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everyone is welcome ^^
+18 only though please :')

at this moment the server has:
-giveaways every fortnight (of mostly steam keys)
-categorized chats (memes)
-100+ nsfw channels
No rules, come shitpost meme or game.
Want to be able to chat without annoying mods telling you that you cant do that. This is the place for you.
However, even though this server is advertised as no rules, you cannot post anything that could be considered illegal or breaking discords TOS. Also, if you're joining just to post invite links to another discord you will be banned. Upgrade your own server to plat and don't be a bum.
Um lugar aonde tem pessoas q são inativas pessoas nerds virgens sem vida social lugar onde vc pode falar oq quiser e expressar oq quiser...sem mimimi tem porno uns bot merdas lá entra ae se vc quiser.
This is a server for anyone to join. You can talk about your favourite anime, game, manga or anything else you want as long as it’s not offensive to ppl on the server or anyone else.
A fun community with loving people looking to have fun. Feel free to join our community and talk about anime, games, food and manga ^_^
I am trying to make this server wonderful so if you want to come join us feel free to!! I just want everyone to have a great time 😎!
Searching for new friends? This is your place to be. Everyone is friendly, nice and funny. Engage in random convos and share interests.
a chill place to make friends, game, share your art, chat, and more (13+ preferably)!
Nintendo switch owners preferably, anyone is welcome to join of course tho :)
We are a cracking server - we sell very cheap PC games and accounts. We also have a trusted and untrusted marketplace. We also do giveaways on many accounts, such as netflix and spotify and origin. Enjoy your stay!
Hello! And welcome to CAU!
This is a SFW, family friendly, chill, and accepting community where you can chat and have fun, all while forging long lasting friendships! 

=What we offer=
-Safe, non toxic environment
-Well organized chats
-A Roleplay section so you can be your favourite pony or one of your own creation
-Lots of Custom emoji
-A variety of awesome self assignable roles
-Friendly and pleasant staff that are always glad to chat or help you in any way we can!
-A variety of channels to share art, videos, etc.
-Bots for you to goof off and play games with!
-Voice channels for you to chat with friends
-And alot more!

It's our hope to continue to grow this into a friendship filled place where all are welcome!!! We hope you'll come on in and check us out!!!
Remember the backyardigans? Great! It was probably your favorite cartoon, and if it wans't, we gonna convince you why it should be your favorite cartoon
We're Bobz and Lobe, a beautiful family on discord.

We love memes, drinking like there's no tomorrow and play games together. If you happen to have the same interests, don't hesitate in joining us!
We're always open to meet new people!


Bobz and Lobe
- 2:1 male/female ratio
- Relaxed rules and moderation
- Active VC daily
- Group projects & Collective Gaming/Movies/Animu
We are driven & supportive of our members. Nobody left behind.
Come chill out with the gang :)
A server where you can enact as the fabled characters of the Dragon Ball Franchise, and also make your own OC's and take part in storylines, arcs, and create your own dark or light paths with the choices you make, ofcourse, ERP is very much allowed, and the mods prevent any cases of kink shaming, or any such activity, so come now, and have fun roleplaying in this universe of dragon ball!
a froggy filled gaming/chill server filled with retarded teens and abusive admins. join at your own risk.
Come join The Chill Source! Judge free zone with lots of Active Members.We have weekly Nitro giveaways, custom roles &’ colors, pokémon tournaments, drawing contests, movies every night, and plenty of bot games!
In this fine dungeon, we have voice chats, an art channel, a meme channel, and a self promo chat. You can share ur selfies in the selfie chat. We have a casino and a dank memer channel. A gaming channel as well.
If you join it’ll be greatly appreciated and have fun!! Everyone here is super chill and you should definitely join. “It is free and free is a great price”- PewDiePie 2019
This is a Discord for all of your gaming needs! Join us here and just relax while meeting new people! We have a custom bot that makes channels for you and your friends, as well as public parties. This is the BEST place to join and find others to play with, no matter WHAT you're playing! Join now!!
eiiiiiii vuce ae entra ae meu amigo tu vai gostar se for uma pessoa legal q n gosta muito de fazer as coisas e jogar um bom jogo com boas pessoas espero q goste e um server simples mais espera muito de vcs <3Um lugar aonde tem pessoas q são inativas pessoas nerds virgens sem vida social lugar onde vc pode falar oq quiser e expressar oq quiser...sem mimimi tem porno uns bot merdas lá entra ae se vc quiser.
A server to chill and hangout with friends, or make new ones! This server is for gaming and socializing, no NSFW allowed. Many bots and fun things to do on here!