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This server is not completely set up yet. I’m looking for someone to help me finish it.
In this server you will be able to share your original content, recommend music, cent about your problems, and meet new people!
This is a server for gamers as wells as for a little chit chat.This server is mainly for players who play pubg mobile. Please do join our server.
Welcome to the Fork & Knife Gaming Café! A fun Fortnite centered server, but we accept other games! Get to enjoy a full rainbow of custom colored roles, and suggest anything to the server! Come on down to our café!
This is the home of dinos owner is SufficingKhan.
we are a bunch of lonely people with smol discord
We are a community gaming group linked to steam. Come join us!
Welcome to CGS (Chill Gaming Server)! This is a drama-free and chill server! Here you can hangout, talk about games, trade accounts, and win some giveaways!
The Internet Cafe is friendly community of gamers, streamers, content creators, and caffeine addicts. Stop by #💬-chat and introduce yourself. You can level up by contributing to the discussion, news, memes, and gifs channels. The server includes a chat, a live-stream listing, gaming news, a user-leveling system, free stuff and more.
chill, smaller server looking to grow. meet other epic gamers, hang out, etc.
Just for starters, we are not a heavy communist server. We accept anyone, as long as you can put up with some edgy content here and there. We have plenty of bots including meme bot, casino bot, box bot, etc. The server is always looking for members (preferably active) as well as suggestions to improve the server. Besides bots we also have plenty of channels for you to post things in as well as chat with others. Almost forgot, we have plenty of emotes for you to you use as well. I hope you join our server!
Just a bunch of gamers and weebs that like to meme. If you wish to join do so at you're own risk. We also have Clout here by the way. We also are going to take back Jerusalem.
A server for those weird gamers (not really)
~ Where you become family ~
Do you need a safe space full of support from a community full of love?
Do you struggle with a mental illness or disorder?
Do you find yourself in need of a positive community?

Then join our family here at Your Safe Haven!

Why join us?
We are a forever growing, forever loving, and forever supporting community and we want YOU to join our family!
Support Text AND Voice Channels!
Self-Assignable Roles
Music Rooms!
Movie Events!
We can't wait to welcome you into our family!

I know this server is not as active or big but we are still a growing community.
Looking To Play is a New Chill Public Gaming community that aims to connect Players from all around the world together in one server ~ If you looking to Find new gaming pals, new friends, and new groups! LTP is the right place!
The most cuddly and friendly place in the furry kingdom. Every fur is welcome and non-furs too :3
•●Gamming Community ●•

●Discord Rules

●Active & Friendly Staff

●Music Channell's

●Casino & Miner BOT

●Streamer Channel

●Partner Channel

●Custom Roles

●Our main objective as a community:

•-Help our members to find "premades" in any game they wich.

•-Build a nice and friendly community
this server is just a meme join and if i like you i will give you admin i really dont care about server

-spam allowed
-be offensive
-any meme goes
- no bullying
hey, just a little server, with good vibes looking for extend the community :)

the server have a rich features like:
an gatekeeper system to prevent spam bots
an music bot
leveling system and role as rewards
patch updates for popular games (ark, warfare, Fortnite, overwatch and etc.)
fun and social commands
an report and support systems
NSFW text channel (work only with the role for that)
an mini game event (it will be active with enough players) with rewards!

and much much more!

get in to get started!
A server where you can chill, feel safe, and have fun together with people from all over. Play a game, Voice chat, or play around with the bots. Discuss, or take the piss out of eachother. Make friends, be your freaky self. No one will be judging...too much ;)
Use your common sence - rasism, sexism, homophobia, or any cruel and unnecessary slurs meant to hurt will be dealt with accordingly.
The Petrol Station is a chill server where you can do whatever you want except the obvious things like exploiting, hacking etc,