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˚ ♡━━━━✧Active Bunch!━━━♡˚
This server is initially the purpose of meeting new people and befriending them, and talk about anything that you have in common. If you don't have anything in common, it’s alright you can still stay as long as you want if u do not show any hate or hostile behavior.
YOU,... yeah,... YOU! The person looking around Disboard for new servers. Do you like talking to nice people? Do you like video games? Do you like watching STREAMERS play video games? Well then, it's your lucky day. do we have the place for you!? Come by and check out ourthe bear army streams, meet new people to play online with, chat, and over all, have a grand ol time! Swing by and join the Bear Army.
Ein kleiner Server voller scharfer Schäler. Wir freuen uns über jeden, der Teil einer Clique werden möchte. Sind abends häufiger im Voice aktiv. Wenn euch nur langweilig ist, empfehle ich Tetris.
Dyno ist vorhanden und scharf wie eine Bombe.
-Custom Emojis
-NSFW ist erlaubt
Just go and chill with you're best friends and enjoy you're time here.Wana play games? No problem because our server has you're back, wana listen to music or talk to you're friends?
No problem because this server has everything.
Come join to have giveaways, chat, memes and botgames! Any requests for things to do are accepted!
Get Social This is a server where we want to have a community. Our server is based around chatting, memes, and games. Don't speak English not a problem we have a texting channels for any language. Do you have nitro, well we have some gifs just for you in our server! This server is not active yet but you can make it by sharing this server to you friends. We allow nicknames! There are also discord game bots for you to enjoy while your here. (BlackJack, and Dank Memer, Aki, more coming soon) We also have music bots if you want to listen to some tunes. (Rythm 1 and 2, Pancake, Groovy, and FredBoat) We have ranks on the server by you texting (MEE6) and getting special voice chats with people with the same rank as you. You can promote your discord YouTube twitch etc. Join Get Social and you can get social!
◈───────◈ Zenith ◈───────◈

About Us: We are a friendly and lively community. There are a variety of channels that make it so at least one of them will interest you. For a good time, join us today c:

What We Have:
[✽] - Active Members
[✽] - $10 Reward for first to reach lvl 40
[✽] - YouTuber showcases
[✽] - Friendly Staff
[✽] - Staff Applicition
[✽] - Open for Partnerships
[✽] - Fun community
[✽] - Levelling rewards
[✽] - Self Roles
[✽] - Giveaways
[✽] - Music Lounge
[✽] - Fortnite VC’s + Stats Checker
[✽] - NameMC bot
[✽] - Much more!
Member Count | 400+
Permanent Invite |

A small server that welcomes anyone and talks about any topic!
As the owner of the discord I will be sure to add more bots and add more things that members suggest. Please, enjoy your time :)
Крупнейший русскоязычный ЛГБТ сервер для геймеров.
Just trying to have a community of friends that play games and do shit together.
If you're looking for a server with,
- Plenty of friendly and welcoming people
- Occasional Giveaways
- Great moderation
- Dank Memes
- Fun Bots
- Plenty of game specific channels
- Tournaments
Then this is the place for you!
A food related server!
Share and find recipes and food pictures!
Meet people who like to cook!
Learn some helpful tips!
○●Welcome to Moon Cafe●○

Come take a seat at our cozy cafe and enjoy our:

Many bots
Multiple Voice Channels
Self Assigned Roles
Bot Rooms
Music Rooms
Chat Rooms
Art Competitions
and many more!

Currently looking for smiling faces interested in joining our staff team!

We hope you enjoy your stay~!

✧ Starry Paws Box ✧
We are a fun server that offer you many fun bots to play with, people to chat with and games that you can join your fellow server members in.
If your an Artist or a Writer and want to grow, we have a many Artists and Writers who will be more then happy to help you grow.
We welcome everyone here regardless of age.
✧ Join Starry Paws Box Community ✧
✧ The Blue Rose is a Fandomless Roleplay and Dungeon and Dragons server ✧
We welcome rpers and dnders of all ages. Ocs from all fandoms are welcome here. We have group rp channels, but if you want a thread that's just you and another mun, you can request a channel for the two of you to rp in.
We also do game nights, a hoard of bots for you to play with, and many awesome people for you to meet!
✧ Join The Blue Rose Community and start your adventure ✧

[ Currently looking for active Dungeon Masters! If your interested in joining our team of Dms please dm M the Angst Queen or one of the mods! <3 ]
ᴴᴱᴸᴸᴼ, ᴬᴺᴰ ᵂᴱᴸᶜᴼᴹᴱ ᵀᴼ ᵀᴴᴱ ᶻᴼᴰᴵᴬᶜ ᶜᴴᴬᵀ! ♡
This is a server where we love to have fun, find out more about zodiacs ourselves and express our love for zodiacs! There are many things you can do here:
🌟Tell others what you know about zodiacs!
🌟Learn about zodiacs!
🌟Create art or zodiac related art!
🌟Get to know others! Find matches in either friendships or romances!
🌟Have fun with bots!
🌟Post Chinese zodiac related things!

There are also many things we do not zodiac related! We all just get along here as friends and like to talk about everything!

Thanks for reading!💙
No laifu

• a chilled out community, custom roles available!

• channels dedicated to gaming, anime, discord bots and music!

• professional, friendly, fun staff to help you out!

• events, such as karaoke nights, organised gaming fun and more!

• and.. our very own Pew News channel, giving daily updates on current affairs!

• currently accepting partnerships, only with established, active servers!

Join today, meet new people, have a weird conversation with weird people. We're an open server with a wide range of opportunities; come see how you like it!
Friendly server with same minded people that like memes and like to chat with others. We organize meme contests with rewards and giveaways.
hi!! welcome to squad!
we are a bunch of friendly people who just want to make more friends!
squad originated from a special person who wanted to make a chat dedicated to her friends & roblox. now we've decided to put squad out there for the world to join and have some fun in here! we all for jokes and laughs nothing's meant to be taken seriously.
- 𝖇𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖋𝖎𝖙𝖘 𝖎𝖋 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖏𝖔𝖎𝖓;;
- use of our bots
- making new friends
- chance to become mod & admin
and of course to have lots of fun!
the whole purpose of our server is to make new friends & connect with our old friends too!
ᴛʜɪꜱ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀ ɪꜱ ᴏᴡɴᴇᴅ ʙʏ: karijna#2720 & Drizzeh!#9469
*we change our usernames a lot, i mean a lot*
please make sure to read rules upon arrival & have a nice day!! <3
Welcome to the Turtle's Hangout! This server is for anyone to hopefully have fun and socialize with each other via our roles system so you can chat with people who have common interest. Theres also games too and more will be added overtime! This server is overall pretty new and I hope you will enjoy it as it grows overtime! See you there ^^/

🥔welcome everyone!🥔

This server is pretty much a safe place for any potato (person) to come and enjoy themselves through conversation, games and so much more! ❤

We would like to thank everyone who has joined and would love to create lasting memories/relationships with you no matter who you are or what you like.

As a potato, it's your choice to either be lazy and chill on the couch, or to climb those ranks for custom roles and so much more! Who will be the strongest potato? Only time will tell! 🏆

Thank you! We hope you enjoy your stay on the couch!

✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

We are a friendly community to come hang out and chill. We pride ourselves on being a kind, caring, non-judgmental group of friends who will do everything we can to make sure you don't feel left out. We are also in the process of becoming an awesome space to play all sorts of games, and we are building up a nice selection of a variety of games, such as:
One word and one line stories
Would you rather
Uno and other card games
Classic games such as connect 4
and game bots like pokecord, akinator, and pac man.

Aside from games we also have an awesome community!

We feature:
- Self assignable roles
- Many channels to discuss any interests
- Friendly staff and members
- Leveling system to earn secret special roles
- Ability to remove pings
- Partnerships with similar valued servers
- A variety of interests channels

We are always adding more things and taking suggestions! Help grow our small budding community and come to make new friends in a relaxed place where you can be yourself. We are small now, but please come give us a chance to grow. We accept kindness only, and we do not allow slurs or hateful words to make sure everyone is comfortable and can enjoy their stay.

To make the server a safe zone for everyone, we require a short, easy verification, so you can rest assured that your time at the cafe will be troll free and safe from harm. If you are looking for a server that values your comfort and safety, this is it!
GameHub- Find a Squad!
Request your favourite game and we will support it
Recruiting Staff
levelling system
Custom Emojis
Features of chillout servers
And much more