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Hello, we welcome you! We're a growing community looking for more people. We're pretty chill people!
What we have to offer is:
➜ Kitty Pictures
➜ Self-Assignable Roles
➜ Partnerships
➜ NSFW Channels
➜ Interactive Bots
➜ Chill People
➜ And MORE!!

Don't be afraid to join us!
Hello all! I am from the Gamer Furs Discord server!
We are looking for gamer furs that would like to join and generally just having a good time getting to know each other! Share stories! and just having a good time! We are just starting out and only have a few members. However, we are looking to change that! getting more people onboard! To have a place for furries to gather up and enjoy gaming!
If you have any questions feel free to ask me @-Athos27.FT6-#1429
I hope to see you there! :smiley:
Fun bots!
General chats!
LFG channels!
Self assigned roles!
Role play!
And much more! Come join us and see what we're all about!
The Funkies is a bar themed server which has just been opened onto discord, The Funkies aims to have a relaxing and chill place for everyone in a bar-themed discord server.

The Funkies have active mods due to our recent startup and they will be able to help you at any means.

As of now The Funkies is an OCE server but we aim to expand this as our Bar grows older.

We also have tabs so don't think about getting out with any problems.

-Recently started community which thrives for greatness™
-Helpful/friendly staff should be available at all times™
-The aim is to introduce an easy road for easier communication™
-Verified roles so you know the person you like is who they really say they are™
If you've felt more comfortable online than you have in real life, why not step into the place where we all exist together, but without the lies, or the toxicity of the internet.™
This server is all about Gaming, Having fun in a peaceful area. Hope you enjoy your stay :D
We are a small Active Gamer Community trying to bring all gamers together in one unique place across every gaming platforms
✧ free movies / movie nights
✧ groups of new friends
✧ ethots, egirls, emovies, edrama
✧ multiplayer free online games / steam
✧ identity customization / earnable roles
✧ active voice calls all day, everyday

✧ looking for staff and advertisers
A Server for Destiny 2 players of all Platforms.
This organisation is to stop any and all furries on Discord
Hello! If you’re a gamer, weeb, love memes or you’re just bored, karma☄️ Is the perfect server for you! We have many active users and staff members keeping the server alive and fun 🤗

What we offer ;

💫 egirls
💫 Active voice chats
💫 memes
💫 nsfw
💫 game nights
💫 friendly users
💫 partnerships

**partnerships** ; dm the owner or co owner for more information ⭐️

Don’t be afraid to join! We’d love to have you be apart of our server 🙈❤️

Ping: @everyone
coffee lounge is a server where people who like anime and gamers to get along and hang out explaining their interests and also sharing their favorite things there is a king who is a nice person
It's pretty nice, I guess. We have a lot of bots, and a lot of channels. Overall it's cool, but honestly it's kinda a shithole.
Dating server for all cringey people to unite and find true love!

- Even male:female ratio
- Actively moderated
- Fun like minded people
- No bullies allowed
- Active general and voice chats

Join and have fun!
To describe the community: We got Gamers, Weebs, Bookworms and Movie Junkies
What we offer: 18+ section - Mental health section - self promo section - venting section - pokemon bots - movie suggestions and events - a year long calendar with listed events
A new social server looking for new members. Each day videos ,pictures and other things are being added. we welcome everyone and we hope to build a big friendly community server where everyone can talk about many different things each day. currently the server has various chat channels and we are currently adding minigames and other things. hope you check this server out :)
If you like drama and shit join ;)
This server is open to everyone and anyone, and we want to keep it that way, so please be as open to others as the server is open to you. No one wants to come on here only to be berated, or treated with hostility. So let's not do that.

Other than that, if you want to make new friends or just find a place to chill for a while, this is the server for you~!
Just a fun chilled hangout to meet new people and make new friends (sensitive freezone)
We're a growing gamer community who will hopefully one day be big enough to help and support thousands of streamers and gamer achieve their dreams!
Come meet a group of fun loving individuals and join in the Crusade. We have a large Fantasy Role play that we just added. Please come and have fun.
This is a new server looking for some epic basement dwellers! What do we do on this server? We play games of course, discuss latest video game releases, play online, and much more! (●´ω`●) enjoy!
The Chill Lounge is for new members to come in and chill, meet new friends and have fun with them. The server is still small, but is growing slowly, also with partnerships with other discords. Everyone is welcomed into The Chill Lounge!