still join!
This is The Lil' Hangout Hotel, a chill hotel where you can chill with others.
--Movie Talk
We are quite new, so give us suggestions on how to move forward!
Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun!
[$500 PAYPAL GIVEAWAY] ♡Fun and friendly anime community welcoming you! 500+ members~ Cute anime theme with mee6, and other cool bots♡
Gamers Anonymous is a video game themed peer mental health support server.

We are a 18+ supporting server, welcoming of any mental illness and any gaming style.

Here at Gamers Anonymous, our priority is to become a helping hand to those in need, and receive a helping hand when we need it!

⟣ Aesthetic earnable roles!
⟣ An diverse, non judgmental, welcoming community.
⟣ Assignable gaming roles to look for others to play with.
⟣ Assignable mental health roles for better specified support.
⟣ Assignable age, pronoun and DM preference.
⟣ Supporting channels with pingable support.
⟣ Frequent quests and prompts to participate in.
⟣ Channels with access by role for privacy and comfort.
⟣ Cool place to hang out and talk about games and life.
If you have decided to check us out here is some of the features we offer!

Variety of bots with fun commands.
Multitude of nsfw channels for 2D and 3D content!
Welcoming staff without an ounce of powerabuse.
Friendly members that are equally nice and welcoming.
Always open for betterment and suggestions.

A huge thanks for checking us out!
• New server growing fast! • Fun, interactive bots & channels. • Verified Roles for both male and female. • Gaming, interactive, and social channels. • Active voice chats w/ several Music Bots. • Level roles with a new colour and name every 5 levels! • Automatic vanity rewards with colours for inviting your friends! • Purchasable colour roles with bot currency • Self assignable roles •
Hello, and welcome to Heartz Dezire! In this server, you will meet and chat with people who seek what you seek!

In this server, you will meet and chat with people who seek what you seek!
° Friendly: A warm server to chat with people and establish connections.
° Genuine: An active honest community server.
° Security: The terms of service are a solid document that ensures no catfishing, spam, derogatory language or posts, and liers.
° Staff: Friendly and always around to help and fix issues present in the server. There is always one online to chat and to remove toxic users if need be.
° Acceptance: We don't discriminate against sexuality or different gender members.
° Fun: Games to be played such as truth or dare, gambling, families and more.
° Selection: A specialized role selection catering to your hobbies, age, gender, sexuality, location, searches, astronomical sign and statuses.
° Community: We are a wide growing community allowing anyone of age to chat and post anyway they please. Just don't be toxic. Thank you!
This is a server for everyone, if you are looking to get a lover you can do that. And if you just want to hang around and get some new friends, you can do that as well. We do not allow trolls or any sort of bullying. Join in when you have the time! :)
- Музыкальный боты.
- Русскоязычное и не только сообщество для всех кто хочет поиграть или общаться.
- Хорошая администрация. - Возможность предложить идею для роли или улучшение сервера.
The Bucketeers is a server where anyone can do anything they want, with minimal limitations.
Are you gay? Do you loving sucking toes? Are you staid of leaving you own home in fear of society judging you? Then join our server, Chill Island!

We're a laid back community who love meeting new people to chat and be stupid with. We have a few bots, a strong core community, and organized channels so you can see only what you care about! Also very open to suggestions, so if you see something you think is missing, just tell us!

What we offer?

-> Self Assignable Roles
-> Gaming Channel
-> Selfie Channel
-> Great Growing Community
-> Dating
-> Bot Playground

// Toxic People's are going to get insta banned from the server! //
We're a decently sized community of people who enjoy sharing content. Whether it's memes, gaming, or even anime, there'll be a place for it here. Do note that we're not a child-friendly server, and are quite edgy, so stay away if that's not your cup of tea.