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Welcome to our community we’re you can connect with other gamers play music,games and even have a NSFW section for all the naughty people lol but we all have fun so
Come join us
The Kingdom of Askia is a friendly server for gamers and teens and actually anyone can join this server.
Also, if you are a wikian then you can find wikians there.
Welcome to Aesthetic Memers.
We're a small community who share their aesthetic memes, normal memes and aesthetic vibes.
We have a gaming channel too!

- This server isn't NSFW, however you can swear and all.
- We accept everyone, furries, LGBTQ+, Littles, humans, everyone.
- A small server, it might be empty when you join though.
- Self assign roles.
- Self assign colour roles.

Everybody welcome, all ages, all 72 genders, all races, come on in and game.

Hello we are the gaming server trying to grow Please!Join us to support or help us out! we would appreciate it.Thank you.
Here is the Link:
This is war. You join and say what you are and an admin will give you a role. Once you are given your role no rules apply, say what you want and post what you want.
Want a family? A place where you belong? Join our family. A place where you can always be accepted. (we are secular/not associated with religion)
us El Paso Texas. WE NEED U! we need members!!! we need plans we need u! to fight against the furries/nazis!!!! we need help! you'll get ur own role etc!!! cmon! help us!!!
A serene and friendly place to hang and have fun✌🏻
I just made a server just cause
I just wanted something of my own
Join If You Want Someone To Talk To About Games, Youtube, Teen Stuff, Or Anything Really. Join Before 50 Members Cuz Then There Will Be More Channels/¨Rules¨ Added At 50.
Indonesian gaming and hangout server All weabous,K-poper,furries,nerd are welcomed
The gaming hub is an active server that is based on a lot of console/pc games! such as footnote,pubg, fallout 76(and4)
-we have active people.
-looking for staff
-we also have a nsfw chat!
welcome to Mr. L Uprising!!

I decided to make this server so people can meet new friends or just hang out. Though the server may be a little dead but i’m sure we can switch that around!!

hope you enjoy your stay here. and make sure to read the rules!!

All people are welcome.
At World of Gaming, We welcome those who are gamers including the most famous ones. Come to join us in our Giveaways hosted every day in the week! Including the weekends and much more!
We are a brand new community of gamers and streamers. Help each other out with getting viewers, and for playing with someone. From pc to xbox to sony we will be everywhere. I hope that you give us a try!
This server is for people who take an interest in good old fashioned retro games. Anyone is welcome of course.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Ultimate Gamer's ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
😁Fun little community for everyone
🎮Any type of gamer allowed
🤖Fun bots
🔞PG and safe for any age
🕑Active staff
📝HW help
👍Accepting suggestions
📈Growing community
👉Join now! 👈
Welcome to UNAF, a council of people and soldiers fighting in this Gamer-Furry war. Any furry that is probable or even looks like one will be kicked. Here, we fight for what's right and we will keep fighting. Join us, the UNAF.
In this server we try to make friends, the outcasts are the ones who come in, geeks nerds etc
A 55+ person server with active staff, easy to get used to members, level ups from talking in chat, game nights, very easy to get in contact with a HR
if you want to socialize meet new people and play fun games and voice chat this is the discord for you, its the all around hub for everybody.