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Community 303
Join us at The Cove! This is a place for anyone to come in, chill, and play some games. We've got exciting events like karaoke or gaming parties right around the corner for anyone to join! Our server has a group of fabulous staff that are always around to help out whenever you need it. We have built a community of well-rounded individuals, and we would love for you to be a part of it! Our aim is to bring the best out in everyone and create a server that gives everyone a place that they can come to just relax and maybe even make some new friends! Come on!

We are a community of well rounded individuals. Our aim is to bring the best out of everybody and be the catalyst to your future success.
13 hours ago
extremely new, typical discord server
don't expect it to be too active
but it could be, if you joined (you should join)
1 days ago
Community 24
A new community server made for having fun, memes and making new friends. We have channels for gaming, anime and much more. Friendly staff and a warning system before bans.
1 days ago
A Discord server for people to chill and play games together!
2 days ago
All Games
The Plug is a fresh and growing general gaming server. Our members are very active and are willing to talk about any and all forms of pop culture. Looking for games, chatting, meme dumping/browsing, art posting: you can do it all in The Plug!
2 days ago
A lovely and rapidly growing anime & gaming & music community! Join us and discuss about anime, games, music or just how you've been. Giving away a $15 itunes and google plays gift card when server reaches 250+ members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 days ago
Community 70
Memes, gaming channels, music, auto roles.. and soon to come gift card giveaways! Don't be too late to join..
2 days ago
Anime and Manga 157
Hi all! I created Crescent to be a supportive, friendly, and welcoming community geared around anime, videogames, and internet culture. We love all kinds of anime and we play all kinds of videogames, although we definitely love Pokemon, league of legends, and overwatch!

People often tell us that we're the friendliest community that they have found!

Contact Mister 766 if you have any questions at all!
3 days ago
All Games 6
We are a gaming, and social looking for new users every day. We have servers for Art, Gaming, Serious topics, etc.
15 days ago
Content Creators is a small laid-back Discord channel for content creators to collaborate and make new friends. Content includes videos, gaming, music, writing, game development and art. Get your name out there!
20 days ago
Hello there! Welcome! This is Henario's Hangout, a place where you can come, play, communicate and socialize with other people.
20 days ago
All Games 28
wir sind ein deutscher Dc. Server mit ca. 100 super netten Usern. Wir hoffen du bist auch bald dabei!
25 days ago
MOBA Games 21
This is a place of gathering for all players who wants to be involved in community of the game we all know and LOVE TO PLAY, League of Legends!
26 days ago
Anime and Manga 81
A community based on Anime, Manga, Scanlation, Fansubs, Gaming, Music and Fun events! Come and play with us, talk or find resources for your otaku needs!
37 days ago
On〘ᗯ〙ᗯorld of Tanks ⫷ ᗯizard's Ҝingdom™ ⫸ Custom roles, Custom rooms, Gaming rooms, Music room, Private rooms, more and more things. The server is on "Beta" version, the people's have been joinning now get FREE DJ Role! Join and have fun!
69 days ago
New Gaming Discord Server, you're looking for people to play with, then you're in the right place. Join Fireforge for gaming, talk music and more!
80 days ago
All Games 84
Enter a gaming community focused on connecting gamers with game developers and content creators across the world.
87 days ago
All Games 19
Hello everybody,

We're a brand new community for gamers out there to play with minecraft/other games with eachother. Have a social time and fun together. We want everyone here to have fun and a good time with us.

However there are rules You must follow to avoid trouble and so we can all live happly together. If You haven't read the rules please do so in #rules. There are joinable roles that You can join and You can find them in #join-role.
If there are any issues please PM a staff member about Your issue so that we can privatly resolve it without it having to get bigger.
93 days ago
Anime and Manga 10
We are currently a new server, so we are looking for mod and staff!
We will have:
-And much more!
109 days ago
This is a discord server about custom PC builds where you can submit your favorite builds by a click of a button!
There is also multiple other text chats
110 days ago
Community 224
At Chill Machines you can chill out, share your awesome stuffs, make friends and many more!
+Share arts, gaming, nsfw, anime, memes
128 days ago