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➡️ Anime
➡️Nice guys and girls and Futanari to
➡️Not gay. but we have Futanari bots
➡️Cute bots to talk too and have fun
➡️We like to talk about hentai a lot
➡️ And actually Idk what we do
➡️Join for some weird stuff

We're a chill server which caters to many different interests, we're always open to suggestions and everyone is talkative! At the moment we have a small group of active talkers so come on down and say hello!
This is LOVETALE, a server where we all join together to express our love of all things UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE! Join to gain access to a swell, supportive community, and plenty of fanart! We love UNDERTALE here!
Stay Determined!
__🌟Brawl Stars🌟__

This server is a Brawl Stars server focusing on getting good players together.

⭐We help each other to climb the trophy road and give players some tips to get a head start.

⭐We also offer a leaderboard with every player in the server so that you can play with players who are at a similar level to yours.

⭐We accept users from everywhere and we have lot of english players; we will offer you a place to go if you dont already have one (our official club).

⭐You can even advert your club or youtube channels in special advertising sections made for that.

⭐Plus we have pokecord! Not just pokecord but pokecord gyms and giveaways!

Join us here:
A chill server and casual AQW guild run by an emote thief that likes to play with bots, a firm believer of the Satania Evangelist, and a fire emblem nerd who wants to start a Roblox guild. Come join us. Lmao.
Memes... mmmm delicious memes.

Come get some memes dawg
This is a project on roblox based off of the anime's known as Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.
Are you looking for a friendly place to hang out and chat? Anime Heaven offers a great community to make friends in, but also fun events and much more!
The biggest pg3d (pixel gun 3d) discord server with great staff caring about server and active people :3
Useless? Lonely? Noob? Join Cozy Cabin! [CB]

We're the casual guild you're looking for! We do the same things as other guilds but slower and worse! JOIN NOW!
«────── « ⛧ » ──────»

Have you ever wanted to join a good server but couldn’t find one? WELL DO WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! Welcome to The Cult, a place that can offer things such as:

**⛧** An opportunity to sell your soul!
✨Active staff!
🏘️A wonderful community of people!
🤖Awesome bots to play around with such as Pancake bot (which offer a variety of features such as akinator and 8ball) and Rythm!
🎲Game Nights and Movie Nights!
🏴Self promotion channel!
💎Earnable roles!
🔊Lots of voice and text channels to share your thoughts and opinions on, including NSFW, wholesome chats, and places to share your art!
🚫Drama free environment!
Server suggestions and polls to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves!
And much more!

So come and join our family today. We’ll fetch you a glass of Kool-aid and make you feel at home.

«────── « ⛧ » ──────»

Bezpieczna strefa to polski serwer discord na którym możesz pisać o wszystkim, mamy boty muzyczne, administracyjne, memowe i wiele więcej, dołącz już dzisiaj!
A survival western themed open-world game, set in the 1860s in the progressive town of Farplains, and the western frontier

Hunt animals in the prairies, and dense forests, fish in the lakes and rivers, or maybe you prefer banditry, or maybe you would want to fight the bandits in Farplains enlist as a US marshal and serve as a deputy or constable, possibilities are endless.
(A more detailed concept is in our server)
Just another pokecord server. Specially for pokecord.
This is a gaming server but people who don't game are welcome too. I hope you like it :) (We have 2 nsfw channels) We have a lot of fun bots! We have a gud staff team C:
Se stai cercando un posto dove divertirti allora Best Server EU è il posto giusto. Tante belle cose sono pronte ad aspettari come uno staff costantemente attivo, bot fantastici, persone stupende ed altro...

- Sistema di economy
- Stanze didicate
- Giveaway key steam
- Economy game

Inserito un divertente sistema di economia che permette l'acquisto di molti permessi o titoli.
This is a friendly commnunity where you can self promote yourself and talk with lots of different people!
We hope to see you in our server!
A good server. We have anime, art, games, and we are a good community so far!

❤🤜Talk about Minecraft!🤛❤
🧡🤜Voicechats for Minecraft!🤛🧡
💛🤜 Fun growing community!🤛💛
💚🤜Derp around with Memes!🤛💚
💙🎶🤜 Listen FREE music!🤛🎶💙
🎉🤜 Weekly giveaways!🤛🎉
🌀🤜 Play fun Minigames!🤛🌀
☮💯🤜And make FUN!🤛💯☮


🚩This server contains
& talks about:🚩

✅Minecraft Survival✅
✅Minecraft Creative✅
💖Minecraft Servers, PvP, Factions, Minigames etc.💖
🛡And much more *coming soon*!🛡


_Invite 15 people to the Server to get a FREE Minecraft alt account!!_

Welcome to the Shu Shu Palace! Where we plan on making a hentai server into a vivid community or you can just lurk for the waifu/pokemon bot. As our numbers grow so will the events that we will be hosting so go ahead and have a gander upon.
The [unofficial] Discord community for the new Google Stadia gaming platform.