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Welcome to Gamer Girl Club! Heaven of the Gamer Girls - Yet we do also welcome all da dudes in because what would a party be without the guys?

We offer fun time, dope roles, advertising system, partnerships and more!
Hi it's a SavageLoli Server join see what'd you expect. We are here to make friends and be savage af. You might have a loli jump in here and there. OOOO Voice chat is the best and Come join some MapleStory cause were scrubs like that ;) or just me but join anyway meet some chill ass people cause if your not chill gtfo jk (I'm just a savage Loli) We like to include everyone in our convos :)
--------------CLUB CRAFT------------------
-mcMMO the ultimate and best rpg lovers mod
-Bedwars Arena's
-Hunger Games Arena's
-Paintball Arena's

mobs have a chance at being infernal, hundreds of cool powers and effects, be careful out there!

- Factions
Coming very soon!
Start Off With Everyone Else!

- Survival!
use golden shovels to claim your land! its easy! click two corners! Factions to be added!

- Creative Plots!
(world edit)
(claim a plot and make an awesome creation! )

- Staff and Rank positions!
(Were New! apply on the server easily! its in the /warps!

- Skyblock!
(Survive on a sky island, includes everything u can think of! )

- Acid island!
(Survive on an island, includes everything u can think of! )
(water and rain are extremely harmful)!

- Mob Hunting!
(mobs drop money on the ground! pick it up! )

- Bending!
(Control the element of Fire, Water, Earth or Air ! Custom Abilities! Over-Powered!! )

- Server Market!
( Markets in the server to buy all kinds of cool stuff! create your own market shops!)

- auctions!
(Auction off your items in the auction house, or place them up for quick bids. )

- Custom Enchantments!
over 100+ custom enchantments for you to enchant, use and experience!

- Pets!
own any kind of pet, pets have powers and effects, do all kinds of things with your new best friend!

Join Now, Theres a ton more to do on the server! lots of other plugins!

Im Constantly Adding Stuff to the server and being the best Owner I possibly can!!!


--------------CLUB CRAFT------------------
♢Insanely Rich Broth 2♢
Insanely Rich Broth 2 is a cool community who hopes to welcome as many toxic, and funny gamers as possible. Though being almost completely new, we already have a lot to offer.
♢: Gamergirls & e-girls
♢: Multiple self assignable roles.
♢: Cool channels & VCs
♢: Frequent Events (karaoke, gaming events, etc...)
♢: Anime & Manga connoisseurs
♢: Fun Emojis (still wip)
♢: Toxic & Funny active people.
Gamer Girls is a community where you can:
share memes
talk about different subjects
play videogames together
communicate together
meet new people!
first 100 people in the server get a special role :O
It’s a sever for anyone. There’s a little bit of everything. Games, Memes, animals, bots, and even some nsfw
A chill server where you can just make friends and vent! You can post your art here as well! This is a server for everyone and we are all very welcoming. We would love for you to join and hang out for a while! <333 We have gamer boys and girls plz join.
honestly its just my twitch community xoxo
hi im maddie and you’re watching disney channel
Hello! Welcome to Allie's Corner. A server for Roblox players who want to make new friends, and play games together! We accept anyone and are 100% LGBTQIA+ Friendly :)))!