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Computers 42
We got Threadripper owners, Ryzen owners, Intel owners NVIDIA owners, Radeon owners we got em all. Come one come all to learn about tech and share your knowledge about tech on the most chill tech server ever! We will try our best to help you out or if we cant at least you will get a chance to make some new friends and just hang and chill.
2 hours ago
**Server Type;** Gaming Community, Bots
**Permanent Invite :link:;**

*FF:Airbourne Brigade, Battle Bay, Last Day on Earth, PUBG*

**PC & Console:**
*Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Counter Strike: GO, World of Tanks, Fortnite*

โ”€โ”€โ”€ โฆ‹ @โ™ก\5YK0P4D1K/โ™ก#9664 โฆŒ โ”€โ”€โ”€
2 hours ago
Community 18
Tea time offers individuality with very few set rules. We are a very friendly bunch and love to offer friendship to anyone who joins this new server!
2 hours ago
Inferno Games is a fun discord Community made for people who just want to make friends on discord, for new discord users looking for a home everyone can enjoy, its also a fun place to talk, we hope you join us and have a fun time here. Our server is very active and is very crazy, the server is set up very complete and is very easy to navigate to help even new users to discord out.
2 hours ago
Anime and Manga 484
Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free NSFW 18+ channel with 2k+ members.
3 hours ago
Community 29
Tranquillity is a friendly 16+ all girl server, focused on all topics, including gaming sharing art etc. It's recently made, so any input is welcome, please enjoy your stay.
5 hours ago
Community 124
BulletinBoard is a non-profit amusement and entertainment discord consisting of everything you need to be entertained. We have many forms of entertainment and places to chat with friends! This is the perfect place to chat with friends, make friends, and everything else!
7 hours ago
SkyHub is an open server based community where you can advertise your discord servers for free or join. You can invite all the popular bots from one place. >:)
NOT ONLY THIS You can join the Popular Discord Server and Official Discord Bots server directly from our server or just invite them, no need to waste your time in finding the appropriate link to them. You can also invite any bot without going through the webs and find the appropriate link to invite a specific bot.
8 hours ago
Community 20
A fun and friendly community interested in gaming, movies, music, game development, collaborating and much more. Join us, meet new people and make friends!
1 days ago
All Games 73
Enter a gaming community focused on connecting gamers with game developers and content creators across the world.
1 days ago
a NEW up coming diverse community made for
people who are active DAY AND NIGHT, 24/7

New Active & Friendly Community!
Diverse Community! (Gamers, Music Producers, Social People, NSFW, And More...)
Assignable Roles
Events! (Karaoke Night, Movie Night, Gaming Night, And More...)
Mini Fourms (Introduce Yourself, QnAs, And More...)
Minimum Rules
Partner System
Staff Team / YouTuber / Streamer Role Applications!
1 days ago
A lovely and rapidly growing anime & gaming & music community! Join us and discuss about anime, games, music or just how you've been. Giving away a $15 itunes and google plays gift card when server reaches 250+ members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 days ago
Community 49
#Join us at Helheim, we're a small community with nearly 300 members. We're all about gaming, memes, NSFW content, joking around, anime and just having a general good time. What are you waiting for ? Join our little Norse family in Helheim
1 days ago
Community 24
A new community server made for having fun, memes and making new friends. We have channels for gaming, anime and much more. Friendly staff and a warning system before bans.
2 days ago
Community 131
Join us at The Cove! This is a place for anyone to come in, chill, and play some games. We've got exciting events like karaoke or gaming parties right around the corner for anyone to join! Our server has a group of fabulous staff that are always around to help out whenever you need it. We have built a community of well-rounded individuals, and we would love for you to be a part of it! Our aim is to bring the best out in everyone and create a server that gives everyone a place that they can come to just relax and maybe even make some new friends! Come on!

We are a community of well rounded individuals. Our aim is to bring the best out of everybody and be the catalyst to your future success.
3 days ago
Hey tu? Stai cercando un posto per giocare insieme o per discutere di videogiochi, anime/manga, attualitร , ecc.? Ecco il server che fa per te! Enjoy yourself.
9 days ago
Other 48
Join the SKILLCORD Server and enjoy all the bots we have to offer! SKILLCORD Offers you up to 30 Entertainment Bots that you can use with friends! We even have
9 days ago
All Games 16
Darkline is a really small community starting at 17 members+ and this server's members aren't that active so we are hopping to change that! We want to create a fun community where any kind of people can chat and be friends!
12 days ago
Anime and Manga 6
Pomfu is a discord server for general, weeb & other stuff, i mainly use this discord for my file upload website but it is also going to be just a social discord for anyone to join.
We have a custom bot made by the owner of the server which is going to get more & more features everyday such as reputation system, credits, fun games to play etc.
12 days ago
All Games 24
(Recruiting mods and members) This server is pretty much toxic in a fun way with a cool community when you get to know us
19 days ago
This is a friendly community to chat, hangout, play games, and most of all Have fun! Any requirments? Nope, just make sure to follow the rules. The games we mostly play here are Fortnite, Minecraft, Csgo, and Rocket Leauge. However, we do many others, it's just that those are the main ones. Just make sure to keep in mind that this community will swear a bit so don't be supprised. We also have a minecraft server, however it's a work in progress at the moment. But make sure to cheak it out when it is officially announced! Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions, we are always open for them! Make sure to stop by every now and then to play a game or two!
19 days ago
G Lounge, for literally everything!
24 days ago
This server is designed to help finding nice people to play brawlhalla with! Define your rank, which legends and weapons you like to play and start to search.
27 days ago
Community 50
Memes, gaming channels, music, auto roles.. and soon to come gift card giveaways! Don't be too late to join..
32 days ago