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Hey everyone..
This server is for fun, chatting, anime topics and music etc.. It's not a NSFW server. It's for Teens (13-18). We all stay friendly and respect each other..We have many cool bots too..It's well managed and and every topic has it's own channel.. So if you want to join a server to talk to other people for entertainment, then you should join it.. We hope you enjoy this server.. We'll add more channels and bots when the needs arises.. 😊
Its a server for nekos,gaming,roleplay and more!
Currently game events;
Azur Lane Clan
Delta▲Code pekçok oyunu birlikte oynayabileceğiniz insanlarla dolu. Özellikle kalabalık bir şekilde Town of Salem oynamak isterseniz bekleriz.
Szukasz wyższych standardów niz inne serwery?Lubisz dyskutować o wszystkim? Czarny humor nie stanowi dla Ciebie problemu i masz poczucie humoru?
Dobrze sie składa, o to ze starego PSK powstał nowy serwer, stabilny po aktywny ponad rok, pod nową nazwą. Szukamy aktywnych ludzi, który chcą rozmawiać o wszystkim a nie tylko przesiadywać na owym serwerze. Stawiamy na jakość nie ilość. Lepej mieć 30 aktywnych użytkowników niż 5000 nieaktywnych.

~~ Ciekawe rangi.
~~ Wszechstronna tematyka.
~~ Czarny humor.
~~ Pomoc komputerowa.
~~ Leczymy stulejarzy którzy siedzą w piwnicach.

Serdecznie zapraszamy Szlachciców.
Man kann Chaten, Gamen, vc und vieles mehr.
Ihr seit Willkommen
Bringing you Anime goods in a Kuru way! We don't just talk about Anime, we also talk about games! Join us! For more information please check out the list below:

- Free Nitro on #giveaway!
- We make Discord bots! Programmers will enjoy this server!
- We play games as a group!
- We have stream nights of Anime every now and then!
- And much much more!
Hello guys, lu klo mau join, join aja. Kita disini bisa ngechill bareng, ngegame bareng, toxic bareng, ngomongin anime bareng, ngeledek adminnya bareng (palamu Ku tempeleng sini.), ngelengserin adminnya bareng (buset. :'v.) join aja. Admin sama Staff nya bisa diajak gaul kok (iya Gaul, cuman guanya diledek mulu ama penduduk server gua. Sue lah.)
Сервер для розслабление булок, Просто сидиш и кайфуеш от музыки
Hello and welcome to Strawberry Café ☕️
We are a anime and gaming server whit
a lot of fun bots and events 💕
This is a SFW place, LGBT welcome and no
racial discrimination ❤️
Make new friends who like the same things you do 🍰
Are you looking for a friendly place to hang out and chat? Anime Heaven offers a great community to make friends in, but also fun events and much more!
Gamer Bread Hangout
Members: 200+
Great Staff team
A load of friendly people and Chat Rooms to talk in
*Self assigned Roles!
Looking For Partners!!
Come down and join us
We swear you’ll have fun
looking to make it active come join us
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Sweet Memories ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Hello everyone! Sweet Memories is a safe place multi server! We're a friendly server along with a gaming server where you can meet people from all around the world.

♛☆.。| Friendly & Active people
♛☆.。| Amazing staff!
♛☆.。| Fun bots
♛☆.。| Self assign roles
♛☆.。| Social channels
♛☆.。| Gaming channels
♛☆.。| NSFW channels
❃.✮:▹And much more!◃:✮.❃
Just some sleepy otakus乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

♡ Anime, Art & Memes
♡ 100 Adorable Emotes
♡ Bi-weekly Competitions
♡ Regularly Scheduled Events
♡ & Much More

Ditch the body pillow, come nap with us!
Welcome To Angels and Demon Academy!

The Game is in development and we hope we can have all the support to make this into a full growing fandom.
We roleplay in a mobile game as cops and civilians! It has a large variety of ranks to achieve while having fun! We have fun staff, and on demand help for in game issues.
Welcome to SCP: Discord RP. This is Site [REDACTED]! We welcome you to join us. This server is a non-toxic community that welcomes you warmly. You can RP as your favourite SCP or OCs, even if they are D-Class, Scientists or even MTF. We await your arrival. Enjoy your stay here at Site [REDACTED].

mostly a smash bros related server, but we do other things around here as well, come join :^]
Cat themed server we play competitively & casually.
Regions : US-E, US-W & EU
ALL platforms are welcome!
Dedicated for SFW and NSFW fanart sharing of the best girl(s) and waifu(s) from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pyra/Mythra, the Aegis girl! @Metakn9
Dragon Kingdoms is an upcoming indie digital card game. Become one of the four great dragons returned to the realms and conquer the seven kingdoms, with the help of your trusty minions.

Dragon Kingdoms is a game for all ages and will be arriving on Kickstarter June 1st. Join our discord community for more updates and behind the scenes art and gameplay.
Ein kleiner neuer Minecraft Discord Server (JAAA Minecraft Discord!)

Wir haben zwar __**KEINEN**__ eigenen Server aber wollen versuchen schöne Unterhaltungen über Minecraft statt finden zulassen.

Für Lese Faule:
Was haben wir?
- Bau Chat
- PVP Chat
- Programmier Chat
- Grafik Chat

Und jetzt ausführlich

Wir haben Channel für Spieler die Bauen und Spieler die PVP spielen, es gibt es auch Programmier Channels wo man sich übers Modding und Plugins schreiben für Minecraft unterhalten kann sowie gibt es auch Channels für die Personen die Grafik Desginen, Texture Packs machen oder Shaders erstellen. Die Channel bringen leider natürlich auch erst was wenn es mehr als einen auf dem Server gibt der sich damit Beschäftigt.
Für leute die ihre Inhalte teilen möchten stehen auch Custom Content Channel zur Verfügung.
Hello there, and welcome to the Pokémon Cobalt & Copper server! We are a group of Pokémon fans who continue to express the passion we have towards the franchise. This server is meant to have fun and continue the dream of Catching Them All and making new friends!
Merhaba sunucumuz oyun sunucusudur. Cesitli oyun platformlarda arkadas bulmakta zorluk cekiyorsaniz burasi senin adresin. Burada arkadas edinip arkadaslarinla oyun oyniyabilirsin. Ayrica burada kendi klanini bile kurabilirsin. Bizden sadece bunu istemen yeterli. Klanin icin bir rol ve logo yapacagiz :). Klanindan kisiler o rola sahip olabilecek. Oyuzden bu sansi kacirma ve gel buraya :))