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TMW2: Moubootaur Legends is an open source project by the community and for the community
The project is currently lead by Saulc, This game is a totally free software,
This is our little Growing Danganronpa Roleplay Server it has amazing administrators and mods who are very nice and I’m sure you’ll love this RP and you can be any character from any game or evenness your own OC!
★ ·.· Welcome to The Brightside! ·.· ★

This is a server all about meeting new people and making new friends.
We have a welcoming and active community; we'd like you to be part of this too!

★ ·.· What do we have to offer? ·.· ★

────| ·.· ★ Active Staff and Members.
────| ·.· ★ Self Assignable Roles.
────| ·.· ★ Active Voice Chats (ASMR + Karaoke).
────| ·.· ★ Multiple Bots for all occasions.
────| ·.· ★ An NSFW section.
A new, friendly and open Apex Legends server to find new friends or people to play with.
We have a built in rank system so you can see how you compare to others. It's based on your skill level NOT on simply how many kills you have!
We have developed our own bot to track your Apex stats and help us run the server.
We're always looking for new features and ideas.
We're still new and currently have open positions for moderators.

We have strict policies on homophobia and racism and we think it's important for everyone to be able to have fun without dealing with unfriendly people.
Ugh that just server for arts mostly and lazy people so if you one of them join or ...pff idk and idc
Justice Kingdom
Hakkın gözetilmesi ve yerine getirilmesi anlamına gelir.
Lakin Discord sunucularının çoğunda torpil ve adaletsizlik hüküm sürüyor.
Gerçekten eğlenmek ve adil bir şekilde değerlendirilmek ister misin? Adalet için bize destek ol!
15 ans minimum !!
Bienvenue à l'Aincrad, un discord sur le thème des animes et des jeux-vidéos.
Un server accueillant qui saura vous accepter en douceur et chaleureusement.
Nous mettons un point d'honneur à rapidement expulser les boulets.
Le staff est ouvert et accessible, nous sommes à votre disposition et promettons de vous accompagner à vos débuts chez nous.
Alors !
Bienvenue !
[Cosmic haven]
It's purpose is to bring people together and give a place to people who's searching for a server to stay! :CHBearLove:
Our server offers:
:CHDoggoCutie: Friendly and helpful members
:CHDoggoHello: Cute Emotes!
:CHDoggoLul: : Memes~
:CHDoggoLurk: Partnership

Server Permanent link:
Наш сервер ищет игроков для любых игр! Ждем тебя на нашем сервере)
Hey welcome to Drago Café!!!~
Here are the some the enjoyable features we provide:
We have multiple bots you can play around with and enjoy
Multiple active chats you should find pleasing
Multiple self assignable roles
Multiple dragon themed levels and roles
Partnership roles and server (dm one of our admins or mods to set up and partnership)
Multiple events including movie night, karaoke, drawing contest, etc
Friendly mods and admins that can help you
Friendly members
House of Dragons is an furry-friendly artist server open to all ages 13+ with a ton of great people to commission, play games with and chat to. A long-running community that hosts movie nights, game nights and DnD campaigns. It has a one of a kind custom coded RPG/Pet system.
🌸Ꮤelcome to Aninya! Here, you can let your inner Weaboo out. This place is a land for all ages and we welcome Gamers and Anime watchers. All are welcome here! Here, we will be talking about all kinds of Anime and you have the opportunity to make new friends that might last a lifetime. Invite your friends and crazy jokers. There's a few rules you need to follow, to start your journey here with us. Other than that, Enjoy yourselves in this Establishment of Companions! hugging🤗

🔆Please do consider this server as a form of safe haven, where anyone can freely hop in to meet, talk, and in general have a good time with one another. Though do keep in mind that we have our very own rules and regulations for this place that everyone should keep in mind. Don't worry, it won't be a hassle.

💠For starters, we all expect that everyone within the Aninya to be respectful to one another. Whether it is to the higher peers or to other guests within the Aninya, a form of respect is greatly appreciated! This is an area where we all have a quality time so do refrain from causing trouble.

🔰No matter how you found your way here, we're glad to have you and hope you find our community friendly and helpful! Naturally in the community, there are a few rules in place in order to ensure that everyone enjoys there time with us and for you feel comfortable to socialise as sometimes communities can be daunting.
💖We are aiming to have a diverse community where anyone can join and just have a chat about anime, games, manga and anything you can think of in the regard.
I have a new server called The Lounge, the place where gamers, furries, anime fans, and anyone else can well... Hang out. Here's what we can provide:

A small community that will welcome anyone!

Fun games you can play with others on the server!

Creations from the many creative minds!

Some NSFW stuff to satisfy your dirty side~ (But please note that you must be 18+ for that)

Enjoyable commands to play with!

And much more to be added!

So if you like that stuff, how about you come and join at
Come chat with the creator of forthcoming otherworldly point and click adventure game, The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain and other like minded adventure game fans! Get exclusives, freebies and other wonders in our server!
Szukasz wyższych standardów niz inne serwery?Lubisz dyskutować o wszystkim? Czarny humor nie stanowi dla Ciebie problemu i masz poczucie humoru?
Dobrze sie składa, o to ze starego PSK powstał nowy serwer, stabilny po aktywny ponad rok, pod nową nazwą. Szukamy aktywnych ludzi, który chcą rozmawiać o wszystkim a nie tylko przesiadywać na owym serwerze. Stawiamy na jakość nie ilość. Lepej mieć 30 aktywnych użytkowników niż 5000 nieaktywnych.

~~ Ciekawe rangi.
~~ Wszechstronna tematyka.
~~ Czarny humor.
~~ Pomoc komputerowa.
~~ Leczymy stulejarzy którzy siedzą w piwnicach.

Serdecznie zapraszamy Szlachciców.
Looking for partners! DM MNGO#0001 (Minimum 50 Members)
(Must remain in server)

Welcome to the Neko Café!🐾
~A place for all to enjoy~

• 440+ Friendly members
• Giveaways, Games & Events ❄️
• Custom Bots 🤖
• Colour Roles 🏳️‍🌈
• LGBT+ Friendly 🏳️‍🌈
• Dedicated Roleplay Channels
• Active Experienced staff
• Currency and Shop System 💰
• Detailed ranking systems/rewards 🥇🥈🥉

We are currently looking into more partner opportunities!
server clan dalam mobile games last day on earth (ldoe)
pemain baru /semua orang mari lihat2 dan tanya2 buat info lebih lanjut :))
server clan dalam mobile games last day on earth (ldoe)
pemain baru /semua orang mari lihat2 dan tanya2 buat info lebih lanjut :))
Welcome to Baldi's Basics In Education And Roleplay! Thaaat's me!

Here, you can roleplay as an OC or a canon character! You can explore in and out of school! Have fun, and be nice!
Hey you! Yes you! The one scrolling through the disboard or wherever! Are you lonely? And In need or just simply looking for friendships, or gaming buddies?! Well here’s the place you’ll want to be (°▽°)


* This isn’t a dating server. 👀*

• Age groups 13+ (teenagers) NO PEDOS PLS

•Always be yourself.

•This is a server was recently created, let’s watch it grow!

•Don’t be shy we’re a friendly community.

・:*+. Whats featured .:+ (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

❤Active members/staff ❀
💙voice chats
💜A place to chillax
💓 And More 💓

💫Looking for Partnerships? Message the owner 💫

| So hey what are you waiting for~ |

Hop right in ^^, join the community! hope to see you here!

Ever wanted to chill out and make new friends? Wanted to Role Play but didn't wanna join a different server?! Well, welcome to THE VAULT, here we combine the mechanics of role play and community-ness.

We have:

-Cool Bots
-Friendly Staff
-Fun role play (still in the makes lol)
-Friendly, bully free environment

And most importantly, we have community-ness (idk). We're currently a small server, so join, be patient and have fun!
Poland gamers community with groving up members and some fun bots.