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welcome to Heaven Stones!
The place with nice people in a relaxed place.
With several channels where you can share your intrest with others, free of judgment!


More than 50 different channels!
Anime ,Furrys ,Futa's,Traps,Yiff,Loli
Artists , Gamers , Music and Writers
NSFW ,memes , blackjack ,pokemon and et cetera!

game dev team (looking for member)
game devs (rpg maker)
real moderators
700+ real members
Anti raid system
Black Jack
Art channels
invite levels
Music channel
cards against humanity
pokemon games (pokecord)
Teens or Adult roles
30+ roles can be claimed

With more features on the way soon! So come join us!
Hello :)

We are a SFW warm and friendly community that talks about Anime, Manga, Games, Art, Pets, Food, and more interesting topics :D

♡ Everyone is welcome ♡
Welcome to Glytch! This server is all about hanging out and making memes, and having fun. we also have fun games and contest as well, Join now!
A Persona-focused roleplay server and general community! Come live out scenarios as your favorite characters from the series or stay for a fun and supportive environment to talk about all things Persona.
this is a gate, you will not be allowed into the server until you pass the requirements. (its not that hard, its just to filter out spammers) The server is just a chat room between people. You can share your day or if you want to play a game with someone, this is the place. If this isn't enough info come and see what it's like to decide if you would like to stay. Thanks!
► |||| Welcome to Terminus |||| ◄

We are a small, social-based brand new server looking for members and we'd love to have you join us!
The Network is a tight knit community, looking to meet new friends and get to know others with similar interests.

|||| What we offer:

➤ Active and responsible Staff.
➤ Lots of Blob Emojis! (Static and animated).
➤ Many different channels for everyone's interests.
➤ Art channel encouraging artists to showcase their work.
➤ Ingame voicechat for players looking to enjoy videogames together.
➤ Fun & Music Bots.
➤ NSFW available for those over 18.

|||| What we want to introduce as we grow bigger:

➤ Dedicated saves or servers for multiplayer games.
➤ Movie/Video Nights.
➤ Art-related activities.
Key facts about this server
-Vast amount of Gaming Categories
-Well developed voice channels
-Self assignable roles
-Moderators ready for anything.
-Friendly community
-Nsfw Channel
-And More

We welcome anyone with open arms. We truly appreciate for giving us a chance and joining our lovely community. If you want anymore details the moderators are always on stand by.
This is a non-toxic gaming server where you can find people to play games or just to chat. It has very active staff and members. We are looking for trustworthy and reliable staff to help out our server. Also, if you become very active you will be given a ''Loyal'' role.
18th Avenue is a social, chill & growing server. Become part of a welcoming community full of NSFW channels if you’re 18+, if you are under 18 don’t be scared to join there’s something for you as well. So please come join us at 18th Avenue & enjoy your stay!
in this server you can chat with people who likes games like you. you can also play games, eat snacks, listen to youtube or spotify, or just go afk. you can also share snapshots of games, share stories, hangout, or roleplay.
The Office discord!
A fun and welcoming environment for office fans.
So join and get ready to have fun!
We do frequent giveaways and chances to win money!
Art & Stuff is a Server with active Text- & Voicechatcommunitys! We have a lot of Channels where you can enjoy your time! You can even create your own Channels!
We also have our own Minecraft Server!
A place for cats to roam freely, aka the heaven you've always been looking for :3

What is this? A cat just appeared out of no where. It stares at you.. like.. it wants something. You follow it into a bush, and there's a.. trap door. Do you go in, and follow the cute kitten? Or is it too suspicious?

The Purr Lounge is a gr8 discord server with various channels for you to enjoy from. We have:

Various Bots
Helpful Staff
Plenty of Roles
Growing Community

Our Community Is Purr-fect For You!

We will be waiting for your arrival..
tf you waiting for? join already and become a member of our fruit salad and make some new friends :)
we're a small server looking for crazy but fun ppl.
it's mostly a chill place with some fun bots
please don't hesitate to join ^^
Good day, sir/ma'am! The Empire Amethyst Legacy is a friendly server which desires to hold a growing community of great, warmhearted people! We have bots, games, music, and plenty of other things! Including...

-A ton of self-assignable roles such as color-based!

-Games such as Truth or Dare, Uno, Wolfia...

-A channel where you can donate one cookie a day to Silk, one of our members and one of the cutest dragons ever!

-A channel where you can discuss any possible issues you may have, we'll be there to help!

-Almost 50 custom emojis!

-And much more!

Perhaps you could even help us better fit your interest? Come on in, and enjoy!
Welcome to Rin's Room! We welcome anyone who wants to join! If you like anime, manga, music, or even just looking for friends your always welcome here!
Universalis est un serveur Roleplay Hentai avec une histoire et un univers tout frais !
L'histoire sera développée par les joueurs pendant leurs aventures avec leurs personnages crées.

Il y a plusieurs races : Humain - Elfe - Succube - Démon - Neko - Kitsune - Alien - Monstre - Furry - Vampire - Werewolf (A demander si vous en souhaitez) etc...

Il y a plusieurs channels disponibles avec plusieurs lieux.

Cependant, vous pouvez aussi venir pour RP et jouer avec d'autres personnes sur le serveur ! :D
A server for people that just want to talk and play games. You may make your own role and listen to music and even catch up on the news with our newsbot.
Have discussions or just spread memes.
Polish furry server, join now!
Here is automatic ranks and all stuff for furries! Come and check!
Welcome to "Outlaw's Boner"!
- Anime
- Gaming
- VC's
- Pokemon
- A lot of bots
- and more!
We are a new server, hoping to get to know other people. We have bots and are up to take recommendations if needed. We hope to see you there!
For only real EPIC gamers to hang out. cool emoji. Join if you are the Epic gamER!!!!!! Prove yourself as maximum epicness... if you dare...
Dracore Gaming is a collection of gaming groups(listed below), with the intent of having a place for people playing many different games together to have a single place where they can gather with others who enjoy what they do, without clogging up your server lists. A bot is set up to allow you to join any of the gaming groups we feature, and should you find two others who play the same game as you, you are able to ask to have a group made for the game of your choice.

Current Game Groups:
Sid Meijer's Civilization 5
League of Legends
The Elder Scrolls
Flight Rising
Plague Inc.
Garry's Mod
Don't Starve(and DST)
Star Wars Battlefront 2(Classic)
AdventureQuest 3D(and other Artix Entertainment games, although this group is located in a daughter server)
Our newly launched Pokécord focussed server provides constant pokémon spawns, multiple Gyms, Events, Daycare services, Tournaments, Huge Giveaways, Auctions, Well Managed Gyms, and so much more! With only 200+ member, our server provides a much more relaxed environment to catch Pokémon. Join our fun, and friendly community, and enjoy using the most popular bots up to date!