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Hello everyone! This is a new server for fun+ny people. We're 13+ and we like to post memes, nsfw?, music, photography & etc. We're excited to meet new gamers, interesting human beings & your pets (inside joke). If you are wondering to join this server then u should! Dm me anytime if u have any questions! HAVE A GREAT DAYY Y'ALL
welcome to another gaming discord (i know you're fed up with these but please join). we dont have many members but we need admins and we want to host events and tornemants
Simplex Gamers is a community for any and all gamers to come down and enjoy themselves.

The Simplex Gamers server includes:
Personal Game Channels,
An opportunity to find new people quicker to play games with.
Multiple roles you can give yourself to define who you are.
A Chance to Freely express yourself and opinions about the game in which you're playing.
serwer dla graczy, mila atmosfera, mili ludzie i nietoksyczni. / server for gamers, nice climate, polite people and don't be toxic.
Just an EPIC gaming server with EPIC gamers. Cant get any more EPIC than EPIC. Theres also memes and nsfw, with a hint of a n i m e, dont forget the essentials.
A Server for all video games of all types - we have roles for each type of console, handheld included - as well as channels for Streamers & YouTubers. Come join us and talk about your favorite games!
Anyone can join this community. We're a smaller community that welcomes any person into it. Looking to play games with people? No problem, join our server!
Nasz serwer oferuje przyjemne rozmowy z znajomymi, jak i samymi Administratorami.
Wiele spędzonych godzin, a nawet i dni z świetnymi ludźmi, atrakcji, ciekawostek z świata gier, konkursów oraz wiele więcej!

▬▀▬▬▀▬▬ ⋘♕⋙ ▬▬▀▬▬▀▬
Bosen maen game tapi gk ada temennya ?
here you can share your favorite music with others while talking to fellow gamers and posting silly memes
Welcome to the Community of Furry gamers! Here we have many things, such as:
-Very active/Friendly Staff
-Friendly community
And much more!
Hopefully you'll find yourself home with us, we do what we can to ensure that you no longer have to look for that one perfect server, because we are the community for furry gamers!
Communism plays a key part in society...Join this server or communism will be banned. I don’t know why tf i exist but communism ruined it.
Hey you there......Yeah you! Wanna join a chill server of anime geeks, gamers, and some Gacha-Tubers? Well Gacha Gang is the place for you!
Come join S.H.I.T, where all your dreams come true. Kidding, but seriously join up if you like video games or really just anything nerdy. We are mostly an adult server, but we are open to mature members below the age of 18. We have a great staff that are mods in many other servers that range from a couple hundred members to a couple thousand members. Be a part of our community and help us build something special.

Happy gaming, or whatever it is that you do.
please join our new server it is very cool and fun

-pokecord and music bots its all you really need
-chill people
-activity any time of the day
This server is for people who take an interest in good old fashioned retro games. Anyone is welcome of course.
If you like drama and shit join ;)
This is a YouTuber's server called RyanK.Gamer and he plays Fortnite and talks about the latest leaked information from the game. So make sure you Subscribe! This server is for Gamer's that wish to meet other people and make new friends. This server is for Kid Gamer's but if you are 13+ and want join the server you are welcome!
So make sure you join the server now and start making friends and playing with people!
Have a Great Day!
This organisation is to stop any and all furries on Discord