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I would like to present to you our new Discord server. We are looking forward to an active community, with nice staff members. We have lots of bots for moderation and fun, also, we provide our members with special channels used for advertising. Join if you feel lucky!
Looking for people to play games with on Xbox One? Join the Xbox Social Club today! We are a growing community filled with Gaming News, Photography and most importantly Looking For Group channels along with memes, music and games!
Fortnite Club 🔱

🔸Welcome to fortnite club

It is a server that offers players to find people so that both can play together and meet same people with the same interests 🤘

What are you waiting to join? 🕶️

🔸 Giveaways every 20 members join !!!
🔸 Many roles
🔸 All languages
🔸 People from all over the world
🔸 Tournaments
🔸 Latest updates
🔸 Bots only for fortnite
🔸 Multiple channels
🔸 Channels vc
Large Multi-purpose server designed for a variety of different interests such as Gamers, Artists, Streamers, Shitposters, etc. The server does contain a locked optional Kinkster section for those who are 18+ and can only be accessed after being verified by the server staff.
Where a small group of Gamers looking to have a great time on some of our favorite games like HOI4, H and G and Verdun and more.
We are a server of fun shit to do. We got a beef section where you and the person you are beefing with can settle the score you and that person will be the only ones who are able to text while others watch or if needed we can give you a private beef. We have sections for you if you are a gamer to meet players and play games with them. Or if you want you can discuss games with them. We have a cool section called story time where you can share your experiences or stories you have with our members you will be the only one able to text so you don’t get interrupted after your story is over you can answer questions. We have a meme section to post or view funny shit we have an nsfw section. A music section to vibe and chill tf out write some lyrics to your favorite song or ones you wrote. You can discuss music with fellow members of the server. We have fun stuff like pokecord and more at our server. For this to be fun and promising all we need is members. Want a relaxing time ? Want some mayhem ? Come on down to my server (a theme is currently being worked on for the server)
Chill server to meet friends and fuck shit up
ps. yall cucks better join >:(
plz and thank you <3
✧ weird marriage and adoption bot
✧ free movies / movie nights
✧ groups of new friends
✧ ethots, egirls, emovies, edrama
✧ gaming groups? not sure how to word that
✧ identity customization / earnable roles
✧ active voice calls all day, everyday

✧ looking for staff and advertisers
This is a laid back-all-female LGBT community for socializing with an international and diverse userbase. The internet can be a pretty wild and ugly place, so we strive to keep a positive and inclusive atmosphere!

We offer

Weekly Events
-Weekly server events for active members
Amazing Bots
- Interactive bots for competitive or introverted members
NSFW Channel
-For y'll nasty people, we got you :smirk:
Rant / Vent Chat
-Safe space for those who wanna let it out
Free Advertising
- For you to share and expose your social medias
Dating Channel
- Designed to make you love birds and singles feel special
and alot more soon...

Come and talk, listen to music, or show us things you've done!
ONLY 16+ ALLOWED ( DM @SleepyPanda#6121 for info)

We currently have:
-Music Bots
-Custom Roles and role colors
-Friendly community

Coming up : Exciting events such as movie nights and art contests

-Recently started community which thrives for greatness™
-Helpful/friendly staff should be available at all times™
-The aim is to introduce an easy road for easier communication™
-Verified roles so you know the person you like is who they really say they are™
If you've felt more comfortable online than you have in real life, why not step into the place where we all exist together, but without the lies, or the toxicity of the internet.™
Place for all gamers (PC, Playstation, xBox, Nintedo, and TTRP). Relatively inactive but a good place to ask questions and such. I'm also planning to give the server away to a member once it reaches 250 members.
~roles unlock channels
~MEE6 grants access to the rest of the server
~Inclusive of all gamers (even Fortnite players)
~Pokecord and DankMemer
we are the peek of human performance. this server is only for the greatest of humans. if you don't join your not a gamer and epic memer. only the finest NSFW memes circulate in our community. 69+
This is a Dark Souls themed server. The setting is based around the first game, but feel free to talk about the other games.
Small community hoping to expand!
Are you a gamer looking for people to talk to/game with? Are you of any gender, race, sexuality? Well come on down and enjoy our community! We allow everyone, from artists/musicians and furries to gamers! This is a safe space for everyone to talk, enjoy company, game together, meet friends, and share interests.

Need a gaming group of friends? Are you a multi-platformer or just use one platform? Come on in then!
We are not an NSFW server though we do discuss mature topics at times.
13+ only please!
Welcome to jerusalem. The right place for everybody! The perfect Christian Server! We got all kinds of stuff! Like a voice chat that I hope to use regularly, Jesus, gamers, music, edgelords, anime... We got shit. All kinds of shit. It's a christian server! Anything is possible. J O I N J E R U S A L E M T O H E A R A S E X Y V O I C E
A fun friendly server for all gamers. We play multiplayer games together such as Albion Online, Paladins, Rainbow 6 Siege, and World of Warcraft Classic (upon release). Come join us and find some new friends to hang out with.
A Server For Gamers That Want To Find Some People To Play With We Have A Great Friendly Community To Play And Become Friends With. -Hype
Hi uwu, I had another server but discord decided to be ugly and delete it so I'm back and better hehe!! <3
This server is all about community, despite the name.
Join if you want, we just want people to talk to
THE NICE GAMERS is a server started with the aim of providing a safe place to gamers of all ages, free of all sorts of discrimination and/or bullying!

-Small but active community
-Approachable moderators
-Special Gaming dedicated roles
-Multiple Chatrooms for while in game
-Upcoming server wide events
Uhh you know just a chill server with no rules, we shitpost a lot and if you need memes, we got you. Don't join if you get offended easily, just like be epic
The cuddle house is a place for furrys or gamers to come and hang out. its a well maintained server and we have no judgment towards anyone we welcome you to join!
yea its a good server better than other servers