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Autistic server thats low moderation and not serious at all. Except in #real-shit. Anyways we are a meme server and thats about it please join
you want gamer girl pee , feet ect we got it all come join my friend we also guarantee a lose of virginity and we have memes
So... you seem to be looking for a edgy gamer girl- well fuck face you’ve found her ;) Join my discord and buckle up for offensive memes and jokes.
Hello everyone! 💞

I want to start off by saying that this is a GIRLS SERVER ONLY! If you are male or a troll, please do not waste yours and our time joining, it will be an instant ban.

💟 We are an all girls server so I am very sorry to say, but transgender individuals will not be allowed to join at the current moment. As we do love and respect you, it is simply too hard to tell whether or not people are lying and gives a greater opportunity for men to join.
💟This server is for ladies who are over 18+, so please do not attempt joining if you're underage.
💟Even though this is a 18+ server, we are not going to add an NSFW channel, so please don't post any illegal or sexual content.
💟 This server is a safe, positive, and friendly environment. Please do not hesitate on joining, we truly want you here!
💟 We created this server for ladies like you to meet others who also share the same interest and whom want to socialize, play online games together, make new friendships and much more!
💟 If you ever need any type of emotional support, we're all here to make it better! We've all been through life issues at some point, so what ever you're going through, we are here for you. (This server is your safe haven, we promise you that)
💟 We do have a verification process. In order to get verified, you must join the discord verification voice-chat. Of course, we will ask you friendly questions and identify if you're a female.

Thank you so much for considering about joining us and we hope to see you join!
- the community & the owners 💞
Hello. This server is for girls only CSGO. If you want to join you will have to verify yourself. No boys allowed, sorry.
== [RycFurryStudio] ==
@everyone do you like gamers? or are you a designer?
if you are interested, let's join us!

on this server we have:

:star: play area and GlobalChat
:rosette: homemade bot
:smile: talk with bot XD
:feet: Team reques and speak
:microphone2: Voice Design
:Wink: Costum Emoji

invite link:

What are you waiting for??
let's join and share with your friends ;D
share by: VR_gaming2
Welcome to ThyDorks!!!
Despite the name not everyone here is a dork.
This server is meant to be a haven for Gamer girls and girls in general.
We are super friendly with active staff🥰.
We accept everyone here (except males because this is a female only server. we accept non-binary and transgender MTF here 🤟)
We have a interview system set up to keep our server safe.
We are lgbt+ friendly.
(We are looking for staff)
Come give us a try😋
In this server, we have amazing people but yes I know this sounds like the rest and pretty cheesy.
I can guarantee we have a great community tho and great admins and bots.
I can also guarantee that you can make many new friends.
We have a few content creators so if your looking for collabs might be a good place.
we have tons and gamers and anime lovers as well
But overall this server can be anything that you want you an artist zone the owner will make one etc just ask and you shall be heard.
A server for gamer girl connoisseurs and gamer girls themselves alike. If you like gamer girls, friends, and general goofiness this will be a server for you. We have plenty of goofsters that want to be your friend. So come on in, enjoy yourself. Oh and we also have a place you can advertise your stuff. But don’t come here just for that! I’ll see ya there nerds.
**✿❀ Welcome to TGC ❀✿**
🎀Please mind that this server is created for females only! In this server we’re all Supportive, a big family and all are females. We’re welcoming you to the Titty Gaming Community👛 Please become a part of a magical family and grow 💕

♥*♡∞:。.。 Expect: 。.。:∞♡*♥
✮ Females only please 🙏🏻
✮ Different things to chat about
✮ A whole gaming community
✮ Moods and Memes
✮ Support through tough times
✮ NSFW channel

*•.¸♡ Ⓗⓘⓡⓘⓝⓖ ♡¸.•*
This server is currently looking
For staff to hire to be able to keep this cute little community running. Continue to join and I will mention it as we go along verification ^.^
Are you tired of all the desperate guys on Xbox well this server if you those gamer girls
Looking for a gamer girl to spice up the server.
¿Eres chica y juegas a videojuegos? ¿Estas harta de jugar con tios que te tratan mal? ¿Quieres jugar con más chicas? Este es tu lugar. Hay más de 130 personas y seguimos creciendo. ¡Bienvenida!