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And We Do 20+ accounts GIVEAWAY Everyday!
This server is to be a joinable FREE STATE server where the Freedom of speech is by the heart and the Freedom to have the pursuit of happiness is by the mind so please walk around all you want because YOU have the RIGHTS in this server to be FREE. We can partner with different servers and ally with different nations we also posts cursed images and memes, offensive jokes, discussions, have uploads of YouTube, Twitch,our subreddit, and twitter, we also have arts and crafts, and much more.
We have many bots, supportive leaders, and great people overall.
Join and become a soviet conservative and become a part of the community, because 1 person can make a lot of support.
This is The ShadowWolf Gaming Community! If you like Video games or you play any video games then pls join us
__**Welcome to the M.O.T.H. Network.**__
:butterfly: **We host game servers and most notably Minecraft.**
:butterfly: **Our minecraft server is**
:butterfly: **Minecraft version 1.13.2**
:butterfly: **Our staff is nice and kicked back**
:butterfly: **We allow memes and other chats**
:butterfly: **Multilingual chats**
:butterfly: **Gaming voice chats and text chats**
:butterfly: **Events and Giveaways**
:butterfly: **A Nice Community.**

Please join and help us grow!
Just a place for chill people who wanna meet and explore a nice community, anyone who is more experienced with discord please join, want to find a chill group of people to start a podcast with, can't wait to see you there gamers
Welcome to Barney's World, a server for gamers. hangout and meet new friends and teammates. A server mainly based around games and other fun things. Very friendly and helpful staff. And if you want to start a chat around another topic just contact us.
The owner is: 18♡CanadianEinstein#3790 This discord server is a very social place to meet people with the same interest like you. Make new friends and maybe find love. We do have to warn you that we have some type of people in here with a different interest and hobbies, not everyone but just some of them. Some interest goes from games to real shootings fans etc... But it's all about having fun with each other :D At least we all have one thing in common, and that is we are a friendly community.
Hey! Come and join dumb bitch energy!
This server includes:
-> LGBT friendliness
-> make friends!
-> chill area
-> anime
-> NSFW channels
-> fun bots
-> and much MORE !
Love to see you join :)
Hi There! Welcome to The Cuddle Room! Where all the Gamers, Loners, E-Girls, and E-Boys Hangout!
We Offer....
-Friendly Staff
-Friendly Owner
-And So Much More!
I'am Amrish, I and my other members are working on a Few Tamil Discord Servers to connect tamils/gamer together, Tamil gaming community has slowly kick started in recent years as you can see. i wanna make this process speed up so i think this server will be the bridge and catalyst for tamil youtubers and gamers . I noticed that guys are finding it hard to connect it one another or in a group(Leave Facebook/Whatsapp And Others They Are Nothing Compared To Discord When It Comes To This). All Gamers/Non-Gamers/Youtubers/Streamers/Dev's/Designers/Artists/Photographers all are welcome, we already have few ourselves.
A LGBT community that is very supportive and has a therapy section if needed.
the server will explain it lmaoaoaoao
Uh... Well... Hello! Here, we just basically chill and play games(mostly Nintendo games) and that's just pretty much it. You can also talk about animes I guess. P.S: I'm new at owning a server so if you have any suggestions, feel free to share.
hey im deku and this is my new server,so this server a server where u can date, play Pokemon, play games, post memes, listen to music, and make friends
• The Forbidden Outside •

People / Gamers / Anyone who hates outside and wants to stay inside and chill on a Discord server.

Server Features:-
- Emotes
- Discord bots to help keep the server safe and for people to have fun with.
- Amazing Staff Team
- Starboard: Community voted pinned messages
- Free to claim roles for everyone.
- Twitter to keep up with the server on other social media
- And much more!
We're a bunch of people coming together to become friends with one another i hope you will be our next member and friend see you soon
An advertising server dedicated to getting your server up the charts! We are a growing advertising server dedicated to making your server gain members! We are currently looking for staff and would love for you to apply! Come and support our server by joining!
Help the Weak and aid the Strong
We are one Empire of nations willing to do any help towards people.
This empire is to help bring servers together help them rebuild and replenish. Any server that joins this empire will be helped when needed, And that is a promise!
This server is all about Gaming, Having fun in a peaceful area. Hope you enjoy your stay :D
Hangout with a small server and just talk about things!
We are normies free!
a discord server where you can gather a party for some matches, or just chill out in the multiple voice chats within the server :).
honestly made this 0.3 seconds ago im lookin to make a small group of like 13-18 yr olds to chill n chat and troll and laugh yunno because lifes too short to not be a meme
Hello there! Do you want to meet new friends? Hang out every night? Video Games maybe? Or do you want to talk to someone in vc not in chat? Well you just picked the right server! I can't wait for this server to grow! I mean if you don't join and be active whats the point in joining ? If you join in I think it would help this server to grow more! So come and join us ! maybe we can make a lot of fun memories, that would be really great! :)) if you joined in thank you very much!