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Mignight Hangout🍀 is a place to chat and meet new people. If you are either alone, want a friend or want to meet some more, then hop on and join!
What are you waiting for? ;D
Welcome to Spite, an organization driven by the community!

Our overall goal is to grow our community, help others find amazing users to play with across the globe, and have an amazing time gaming. Welcome to our amazing journey!
welcome to the restart! a lovely, small, and friendly server where you can reset, relax, meet new wonderful people and have fun! 🌸

ღ 100+ emotes!

ღ ongoing nitro giveaway for the first member that reaches level 40!

ღ upcoming events, and daily qotd!

ღ self roles!!

ღ special roles you receive once you hit a certain level!

ღ we accept all genders and sexualities!

ღ kind n’ active members and staff.

ღ many channels for all of your interests including, manga, anime, gaming, photography, nsfw, stories, fanfics, roleplay and more!

ღ fun bots to play with including; dank memer, waifu bot, aki, pokecord and lots more!

please consider joining! we love having new members in our small & friendly community! we love you all xoxo
A S S X S S I N - Is a multi platform gaming community brought to you by: Assxssin. We run a variety of different servers such as Impulsive, Euphoria and many more. Come join and see what we have to offer.
this server is still growing and doesn't have a fixed point on anything so... yeah we got nsfw, memes and other fun stuff hop in!
Anime server

- Aki
- Anime trivia
- Waifu game (Mudae)
- Character of the Week
- NSFW (hentai channel)
- Weeb channels everywhere
- Off-anime categories
- Lazy but cool helpers
- Looking for anime recommenders (for the lonely owners)
- Events
We are State of Mind - We are a growing community with a laid back user base. - Everyone is welcome. - Diverse group of people from all continents. - Join us and chill
The official server for footballing stars. League and Cup already started, join today and be ready for season 2!
Wir sind eine große deutschsprachige Gaming Community, die oft zusammen spielt. Dank unseres innovativem Bot können wir Spiele zuteilen indem ihr diese in eurem Status anzeigen lässt. Täglich sind mehrere Nutzer im Voicechannel und Chataktivität ist vorhanden! Wir sind Teil des Multicord-Servernetzwerkes!
Just a Community to come and join to meet new people. Got cool bots like Mudae And Roleplayer. On top of of that we got our own modded minecraft Server.
Hi and welcome to Resident Evil!
This server has been created to discuss the Resident Evil series. RE fans are welcome to talk about the games, characters, story, movies, and anything RE-related.
This server is rather new, currently looking for cool peeps. Do join and help it grow! Thank you for your time!
👋Welcome to Krakens Krib! A place where you can chat with friends and play games👾, NSFW chat for all of you and a General voice chats to talk together💜 Join now if your looking for a Friend🤗
- `, ୨୧Chill Lounge୧
୨♡୧✿˚。⋆✿ ˚。⋆ ✿˚。⋆ ✿˚。⋆✿˚。⋆✿˚。⋆✿ ୨♡୧

Welcome!! ☆ミ(o・ω・)ノ We are warm and welcoming server ! with friendly wholesome members, open minds, and wonderful caring staff*!
୨♡୧✿˚。⋆✿ ˚。⋆ ✿˚。⋆ ✿˚。⋆✿˚。⋆✿˚。⋆✿ ୨♡୧

˚。💌 cute emotes !

˚。💖 self assign roles!

˚。☁️: Friendly staff!

˚⋆💕 an active community!

>˚。⋆☁️: A chill server for everyone to hangout & chill!
୨♡୧✿˚。⋆✿ ˚。⋆ ✿˚。⋆ ✿˚。⋆✿˚。⋆✿˚。⋆✿ ୨♡୧
We are a gaming community for the people of Bangladesh. Its fairly active and have people of varied tastes in video games. If you are looking to make some new friends, have fun or just talk about random stuff feel free to join us! You are welcome here.
Please join. We're Desperate!!
But on a serious note, we're a server to MAKE FRIENDS, CHAT WITH RANDOM STRANGERS AND HAVE FUN!

A discord server for all of your fighting game needs! Whether it be questions, or just want a nice community to talk to about your favorite fighting games! Just come on down to the Fighter's Cantina!

·.··.· Just another anime cult server but with mochi ·.··.·

Whether you're here to chat and make friends or to find a rp partner, this is the place for you. We welcome everyone who's here to be active.

»Chat and be a part of the mochi gang
»Leveling system
»RP section
»Reaction roles
A Made in Abyss server, Games, Anime, Music, and Friends for those looking to relax and talk with those who you have in common with. Come and be yourself, Everyone welcomed!
~Welcome to Adelphaღ~
A new friendly community, created to bring together people from around the world, and support gaming and social opportunities.
Join us and our growing community in fun competitions, karaoke, video games, memes, and much more!

~Teams; Azure and Carmine competitions
~Role play Bots
~Friendly staff team
~Growing community
~Many social channels

We hope to see you soon! <3
hi we're a boring, small, new server please join i have no friends god i'm so lonely. wait but don't join if you're just some boring old nerd, you go do something else. cool people only pleaseeeeee. ok thank you. uhhh there's like chatting and smth in this server too i guess.
This server is a warm place where you can come to hangout. You can chill with your friends in general chat or a vc, Be part of a game night, Or just play hangman or connect 4.

Dont have friends? Make them, duh!

We include:

• Self-role
• Auto-Moderation
• Games/Game night
• A Gallery
• Levels
• Memes

And more+
Bobby is a SFW warm and friendly community that isn't only about Animes or Mangas, we also like to share Art and talk about Games, Food, Pets, and more interesting topics :D

♡ Everyone is welcome ♡

What's special about us?
+We force rules yet we don't abuse our authorities !
+We hold competitions and we do much funny things xd
+We have an interesting system and cool channels : D
+Yet very nice members ^^
Scared to sleep in the dark? Don't like sleeping alone? Then E-Sleep is the community for you boo. E-sleep is a Chill community for people looking for friends or more.