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This is a group that is based around the furry community. We are open to anyone who is a furry, fur friendly or someone who just wants to find a server to call a home! We're a small family with big plans in the future, and we hope that our server can grow into a large community that everyone would be proud to call "Home". Come on in, you're always welcome.
Wir sind ein kleiner Server,der sich über jedes neue Mitglied freut.🌻

Einfach Joinen, wir beißen nich.😋

Jeder ist Herzlich Willkommen.🌚
A place to game, socialize and meet new people. You assign yourself the roles you want.
- No Annoying @everyone tags
- Decent Memes
- Free Game Announcements
- Great Community
Du Liebst Memes genau so wie wir, oder Suchst einfach einen Server auf dem du mit deinen Freunden reden Kannst. Dann Trete noch heute unseren Server bei. Wir Freuen uns auf Dich
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all!! Get roles, have fun, and participate in special events! We have Uno, Cards-Against-Humanity, a full-fledged casino, IdleRPG, Bingo, Music, and more!
Our server is based off of the new anime, Fire Force. Sol Temple is a safe haven where we can talk about anything and everything without limitations. From anime, to food, sports, TV shows/movies, Sol Temple is the place where we can all come together and have fun. We have channels, such as "Vent", where you can express your feelings without anyone judging you, and if you're ever in need, just know that our members and our admins have your back. If you ever wanna drop your artwork, edits, videos etc, we got channels for that as well! We got a "Suggestions" channel for you to give us some ideas that we can use in the future for our server, and many more! We also have tournaments and events, such as Roblox games,, Minecraft,Trivias, art competitions, meme competitions, etc. We also stream animes (Fire Force Fridays!), movies and shows for the server to join in and watch together using Kast. We also have a leveling system, if you're active enough and you're in the top 3, you get prizes such as Nitro or a personal role of your choice!

I hope you to see you in our server!

простой сервак для общения и игр, похабно шутим, без правил и ограничений, приветствуется адекватность, ждем всех
Strata Czasu - wejdź i OTRZYMAJ GRĘ na Steama już pierwszego dnia w codziennych losowaniach gier! Możesz zdobyć też pizzę lub giftcardy na Steama i Google Play.

Strata to polski serwer Discord na którym możesz zdobyć pizzę, gry i Nitro za aktywność na serwerze.

Znajdziesz u nas wiele kanałów na których możesz porozmawiać na tematy takie jak anime, manga, programowanie, technologia i komputery, filmy, seriale i Netflix, cosplay, polityka, sport i piłka nożna.

Możesz też u nas zagrać w takie gry jak Fortnite, Overwach, LoL, PUBG, Minecraft czy CS:GO.

Organizujemy eventy: na przykład karaoke, kalambury, giveawaye, konkursy i turnieje.

Nasz serwer to polska społeczność graczy z różnych środowisk. Znajdziesz u nas osoby z community lgbt, furry czy emo. Mamy też kanały nsfw na których znajdziesz materiały +18, w tym hentai i nudes.

Our server isn't just for people from Poland. We have channels for english speakers and many games to win in giveaways.
Bobby is a SFW warm and friendly community that isn't only about Animes or Mangas, we also like to share Art and talk about Games, Food, Pets, and more interesting topics :D

♡ Everyone is welcome ♡

What's special about us?
+We force rules yet we don't abuse our authorities !
+We hold competitions and we do much funny things xd
+We have an interesting system and cool channels : D
+Yet very nice members ^^
Hey there! 😍 You are interested in joining a PUBG server to meet new friends? Then come to us 🤩. We are a kind growing server for everyone! Here is some further information:
📱 No matter what device you are playing on.
😉 Need To Be Active.
🥇 Must Have good Game and Teamwork Sense.
🤝 Must Be Loyal.
Een gezellige server voor mensen die gamen maar ook voor niet gamers. Wie ook bent, waar je ook vandaan komt, hoe ook voelt. weet dat we hier allemaal gelijk zijn en iedereen hier word geaccepteerd. Een grapje maken mag zo lang je maar niemand kwetst.

Ons rank systeem is heel simpel en ook leuk. puur gekeken naar hoe actief je bent kan je hoger opkomen in de server.

Voor elke game staan we klaar om te proberen dus speel jij een spel wat niet bekend is, en wil je dat graag met andere spelen kom er bij en je vind vast mensen die mee willen doen. Toch wil paar games benoemen die we het meest spelen.

Smite,CSGO,Minon masters, Realm royale, Tekenen (skribbl),Pummel party

Ook hebben we chats voor: Nintendo, Playstation en xbox.

Ook hebben we natuurlijk andere dingen. geen fan van games? kom praten over muziek. je hobby's. of noem het maar op

Ook zijn er minigames in de server zelf zo als een vote game en een smash or pass.

Ook kan je partner met ons worden voor van alles
youtube,instagram,discord,je eigen site, noem het maar op laten we samen groeien.
You're invited and welcomed to the Weebs and Friends server!
We're basically just a chill community where you can chat to others about any of your weebish tendencies and Otaku related content.
Bots we have!
Dank Memer
Paisley Park
Rythm 1 & 2
welcome to the restart! a lovely, small, and friendly server where you can reset, relax, meet new wonderful people and have fun! 🌸

ღ **100+ emotes!**

ღ **ongoing nitro giveaway for the first member that reaches level 40!**

ღ **upcoming events!**

ღ **self roles!!**

ღ **special roles you receive once you hit a certain level!**

ღ **we accept all genders and sexualities!**

ღ **kind n’ active members and staff.**

ღ **many channels for all of your interests including, manga, anime, gaming, photography, nsfw, stories, fanfics and more!**

ღ **fun bots to play with!**

please consider joining! we love having new members in our small & friendly community! we love you all xoxo

🖤 TeamGamers to serwer na którym poznasz wiele miłych osób ,porozmawiasz na różne tematy oraz znajdziesz osoby do wspólnego grania! Nasz zespół administracyjny to osoby zgrane i odpowiedzialne, dla których priorytetem jest utrzymanie serwera na najwyższym poziomie. Serwer jest tworzony z pasji. Dzięki czemu, każdego dnia na naszym serwerze można spotkać nowych użytkowników.


🖤 TeamGamers is a server on which you will meet many nice people, talk about different topics and find people to play together! Our administrative team consists of well-matched and responsible people, for whom the priority is to maintain the server at the highest level. The server is created with passion. Thanks to that, every day on our server you can meet new users.
Family friendly server based in Indonesia. Tempat untuk berkumpul, bermain, dan bersenang-senang. Hampir 2000+ member telah bergabung bersama kita disini. Tunggu apalagi? Ayo gabung sekarang!

Playstation Hub!
Are you looking for a place to hang out with your friends and play games with others? The PlayStation Hub will do just that.


🎮 In Our Community we allow you to find members to play all of your PS4 games with, we offer a lot of things...
🎮 Ranging from a Great And Helpful staff team.
🎮 Music Chats To Talk and listen to music with your friends and fellow PlayStation Hub members.
🎮 We have various chats so you can talk to your friends about your games.
🎮 The PlayStation Hub has very respectful members, we also have a Zero Drama rule!
🎮 You are allowed to join from any age! Just as long as you are mature and respectful to everyone
⭐ Active Members
⭐ Music Bots
⭐ Great Staff Team

Playstation Hub Invite Link:
Anime Universe is a server with a friendly community that loves Anime and growing daily. There are many games and fun chatting to do with each other. Active Staff. Join Now to start your adventure!!!
Na ihr süßen kleinen Trüffelnasen!

Das hier? Kein normaler Server! Wir siiiiind besonders und noch besonders klein und dank dir da, wachsen wir sicher schnell.
Was uns so besonders macht? Komm rein und wir zeigen es dir! Events wird es geben, aber nicht diese lamen giveaways sondern extravagante große Events die sich hoffentlich auszahlen werden.
Hier geht es um Freundschaft, l'amour und alles was ihr euch wünscht und uns mitteilt.

Wir freuen uns auf euch <3
Eure Admonitos
Hey, we're a server that has been branched off again and again off servers that have been deleted. We try our best to remove toxicity and to just have a server that brings a smile to people's faces. Join and our staff will show you around!
A community which accepts everyone and a place were to share your talents.

This is a community group which is related to game development, Coding and other computer projects. This is also a community together defending the name of a nation of KNL. Our community has a loyal leadership and a loyal section of people. Beautiful community were you can make friends with and you're welcomed!

A group with allied friends and a group willing to open and expand to other communities while holding the roleplay-nation element.

You can mess around with bots and have fun with friends. You can even apply to become a military member and help defending the group.

It is a mix of gaming and pride. We're also related to a roblox-orientated community. We have a group in roblox and we make games there. We host events together and have fun and even do partnership events with other groups. There is so much to see! this community has a valuable history and it will always be secured within the true loyal people of the great KNL union.
Selenar este un server dedicat românilor care vor să audă și altceva decât obscenități, țipete,"buna cf? bn u?", strategii pentru csgo etc etc, the usual. Nu suntem geniile României, dar dorim să avem discuții normale, calme, respectabile. Dorim oameni cu care sa putem conversa pe teme stiintifice, istorice, politice, despre jocuri, muzica, filme, orice este interesant.
Hi there, i'm an Youtuber and this is my server.
We have intelectual anime/mangas talk , memes , youtube, music, games , pretty much anything..Yeah.. So feel free to join us.