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A new server where you can hang out with your friends, playing the economy game, the pokemon game or the boxbot game! Also, machinima acting is available to Minecraft players who wish to act in a sort of Minecraft movie. Moreover, make sure to check out the owners' YT channels.
Inkstronomy a fun and engaging Splatoon 2 server with a lovely community. Come and join us!

We don't only offer Splatoon 2, but various of other Nintendo Switch games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Pokemon!

We’re a supportive, friendly community of people who love the game War Thunder. Wether you’re new,casual or a pro we’re all welcome here. Have Fun.
We aim to unite people of all types, artists, gamers, music makers. We hope to help people make new friends. We just want everybody to have a good time. :D
”Lugos Isle, a place where Lords hide behind high walls, monsters lurk in the dark and the men… The men change under the pale glow of moonlight.” ~Unknown.

Each of the great nations of Tamriel boasts their own proud tales of heroes, legendary events and their heritage; Lugos is an isle shrouded in the mystery of outdated writings and a thick fog that has ensured that almost all that sail through do not return. The inhabitants have managed to keep themselves out of the hungry paws of empires, conquest, and devastation. That isn’t to say that the rock does not have its own dealings to concern themselves with, as the whispers of feral beasts and strange moons are becoming commonplace.

Starting your journey in Lugos, your character has been enlisted into The League of Hunters; an organisation that has become known for their dedication to upholding the safety of the native people of Lugos in the form of slaying monsters, and completing contracts. Yet the peace that has been maintained throughout the lost continent for decades is becoming shaken by dark forces on the horizon, and with this darkness brings forth an era of change. The heroes of old are passing the future to those who are willing to fight for it.

Elder Scrolls: Lugos Isle is an open world roleplay set on an Island off the coast of High Rock, ensuring an entirely new setting, new characters and several stories for you to follow! Enjoy a world that will shift and change depending on the choices that your characters will make, supported by an active community of like-minded roleplayers and a dedicated staff team that aim to provide you all with an experience like no other.
This is a safe server! It is still small but hopefully it will grow. This server is for Animal Jam players and artists.
Unofficial Magic: The Gathering Server. Chat with friends, discuss your cards, ask MTG related questions, or even brag about a new card you got.
shadoworld is both a gaming server and an RP server but the main focus being RP. the RP itself takes place in our world but what was thought to be myth and Legend is actually real you have vampires, werewolves, Ghouls, and others. While exploring in the new Dark World you will also discover that magic and gods have power over you and you are nothing more than a Pawn. Do you have what it takes to survive the Dark World?

Come hang out at PIXEL-chat we’re a no toxic community of great people. Please stop by we have:

We have 3 games on our server
Chat Levels

10+ channels
helpful staff
We do giveaways come enter now for free ranks on our server Come join us and buy a rank while there on sale
Come join to day!
We are accepting staff apps.

О, я вижу у тебя хороший вкус, если ты выбрал именно MAKPUB®!
Почему? - спросишь ты. Потому что этот сервер создавался с частичкой души каждого из нас, от людей и для людей.
This server is all about fun and also games , so join us now for fun !
If your looking for a good Pokémon server, We got you covered!
Here we got
~Roleplay channels
~Nsfw channels
~Chances to move up in the Pokémon ranks and become a gym leader
~A elite four
~And more!

If your interested, Please join us!
Come to Flarity where you can meet new people! Come to hang out and do what you'd like. It's a very laid back server where everyone knows each other and we all want the best for everyone! Server is still a w.i.p for a bit, but come and find friends in the meanwhile.
This chat is mainly a clan and chill server.
And everyone is invited. You may even give us suggestions on how to
make the server better and we will try our best to make the server
as welcoming and fun as we can for you. Currently looking for staff members!
Heyy, im so glad your reading this bio because... you have finally found the best discord sever! You wanna know why i state this? Well first off we have the worlds most nicest and weridest staff in da world. second off everyone is just soo nice and suportive! third off, the group is really active so if u wanted to talk to someone or make friends this is the group for you!

Before you say that im lying about all of this, where not because you can pm my co-owner ♡ષઽ૯ℓ૯ઽઽ♡ she will answer all your questions and tell you the same stuff im telling you!

Now thanks for reading and hope we can see you soon!
HCF's Family is my discord server where you can socialize, participate in events, suggest new things for us to add, use the economy bot, and more. We have self assigned roles so you can have your name the color YOU want! You can also show your age, gender, region, and turn on notifications. You can also participate in giveaways and earn YOUR own role! That players can self assign to themselves with ANY color and ANY name! Join today and become apart of the family!

"Come with me, and we'll be in a world of pure imagination" - Gene Wilder"

CONCORD is a RP server set in a world where a certain VR Metaverse which is also called CONCORD dominates the gaming market during and after it's recovery from a post-WW3 apocalyptic era. CONCORD is a game allows their players to do almost anything. They can dress up as avatars, either original or taken straight from a popular franchise, TV Show or Movie. They can participate in a massively multiplayer territorial based game-play where competing factions battle for territory and wealth, participate in quests and talk to each other in social rooms or play in custom-made game rooms and that's just the tip of the ice-burg. Excluding the setting of the game and how it works, there are almost no limits on what you can and cannot do.

CONCORD is unique because it encourages you to create whatever you please. You can base your character off the Halo Series, make your own Web-slinger, make a superhero, a giant Panda with magical powers, a Mage and a heck ton of stuff other stuff.
Best server for fun, voice chatting about random things and gaming!

Join and make some new discord friends
A server about much things. Games, memes, anime, hentai, design and draw, music and more. Funny bots. Great categorised. Very fun. Need more nice people. 1 NSFW channel for Hentai.
오셔서 즐겨주세요. 19금 토크는 강추.
Please come and join me. NSFW talk is very good.
Heya! Are you looking for a server where you can find people to play online with? Maybe a server to share your best of memes? Well I've got the perfect place!

We've got
-Channels for discussing all your fav games!
-Channels for all your memes! (Including nsfw memes)
-Multiple bots, including, OwO, Ayana, and Yui!
And we're always looking to improve and taking suggestions!
They say it was was lost beneath the waves, a civilization once the strongest of history - vanished, survived only by legend and stories... but what if I were to tell you, that Atlantis, has never been better?

Ancient magic & steam technology co-exist to keep the "lost" Kingdom of Atlantis encased in rock and metal, hundreds of miles below the ocean surface. Experience the magic of Atlantean Crystals, majestic steam-powered mechanics, massive industrial factories, victorian fashion, ancient temples & forgotten caves beneath the depths. A Kingdom survived by hiding deep below for millenniums to pass, now welcomes YOU!

- Play as virtually ANY original character!
- Level up your character in 5 skills!
- Questing!
- Friendly & Helpful Staff
- Constructive and family-like community!
- Massively Expandable Universe!
We're a group started by 8 friends who were looking for more fun & chill people to hang and game with! We've got plenty of text and voice chats for bots, games, music, a Custom Discord SubRedddit clone channel and more!