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Join us at The Cabin! This is a place for anyone to come in, chill, and play some games. We've got exciting events like karaoke or gaming parties right around the corner for anyone to join! Our server has a group of fabulous staff that are always around to help out whenever you need it. We have built a community of well-rounded individuals.
36 minutes ago
We got Threadripper owners, Ryzen owners, Intel owners NVIDIA owners, Radeon owners we got em all. Come one come all to learn about tech and share your knowledge about tech on the most chill tech server ever! We will try our best to help you out or if we cant at least you will get a chance to make some new friends and just hang and chill.
1 hours ago
A new community server made for having fun, memes and making new friends. We have channels for gaming, anime and much more. Friendly staff and a warning system before bans.
1 hours ago
Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free with 3k+ members and a advanced anti-raid/spam system.

No paid ranks, no asking for donations just passionate fans of anime looking for other fans.
2 hours ago
Tokyo Night is a small, friendly community. (SFW)

We try to accommodate everyone, having channels for anime, art, gaming, and music!
We host events on occasion, and are currently working on systems to allow you to host your own Events!
6 hours ago

🚩Server Description🚩

Penetration Realm is a welcoming, multi-purposed Discord server that wishes to bind others and therefore, connect you with a plethora of other users that share some common interests. We all have interests in gaming, memes, music etc. You won't regret it!
We are opening our doors to everyone and reaching out to our members.

What we offer:

🌐 International and friendly community!
🕟 Active Members
💯 A welcoming, cooperative and capable staff roster!
🎮 YouTube and Twitch promotions!
🔖 Announcements, news, updates regularly.
🎉 Giveaways and events coming your way!
🎲 Gambling, economy and music bots, though we also provide all sorts of minigames!
🎧 Karaoke events and music channels!
🍁 Coloured roles, fun roles and assignable ones always available!
🏆 Levelling system, optimized security and a handful of competitions just for the community!
👪 100+ members and counting! We treat all of our users like a family!
🤝 Partnerships

What are you waiting for? Join in the fun!
🔍 We are in need of Partner Managers!
📩 Contact crazyphilsta#9039 for partnerships!

🔗Invite Link:
🔗 Banner:

8 hours ago

**☑ 500+ Members!**
**☑ 75+ Chans in total!**

▷__**PC 💽 & Console 🎮**__

✔Overwatch ✔Heroes of the Storm
✔Counter Strike: GO ✔Fortnite
✔World of Tanks ✔Brawlhalla

▷__**Mobile 📱**__

✔FF:Airbourne Brigade ✔Battle Bay
✔Last Day on Earth ✔PUBG


**▼Oᴜʀ NSFW Sᴇʀᴠᴇʀ!▼**


**▼ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴜs ʜᴇʀᴇ!▼**



〖 〗

**Tag(s):** @everyone @here

⋘≾ <@320174401754497026> ≿⋙

10 hours ago

🤖 Tons of bots for fun!
🎵 Music!
📟 Lots of commands!
🗣️ Talk with the community!
📏 Lots of channels to talk about different topics!
🚩 Everyone is accepted!
🏨 Unique server!
👋 Join now!

🔸 OWNERS: Dracon#9896 & nitrous oxide#7310
10 hours ago
This is a discord server for the /r/FREE subreddit. Join for giveaways, discussion, gaming and more!
11 hours ago
Tranquillity is a friendly 16+ all girl server, focused on all topics, including gaming sharing art etc. It's recently made, so any input is welcome, please enjoy your stay.
1 days ago
A very casual Mother/Earthbound server. Just meant to be a hub for those who enjoy this cult classic series! (Character roles are first come, first serve!)
1 days ago
Hi! Hättest du Lust, Teil einer großen Multi-Gaming-Community zu sein? Wir suchen Streamer und Moderatoren, die unser Discord-Team mit derzeit über 700 Mitglieder und 30 Streamer unterstützen. Für Streamer bieten wir Autohosting und einen eigenen Discord-Sprach-Kanal oder auch einen Teamspeak-Kanal an. Zusätzlich würden wir deinen Twitch-Kanal auf unserer Homepage verlinken. Wir bieten auch kostenlos ein Overlay an.
2 days ago
The Hangout Spot is a community server established for the purpose of chatting, making new friends, having discussions, and last but not least, having fun!
2 days ago
Gaming Raiders is a brand new gaming and social server who is looking for gamers and people who just want to talk. SO WHY NOT JOIN  Aɴᴅ Hᴇʟᴘ Us Gʀᴏᴡ A Cᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ! :grinning: :paperclip: :paperclip:
2 days ago
Welcome to Crimson Network! The gaming community revolved around the members! We act with the community so we have what you want! We don't discriminate by age, race, or look so everyone is welcome! The only real rules we have are no NSFW content, racism or spamming. But, we do have a channel if you feel like spamming. Hope to see you on the server!

-Server Co-Owner Aushy
2 days ago
Hi all! I created Crescent to be a supportive, friendly, and welcoming community geared around anime, videogames, and internet culture. We love all kinds of anime and we play all kinds of videogames, although we definitely love Pokemon, league of legends, and overwatch!

People often tell us that we're the friendliest community that they have found!

Contact Mister 766 if you have any questions at all!
4 days ago
Casual Gaming Community/Clan Server
So what is this? A server orientated around gaming.
What happens here? We talk, we post memes, play games together and do events that usually consists of playing games together.
What else? We have a flexible rules system as we are a casual community, multiple bots so that one guy will struggle to use them all, game specific chats when we have enough members associated with them and a member only zone you can get access to.
4 days ago
This server is a small server. Small community, with lots of active people. Gaming, & Otakus are most DEFINITELY welcome. Roles and such are being built, and we are actively looking for early moderation also :) We wish to build an anime/gaming hybrid server but if you're just looking to talk to others then that's highly welcomed as well.
8 days ago
We basically are a growing community with some strange hobbies and features:
• Monthly Puzzles and Treasure Hunts
• An amazing community
• Amazing Bots
• Channels for everyone (except for Billy, no one likes him)
• Ducks & Quacks, not a feature but a necessity
• Some nice Staff!

So yeah, just join us!
11 days ago
Alpha is a public discord community where people can join to hang out, meet new people, and play some games.
12 days ago
#Join us at Helheim, we're a small community with nearly 300 members. We're all about gaming, memes, NSFW content, joking around, anime and just having a general good time. What are you waiting for ? Join our little Norse family in Helheim
12 days ago
Streamers Lounge is a little Discord project in the works that allows users from all platforms to advertise a stream and or video that they've uploaded. We want to help smaller streamers receive more exposure to the world!
13 days ago
We are a small community that is growing quickly that is here to accept all the outcast in the LGBTQ+ community and we are also a dating server we have an official minecraft and gmod server we love gaming anime and manga so stop by if you are looking fr some fun
15 days ago
Welcome, Official Discord server of Vortex Games. Everyone is free to join! Vortex Games is team of developers founded since May 2018. We working on Mobile and PC games. You can join to take support about our games or just to chat! Visit our website for more information :
18 days ago