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Small but growing community with new people joining everyday, we’re very nice people looking to meet new people to talk to. We’d love for you to join us!

Gay Inclusive is a Discord server for LGBTQ+ gamers, and those who support us. We’re building a community for colorful members from all over.

While the focus is on growing the LGBTQ+ community, all are welcome. We hope to grow and thrive, and have many years of fun with all who join.

We have adopted the community covenant to maintain a healthy, and happy community.

The covenant can be read here:
The Hangout is a friendly server of weirdos alike and we are open to everyone, it's a place to have fun, play games and just enjoy being social.
Hallo welcome to our kingdom this server for arab gamers and otakus we hope you enjoy in the server
This place has a pretty nice and tight knit community.
A server full of people who all want to be your friends! Don’t worry we’re all awkward around here but we just want to have fun with everyone!
We are a friendly and hospitable Greek community, where we also use English language ...
This team is targeted at all gamers with the aim of finding people for combination and team building with the ultimate goal of creating a strong and healthy community for our best experience in entertainment and gaming around the world of gaming ..!

Αυτή η ομάδα απευθύνεται σε όλους τους gamers με στόχο την εύρεση ατόμων για συνδυασμό & δημιουργία ομάδων με απώτερο σκοπό την δημιουργία μίας δυνατής και υγιής κοινότητας για την καλύτερη εμπειρία μας στην ψυχαγωγία και στην ενημέρωση γύρω από τον κόσμο του gaming..!
GamerHub is where loads of crazy gamers come together for one awesome gaming experience! LOADS of games are custom roles, as well as emojis! Only get the roles for channels you WANT to see!

- Fortnite channels
- Minecraft channels
- Ark Survival Evolved
- Overwatch channels
- Rainbow Six Siege channels
- Black ops 4 channels
- Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) channels
- FiveM channels
- Clash Royale channels
So, This is a VERY small server at the moment and we have 1 bot (For Disboard)! We are going to try and keep it this way unless it becomes necessary and then we will consider it.

Get in the server NOW and we will keep an eye on your active time! If you appear to be good, You will be given the opportunity to become a MOD, MEMER or THE RESPECTED
Constantly updated DRAMA FREE server. A nice positive place with good vibes, open mind people to make friends and have fun! 10+ bots, 25+ channels, 50+ roles and much more! Come join us!
__**Welcome to the M.O.T.H. Network.**__
:butterfly: **We host game servers and most notably Minecraft.**
:butterfly: **Our minecraft server is**
:butterfly: **Minecraft version 1.13.2**
:butterfly: **Our staff is nice and kicked back**
:butterfly: **We allow memes and other chats**
:butterfly: **Multilingual chats**
:butterfly: **Gaming voice chats and text chats**
:butterfly: **Events and Giveaways**
:butterfly: **A Nice Community.**

Please join and help us grow!
We are a friendly, accepting community that builds friendships through gaming! Many of us are small streamers! We play a variety of games from Stardew Valley to League of Legends. All are welcome! <3
Chill server about Gaming and talking about said games. If you're reading this from me, I can tell you one thing, I'm not the owner of this server. But I'm sure the owner will welcome anyone and everyone with open arms to chill and appreciate gaming as a whole here.
A Server for anyone who likes gaming, art, or generally enjoys talking in a calm community!
It is a fairly new server based around gaming and has many different channels for sharing pictures, video's and other things. Gamers saloon also has an advertising channel where you can share adverts of other discord groups and that. Everyone is welcome to join. :). Whether you enjoy playing roblox, avakin life, sims games, fortnite, MMO's or other games... this server is about gaming.
Gym Gamers a place for Games'n'Gains.. with Fitness, Recipes + more - We have channels for everybody! Including some live feeds for popular fitness & recipe updates, also a live streamers channel! We also announce when you're streaming! Share your ideas with like-minded individuals!
For me, there is more into working out than just to improve your body by exercising and eat a lot of food. I always believed in order to be a REALLY strong person, you also have to have a strong mind. If you’re just having a lot of muscles, you may be able to lift a lot of weights and look cool, but you miss out the key elements of real strength – which is, more than everything else, patience and a good hearted mindset. In todays world it’s hard to think of others and even yourself, as all we really want is to be appreciated by others, but not giving or gaining anything REAL. We want the fame. The want the money.

We want it all. But by wanting everything, we loose sight of the needs of others, or even ourselves. A true strong person takes care after them self, but also for others.

How do you take care of others? Take a close look at them. See, feel and give them what they need, even if it doesn’t help you any further on your own goals. How do you take care of yourself? Don’t cheat. Be honest to yourself. Clean food is better than the easily done fast food. Rest if you need to. Don’t rest if you don’t have to. Start to live out the knowledge you have, stop ignoring everything in benefit of your comfort zone.

Be insane
Im just a youtuber named TMRLegitGaming and i just meme around with friends and subs! Hopefully your interested
Fort Retard Garrison was made to Commemorate those whom died on Retard Hill, Surrounded by Furries, and low on Supply. Despite this they Survived. Fort Retard Garrison is a Reserve Unit, in the 329th Gamer Division, 30th Regiment, 1st Battalion, Easy Company. We have 12 Elite Members, as of the End of the Furry Wars. We need at most, 30 Members, and Competent Leadership. If you like Banter and Brotherhood, join. (We do not allow Furries. Weebs and Commies are allowed though.) Enjoy!

Gaming Clan or G Clan is a server community based on building not only our content but others content and channels aswell. We specialize on advice when it comes to content ideas but also if you want to collab or watch any tips or videos on our channels. If you just want to hangout with people and meet friends or any of the stuff I specified before, then this is the place for you. We accept all members with open arms and want to make this community comfortable for everyone. That is all pretty much as we're a small community but also want to help others, even if it's a small bit.

Enjoy everyone, love from the G Clan Management

~ AlterationsG & RampageG
A community for anime conversations generally, however everyone is welcome!. Raiders will be banned on sight! New emotes being added! Some require Nitro! Staff also needed! DM OWNER!

This server is all about you interacting and connecting with people across the globe.The Server aims for Socialization and Fun .Funny debates , music , Anime , Games and many more are to be present in this server.We can pick topics to discuss based on Majority.
I would like to conclude that this Server is like a Mini world for you to spend your time in.

A place where both furries and gamers can peacefully converse with each other without rivalry or violence. This is a sacred place. (Still in late development)