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Anti Social Social Club
An awesome community channel where you can make many friends and chat to other people. Ask for help in any topic and play games with others.

◆》Level Roles
◆》User Friendly Server
◆》And Much More!
◆》100+ members
We are a nice community with lots of giveaways and loads more
★ ·.· Welcome to The Brightside! ·.· ★

This is a server all about meeting new people and making new friends.
We have a welcoming and active community; we'd like you to be part of this too!

★ ·.· What do we have to offer? ·.· ★

────| ·.· ★ Active Staff and Members.
────| ·.· ★ Self Assignable Roles.
────| ·.· ★ Active Voice Chats (ASMR + Karaoke).
────| ·.· ★ Multiple Bots for all occasions.
────| ·.· ★ An NSFW section.
Everyone can come wih bot commans you can listen any music you want and play games
Kon’nichiwa, my fellow Otakus!

I'd like to invite you to our Discord server. You're free to talk about anything but we, mostly, talk about Animes and Mangas.

These are the things we usually talk about with my fellow otaku/s:

• Anime •

Our main topic is about Anime, to talk about what type of genre do you prefer when watching.

• Manga •

There a lot of Manga/s to talk about. Some prefer the Manga more than the Anime that is. . .if the Anime is shittake. Tell us what are the ones you've read and liked.

• Games •

We would like to know the games you love. Any kinds of games. It can be RPG/s, dating simulators or what.

• Cosplay •

If you have cosplayed before. Feel free to share it with us on the chatroom. We would love to see who you cosplayed.

• Roleplay •

If you want to roleplay, feel free to do so. There are different types of role players. For example: One line, paragraph, multi-paragraph and novela.

• Vocaloid •

We love Vocaloid! Tell us who your favorite is and what songs do you like the most.

• Otaku - couple •

If you're looking for an Otaku couple, you've found the right place. We have a channel just for otaku dating.

“We, otakus, need love, too.”

• K/J - POP •

Feel free to play the songs you like in the music room.

• Memes •

Share the memes you like with us. May it be anime memes or what.

• Musicals •

Musicals are the best. Especially, Hamilton The Musical and Heathers The Musical.

• Movie Night •

We're currently planning on having a movie night, together with our members. It's more fun if you have someone to watch with.

• Otaku •

This is what we usually call ourselves. Some say that it's an insult in Japan but for us, it has a different meaning. Only true Anime lovers can be called by this nickname.

We would be happy to see you there!

That's all, thank you for taking the time to read this long message!
A hang-out server with memes, youtube, and occasional events!
je vous présente mon serveur qui es un serveur bdsm on es très Ouvert d'esprit
Pour faire de belles rencontres
Section mineurs et majeur
Nsfw par contre je le précise le troll es interdit on rigole on s’amuse dans le respect !
A new up and coming beyblade sever that I think is epic. Where you can battle role play

Hexilicious mainly focuses on the friendly members and its community. Its a place where you can go to chill, talk about anything and post whatever you want! If you have a suggestion for how to make the server better for everyone and make it fun, we'll be listening to every word. We're a very friendly and well maintained community and I hope you enjoy the server and are happy with your stay.

Interested? Here is what we have to offer!

[!] Game events and lots of fun game channels
[!] Action bots, music bots, and rankings
[!] Game and movie nights every Friday
[!] Full of welcoming and friendly users
[!] A variety of text and voice channels
[!] A clean and organized environment
[!] Gaming, anime, art/gfx & more
[!] Active & hardworking staff
[!] Epic and funny commands
[!] Amazing levelling system
[!] Over 30+ roles
[!] Trusted Staff
[!] Game Nights
[!] Roleplaying

just a calm new server where people can chat with eachother,share links,watch videos other users post and have a good time.feel free to join
Welcome to Anthem Game LFG. We are welcoming community for the upcoming game Anthem. This server is going to focus on LFG and clans. We will have other areas you can talk in. Feel free to join so you have a place to have when the game comes out.
Hello welcome to the new world, where we are here to survive this place. Its been along time since we've seen earth. Its 2100 we had to leave earth. There are only two ships that remain: Atlas one one and Atlas two two. How will we survive this madness? The one one had been nearly shot down before and hopefully wont be shot down before two two can get to it.
Monsterra is a fun, laidback, chill family with an ongoing roleplay in the setting of none other than the Monsterra Manor! The Manor is home to all creatures, whether they be of this world or worlds beyond, everyone has a place. The RP is come and go casual, so no need to worry about keeping up.
We also offer game nights, contests, art room, memes, nsfw, and experienced RolePlayers who are here to help you!
1st Infantry Division
25 Members
Looking For Active Men!
Experience Needed!
Hello! Do you like to vc, game, or meet new people? Well this is the server for you! We have radio, asmr, and plain old general chatting, I look forward to meeting you. - Big Cheese
Hey! Do you like Fire Emblem? If so, join this server! We've got some Cool Guy™ bots, friendly staff, and @everyone pings!

(You can also talk about stuff that isn't Fire Emblem it's cool here)
Beginning Mixer community for streamers!
Grow with us by promoting your streams to other members!
Receive tips from other streamers!

Beginnende Mixer community voor streamers!
Groei met ons mee door je Streams bij ons te promoten!
Krijg tips van andere streamers!
This is a server for you to chat and have fun. It’s also a server for my streams. It has a pokemon channel with the pokecord bot and also has darwin project channels.
Unofficial Hytale’s discord!
Hytale is a game made by the Hypixel Studio.
I will be announcing all the updates and news that comes out for Hytale.
We might also do giveaways of Hytale!
this is Taco Tuesday, a server all about games and fun!
we try our hardest to have a safe and welcoming community for all here, so don't be afraid to join us!
we have lots of different channels and bots, including a music bot, meme bot, and pokecord!
we have very helpful staff, who will solve any problem you may have.
so, if you want, join us! we would love to have you in this community.
Gaming Clan! We are a gaming community which will stop at nothing to achieve our goal of widespread dominance. We are violent warriors made to serve one purpose, and that is to stand loyal to Astra, As of now we have nothing in our server because we haven't released yet, We expect a 3 day wait until we release.