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This gaming server is for everyone.Most of the people here are friendly and chill,we are welcoming everybody even furries,otakus and memers can join.
this is a place were the gamers thrive and no furrys and we trade away furry intel any furrys that join will be banned on the spot
Server used to be pretty le epic spicy, but we lost all our bread and couldn’t get the dub. We may be cancerous but at least Santa Claus doesn’t exist 😂😂😂. We’re trying to revive please come and talk for a while
Zenith server is a gamers and D&D community with various users online at any given time. Come join the fun and step into the tavern!
Unofficial Hytale’s discord!
Hytale is a game made by the Hypixel Studio.
I will be announcing all the updates and news that comes out for Hytale.
We might also do giveaways of Hytale!
We basically are trying to grow our community full of OSU, League of legends, csgo playing and friendship community !
Welcome all to the cOmMuNitY! A place where everyone can hangout, no matter who they are. We are all accepting here at the cOmMunItY. No one is left out. You can find others just like you and make new friends. It's just starting out, but we hope you stay and make new friends!
hey! we are currently looking for new
members and staff. within our discord
server we currently offer…

✧ free movies / movie nights
✧ groups of new friends
✧ ethots, egirls, emovies, edrama, edates
✧ multiplayer free online games / steam
✧ identity customization / earnable roles
✧ active voice calls all day, everyday
All gamers welcome! Creating a diverse community for all games and somewhere people can come find others or rest their troubles!
meet new people in nz 16+ make friends or maybe more then friends use this to experiment with discord
Just a server where you can chat with other gamers, share memes, music, videos and stories.
This server is just server for gamers yeez NO DATING SERVER
Come to pottos kingdom! we are currently a small group of people with different hobbies, including gaming, drawing, shitposting and more!!!!1111!! do whatever the eff you want to do! (furries and dutch people are advised to join) come in to pottos big boye world! lol have funn
Hiya Guys! I (M̾i̾s̾t̾y̾ #1446) Made the server just for fun, don't ask why, I was just bored. Anyway, this server can be about anything, really, but the main thing about this server is tea! Yesyes, Tea, I love tea and I think you will to. This is a community about being yourself, no, we will NOT judge. But if you judge someone in this server (Ships, types of anime/tea etc.) you will be BANNED, no joke. I'm here to (also) make a better place. Don't worry and join my server! (If anyone messes around my server, I'll be very angry, thank youu~~)
A server where we have roles such as Grand Wizard, Grand Dragon, ect correlating to the kkk ranks. We also group up together and play games such as league of legends, destiny 2, player unknowns battle grounds.
STEAM Hangout Server:
This is a server where you can meet people who have the same common interests in games like you! :D

You can:
- Make New Friends
- Discover New Games You Can Become Fond Of
- Chat With ePic gAmers
- Win Steam Giveaways (RARE)

Steam IS required if you would like to join, but otherwise you're free to join just for fun!
Gaming Comittee:
This is a discord server where you can meet other people who have the same interests in games as you!

It includes:
-Making New Friends
-Giveaways (RARE)
-Many Group Calls

So feel free to join as anyone is invited, let the fun and games begin! :D
Want to hang out with furries? Feel free to join! This server welcomes any furry/people who are willing to do uwu's with eachother :3 <3
Original S H I T P O S T server. Lax staff, post as much junk and spam as you wish. Collect silly roles and talk shit in vc with no repercussions. Weekly drama, with a community that betrays each other for the battle of the sub servers. Which faction will you align with? Vroom Vroom? Onion fags? Orbiters? eBoys/eGirls? Furry Army? Otaku Army? The list never really ends...
☆Benvenuto su Young Gamers Italia☆

☆In questo server puoi conoscere nuovi amici e giocare insieme a giochi di ogni genere, dai BattleRoyale ai Moba☆

☆Se il gioco che hai non è presente nel server, ti basterà fare la richiesta per l'inserimento☆

Owner: Diaboliko