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GamerHub is where loads of crazy gamers come together for one awesome gaming experience! LOADS of games are custom roles, as well as emojis! Only get the roles for channels you WANT to see!

- Fortnite channels
- Minecraft channels
- Ark Survival Evolved
- Overwatch channels
- Rainbow Six Siege channels
- Black ops 4 channels
- Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) channels
- FiveM channels
- Clash Royale channels
We are a communtiy server that does not have any specific topic or themes and we are just here so you can make new friends and talk about any topics. The server is active in text and voice channels but is still growing.
Dating server for all cringey people to unite and find true love!

- Even male:female ratio
- Actively moderated
- Fun like minded people
- No bullies allowed
- Active general and voice chats

Join and have fun!
Alrighteo; if you're reading this you have an express invitation to the spectacular "I'm Not Crying Cafe" If you're like me and get bored easily with nobody to talk to or things to do, than this is the place for you Friend

This is pretty much a place to unleash your inner autism with other similar autists while having fun, playing games and forging life long bonds with strangers over the internet.

If that sexy sale hook wasn't enough to excite you we have amazing things within our chamber of secrets; such as:

• Casual Racism (But not too racist)

• The Obligatory NSFW channels and bots (Everyone loves that DoPe HeNtAi!11?!)

• The Music Bot That Everyone Will Spam Ear Rape Meme Songs On For About 2 Days Before People Get Bored Of It

• A "Friendly" Community

• A Bunch Of Random Bots

• Pokemon Bot (Because why not)

• And Many More Amazing Things (Couldn't think of Anything Else To Say)

So please, come and join the amazing "I'm Not Crying Cafe" and have a little bit of fun
A new social server looking for new members. Each day videos ,pictures and other things are being added. we welcome everyone and we hope to build a big friendly community server where everyone can talk about many different things each day. currently the server has various chat channels and we are currently adding minigames and other things. hope you check this server out :)

Gay Inclusive is a Discord server for LGBTQ+ gamers, and those who support us. We’re building a community for colorful members from all over.

While the focus is on growing the LGBTQ+ community, all are welcome. We hope to grow and thrive, and have many years of fun with all who join.

We have adopted the community covenant to maintain a healthy, and happy community.

The covenant can be read here:
At this FOB gamers may Relax , talk and have a sandwich or share Intel about furries and strategize against the furry onslaught.

PS. we accept anyone lmao.

kpop, dating , gaming , rp , anime and much more. various vc
we're an anime and japanese based server, our server is also welcoming to gamers and anyone chill. our staff is flexible and we dont have many rules.
So, This is a VERY small server at the moment and we have 1 bot (For Disboard)! We are going to try and keep it this way unless it becomes necessary and then we will consider it.

Get in the server NOW and we will keep an eye on your active time! If you appear to be good, You will be given the opportunity to become a MOD, MEMER or THE RESPECTED
To describe the community: We got Gamers, Weebs, Bookworms and Movie Junkies
What we offer: 18+ section - Mental health section - self promo section - venting section - pokemon bots - movie suggestions and events - a year long calendar with listed events
Constantly updated DRAMA FREE server. A nice positive place with good vibes, open mind people to make friends and have fun! 10+ bots, 25+ channels, 50+ roles and much more! Come join us!
ItsJustAserver welcomes all kind of gamers to our server. The server was made by an Instagram gamer and there will always be giveaways! Join to know more!
Looking for people to play games with on Xbox One? Join the Xbox Social Club today! We are a growing community filled with Gaming News, Photography and most importantly Looking For Group channels along with memes, music and games!
Witamy w naszej rodzinie! U nas możesz spokojnie pograć i porozmawiać! Wbijajcie i grajcie!
This is where you can make new friends who are also interested in the same things as you
This place has a pretty nice and tight knit community.
__**Welcome to the M.O.T.H. Network.**__
:butterfly: **We host game servers and most notably Minecraft.**
:butterfly: **Our minecraft server is**
:butterfly: **Minecraft version 1.13.2**
:butterfly: **Our staff is nice and kicked back**
:butterfly: **We allow memes and other chats**
:butterfly: **Multilingual chats**
:butterfly: **Gaming voice chats and text chats**
:butterfly: **Events and Giveaways**
:butterfly: **A Nice Community.**

Please join and help us grow!
Our Globe Now, A Place Accommodating Discord Users From All Walks Of Life. We Aim To Make It A Conducive Environment For Meaningful Social Interactions To Take Place.

| Sexy Fist Logo

| 420+ Members And Growing Fast!

| Now With PokeCord!

| Friendly And Approachable Staffs

| Giveaways (Roles ETC)

| Economy System Based On Users' Activeness (Used For Purchasing Item(s) In Server Shop)

| Miscellaneous Channels (YouTube | Bot-Memes | Art Channel | Gaming | Role-Playing)

| Coloured, Custom And Self Assignable Roles!

| Open To Partnerships ( YouTube | Discord)

| Amazing BOTZ |

| Global Emojis! (Coming Soon)

Staff Roles Are Open Now! (/apply to Apply.)

An Ideal Place If You Are Looking To Establish New Friendships! Join Now!
We are a friendly, accepting community that builds friendships through gaming! Many of us are small streamers! We play a variety of games from Stardew Valley to League of Legends. All are welcome! <3
Chill server about Gaming and talking about said games. If you're reading this from me, I can tell you one thing, I'm not the owner of this server. But I'm sure the owner will welcome anyone and everyone with open arms to chill and appreciate gaming as a whole here.
(13+) | Money Giveaway | Low moderation NSFW server with: RPG | Pokécord | Events | Chats for Gamers / Anime / Hangout
A Server for anyone who likes gaming, art, or generally enjoys talking in a calm community!
The Hangout is a friendly server of weirdos alike and we are open to everyone, it's a place to have fun, play games and just enjoy being social.