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We started out as an interracial club from a porn based MMO game, and grew to be all kinks inclusive community, revolving around expresing sexuality, roleplaying, meeting people, and helping eachother, check us out, you won't regret.
just got created so it will be kinda boring but it will get better
Bezpieczna strefa to polski serwer discord na którym możesz pisać o wszystkim, mamy boty muzyczne, administracyjne, memowe i wiele więcej, dołącz już dzisiaj!
Welcome to DR Bizarre Server! This is a RP server, which will host twice a week or maybe more! We're in need of Staff!
A server for editors, gamers, artist, or just content creation of any kind.
The community I am trying to build is going to be set for gamers, video editors, streamers, anime/meme lovers, and a chilled server. It will have a diverse setting. There's a Suggestions Channel, so we will just improve on what we don't have later.

🎨 Self Roles
🌋 NSFW Channels
🤖 Tatsumaki, Pokécord, Rythm, etc
🍁 Self Promotion Channels for Streamers, Editors, Artists, and Music Producers
🎃 Memes
🎮 Gaming Room
🇯🇵 Anime-Manga Channel
🎭 Good Emotes (Good if you have Nitro ;-;)
📜 Invite Your Discord Bot For Testing and/or Use
🌌 Advertise Your Server

🔗 Banner -
🔗 Invite -
Welcome to Advertisement Heaven!

In this server you are able and totally welcome to advertise your social media’s, servers or whatever. We also do many giveaways like Spotify Premium and we have a nice community. We have good and active staff and the server it’s look is amazing. We also have a meme bot with funny commands and more and we have a leveling system.
this server is for furries, gamers, musicians and artists to come together and hang out.
its still small, but we try to make this a comfortable spot for everyone to talk talk with new people and make some friends, and feel safe!
minimum age is 13+
Welcome to Codie's IMVU server, a small server for those in the community of IMVU to hang out in!
This server is a new server created to carry out all the functions of DISCORD and the project to collect all users. Join the project together! It is possible with a click!
We're a chill server which caters to many different interests, we're always open to suggestions and everyone is talkative! At the moment we have a small group of active talkers so come on down and say hello!
Useless? Lonely? Noob? Join Cozy Cabin! [CB]

We're the casual guild you're looking for! We do the same things as other guilds but slower and worse! JOIN NOW!
Memes... mmmm delicious memes.

Come get some memes dawg
The Snap network delivers lightning fast servers for you to play your favorite games. Our Minecraft server features tons of gamemodes such as Survival, Prison, Skyblock, Creative, Parkour, BedWars, MobArena, and more! Join the community today and also check out our Hytale server. The Minecraft IP is, check us out!
We are nice and kind we love listen to music and play games
LS2k17 - Life Simulator 2017

Ceci est le serveur officiel du célèbre jeu au succès interplanétaire qui a su ou qui saura révolutionner votre existence.
📎Discord Advertising HuB🖇
 📑Do you want a server were you can advertise anything you want then join the server to do so. What are you waiting for join!😉

✦💼Advertise servers.
✦📲Advertise social media.
✦⌨Advertise Youtube Channel.
✦💻Play games.
✦🎧Listen to music.
✦🔖Self assigned.


⌾ 🛡Best moderation ever
⌾ 💓Very friendly owner.
⌾ 💌The best welcoming bot in the world.
⌾ 📋Apply for staff and get on board us.
⌾ 👂If you have a complaint then please tell us.
⌾ 💭We also have suggestions and sometimes we do the suggestions that you post.

This is a boxbot server purely for fun. Discuss anything you like and roleplay as any character you wish! It should be WWII & WWIII related though. We have many bots for any type of roleplay and fun! This server is also fairly new and I am trying to get people to join. If you have any dislikes, please tell me!
C’est quoi Nova Community ?

Nova Community est un serveur discord gaming francophone convivial dans lequel se retrouvent différentes personnes de différentes personnalités et qui ont un ou plusieurs points communs.

Que tu sois Gay,Bi,Hétéro,Lesbienne,Transgenre et tous les autres pour ne pas tous les cités,
tu peux rejoindre notre serveur ! (Oui oui c’est sérieux)

Nous avons quelques centres d’intérêt comme les jeux vidéos pour ceux qui sont passionnés, nous avons même une section dédiée à l’eSport pour ceux qui aiment. Les passionnés de musique peuvent également partager leurs morceaux favoris ainsi que leurs compositions personnelles et bien d’autre encore !
Voici ȺɀԱའ, un serveur discord sur lequel vous pourrez rencontrer d'autres joueurs de n'importe quelle plateformes :

-Vous pourrez trouver des joueurs pour des tournois ou autres.
-Vous pourrez rejoindre des 'soirées créatives avec pleins d'autres joueurs.
-Discuter avec eux :)

MUSIC 24/7

**```Rapidly growing gaming community
Chill and meet nice people!
everyone is welcome
This is a gaming discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to play games, talk to new people everyday, we host events and giveaways every week. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable.
Hope you enjoy being apart of our gaming community!```**

° Invite Link°
Anime and Manga fans all in one place!
What do we have?
Lots of bots!
Easy going leaders!
Lots of reaction roles!
Staff positions open!
Channels just for you were you can show of your talent!

who are the leaders?
The leaders are bettafishu#7104 and :rose:Jackie⚘#1160 and if you ever have a question our DMs are open!

We are a new public server BUT this server was made far before it went public so there are lots of channels!

[Server Link: ]
[Server banner: ]
Very chill server for everything
Memes,Games, anime, Shout outs
Podcast join in, etc. Everyone is accepted For the ones who love to joke we have special chats just for you for the one who want to chill and make friends we have chats for you