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You wake up on a bright, sunny afternoon during the late fall of 3352 P.O.I.E (Post-Ivarium Era, 34.2 billion years after the Third Millennium of Humanity’s Existence). Everything seems well: birds are chirping, the sounds of flying cars whiz past your penthouse like usual, and the 12 o’clock news chimes in to give you your daily weather forecast; seems to be a mostly cloudy day by the looks of it, and you decide to head outside to get some fresh air. “Nothing wrong with it,” you thought as you walk out of the house, fully clothed and ready to view what your planet, Andromedus, had to offer.

That’s when the first strike hits. You’re blinded by a bright light coming from Eden City as a shockwave hits you like a gust of wind, making you stumble to the pavement. Up above, repurposed freighter ships head into the city, opening the bay doors as you try to come to your senses and realize what the hell is even happening.

Andromedus is under attack, and a giant laser just struck the tower that overlooked the city, causing it to collapse and crash into the adjacent skyscrapers. You couldn’t believe what was even happening at the moment. Soon, more lasers struck not just Eden, but the town adjacent to it. In the distance, you could see fighting ensue from the attackers and some of the civilians, trying to protect their own lives whilst getting their loved ones to safety.

You want to help, but you’re dragged away into one of the freighter ships to get to safety.

That planet was supposed to be a heavenly paradise. What went wrong?

Two years later, you’re transported to a new planet similar to Andromedus. Utopia the leaders call it. It certainly better be…

>[Incoming Transmission]

>>Welcome to Utopia, {insertuserhere}.

>>Here is what we have to offer:

>[Loading archival data…0%]
>[Loading archival data…100%]

>>>Kind and helpful staff members.
>>>Bots, including Tatsumaki, Mee6, UnbelievaBoat, and many more to come in the near future.
>>>Tons of species to interact with (and possibly compare abilities).
>>>A progressive plot that will change through character interaction.
>>>You’ve got places to go to and channels to tune in to, so why not explore?

>[Closing archival data...]

>>Your actions will change the fate of the future. Do you dare sit back, or will you go forth and join in?

>[Ending Transmission]