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We are gamers who play lot of games and also we have chill chat. We would like to also have some new player so we can grow our clan/community with you!
Unofficial Magic: The Gathering Server. Chat with friends, discuss your cards, ask MTG related questions, or even brag about a new card you got.
Year 2067 - The end of the world is near! The government has launched a project to prepare people for the apocalypse - THE URBAN SURVIVAL PROJECT aka. T.U.S.P.. This project is a game. The playing field is a abandoned city that has been closed. The area is called AREA67. Every player plays on their own and there is no other life in this city, no power supply, no water supply, nothing! There are no rules in this closed area!

Join us and be a part of T.U.S.P.!
This is a discord server where you can make fun and just make friends :D
Radiance is a new social server on Discord. We talk about anything, and you'll be sure to meet someone with similar interests as you! :)
Eastern Union é o seu lugar pra conversar com gente super amigável sobre seus gostos de anime, mangá, jogos e muito mais, rola muito papo cabeça também!

Temos canais para bots de waifu, shitpost, música, interação entre os membros.

Sempre procuramos jogar vários jogos juntos quando conseguimos nos juntar!
Game 'n' Chat is a server for Gaming, Chatting, and of course Fun!
At game and chat, we have many reaction roles. We also have gaming chats and voice channels.
We are willing to accept all ideas for the server. We currently have 3 owners and 8 moderators. We are accepting applications for moderator. We have 12 bots and counting! They include Dank Memer, Fun MEE6 Commands, Discord Miner, and many more. We would greatly appreciate your company. --The owners at Game 'n' Chat--
Welcome to Aigem Entertainment ! We have:
- Many roles
- Friendly staff
- Memes
- Image sharing
- Gaming with the whole server
- And more!
So why not give us a try? At Aigem, everyone is welcome!
An ARG dedicated to trying to solve the fairly new mystery of GaarNaar. Come on for the ride.
K33N Gaming is a Social Platform for Viewers, Gamers, Streamers, Developers, and Content Creators to connect and share their gaming content with one another.

K33N Gaming strives to be the hub for all game enthusiasts of all platforms. K33N Gaming lives on community support (you), hosts official game servers, supports streamers and helps build live streamers an audience, all while providing constant entertainment. Join today at:
Good day, everyone.

We've finally reached over 1000+ members in only a month!

I'd like to invite you to our Discord server. You're free to talk about anything but we, mostly, talk about Animes and Mangas.

These are the things we usually talk about with my fellow otaku/s:

• Anime •

Our main topic is about Anime, to talk about what type of genre do you prefer when watching.

• Manga •

There a lot of Manga/s to talk about. Some prefer the Manga more than the Anime that is. . .if the Anime is shittake. Tell us what are the ones you've read and liked.

• Games •

We would like to know the games you love. Any kinds of games. It can be RPG/s, dating simulators or what.

• Cosplay •

If you have cosplayed before. Feel free to share it with us on the chatroom. We would love to see who you cosplayed.

• Roleplay •

If you want to roleplay, feel free to do so. There are different types of role players. For example: One line, paragraph, multi-paragraph and novela.

• Vocaloid •

We love Vocaloid! Tell us who your favorite is and what songs do you like the most.

• Otaku - couple •

If you're looking for an Otaku couple, you've found the right place. We have a channel just for otaku dating.

“We, otakus, need love, too.”

• K/J - POP •

Feel free to play the songs you like in the music room.

• Memes •

Share the memes you like with us. May it be anime memes or what.

• Musicals •

Musicals are the best. Especially, Hamilton The Musical and Heathers The Musical.

• Movie Night •

We're currently planning on having a movie night, together with our members. It's more fun if you have someone to watch with.

• Otaku •

This is what we usually call ourselves. Some say that it's an insult in Japan but for us, it has a different meaning. Only true Anime lovers can be called by this nickname.

We would be happy to see you there!

That's all, thank you for taking the time to read this long message!

This is the permanent invite link to enter our server.
Nasz serwer jest stworzony z myślą o zabawie, wspólnym graniu oraz wzajemnym pomaganiu. Jeśli jesteś ciekaw jakie rzeczy dla ciebie przygotowaliśmy to zapraszamy.
GamePoint is a Discord server made for gamers. Play games with other gamers in our server and find them using our custom role system!
FREE GIVEAWAYS! Giving away free games and nitro! Be sure to react in #daily-giveaway and #giveaways to be entered!

Valhalla is a friendly place, for civil discussion of (nearly) any topic. We will soon be hosting weekly events, movie nights, discussions, etc., but for now join up and be sure to react daily for a chance to win the free giveaways!
we just chill and chat here to talk about anything even gaming and what not
game development server for iskra, a post apocalyptic mid 80's futureistic soviet union RPG
join to help or to chat.
Hey! Do you like Fire Emblem? If so, join this server! We've got some Cool Guy™ bots, friendly staff, and @everyone pings!

(You can also talk about stuff that isn't Fire Emblem it's cool here)
> Partnership -> We accept all partnership ads! that's the good news about it.
> Pokécord -> In general we're also into pokemon stuff, we're not provide gyms / elite 4. Except, if you suggest for it, we're going to consider about it.
> Advertisement -> Advertise your server, site, links, etc. If you're caught share links that considering an inappropriate content, it impact a ban immediately.
> Friendly staffs at your service! + owner :v
> Contest -> We held several contest every week! This server also available submission suggestion contest! Depens with the contest, if the contest some sort of an invite contest the price will be bot credits. If it's consider such as a pokémon contest then the price will be a pokécord credits / good iv pokémons.
> Giveaway -> Giveaways held once every month. Big prices coming up!
It's just for fun community, we're also accept the suggestion submission to this server for the better :)
We're also looking for the staff! Come apply your submission and might as well your submission accepted!
💕 from the owner 😝
*Pardon my English, I know its not really good 🙏 ♀️*
Trigger Happy Havoc RP is a role play purely based off the first game but with our own little twist. Rather than keeping a simple sixteen students in captivity Monokuma thinks more despair would flood into the students if he sneaked more students into the school and locked them up as well causing them to fill with despair and freak out on the others which will hopefully lead to inner destruction and mass panic. Can you escape THH RP? If so join now and see if you got what it takes!
Hawkeye Entertainment are creating a new Steam game called R.A.I.D. so join up see what the game is all about!

- Memes
- Other Games
- Gaming Updates

+ Loads More!
A NSFW server, game, chat with other single people or simply share your kinks with other people who are into the same stuff! LGBTQ+ Friendly!
We are a community of Game Art Devs in the Midwest. Whether you're a season veteran or you're aspiring to break into the Games Art industry, this is a space to share and connect with others in the Games Industry.
World of Warcraft are a place where we are trying to make it like the same but just in RP the role play are like the game 1 big world u just choose where to go and go to that channel we will try to give a quiest everyday and u can get some game gold, silver or copper for it ( ''server'' the gold, silver or copper can not be used other places only in the server that its just for fun)

(we are still working on the server and its still new)