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Welcome to The Woodlands🕊! We are aiming to be one of the best and most notable Furry/Scaley Community! We encompass all aspects of the Fandom, and we value expression as our #1 priority! When you join TW, you can expect:

- An Organized Entry Verification ✅
[Extra protection against trolls/raids]
- Houses of Interest 🕊
[Art, RP, Writing, Gaming, and more!]
- Our very own site/forums! 🌺
[Thank you, Enjin!]
- Storymode! ⚔️
[Sci-Fi RP you've never experienced!]

Get in touch with our welcoming, supportive community and meet some like minded people and join us today! We can't wait to meet you! 🌺
Welcome to Delta's Bar! Glad you could make it~!

Weather your a furry, wanting to be a furry, or just a random Joe, we welcome you~!

A few things you should know :scroll:
We are a primarily SFW server so anything NSFW (with the acceptation on our NSFW area) is forbidden.
We are all for new experiences! Anyone new to the furry fandom or not even a furry is welcome! IF you just want to chill and have a good time, that's fine too! Or maybe you just here for friends that's fine as well.
This is a judgement free zone so anyone in the LGBT community are welcome with open arms for a safe environment.

We have:

.Self Assign Roles
.Music Bots
.Various Events
And More~!
TheRiftReborn a Gaming/Art Server with an emphasis on the major games Overwatch, LoL, COD, and Apex Legends! Although, we are, at the core, a furry server as well! Although we do want some open-minded non-furries as well! On top of our selective gaming chats, we also have an adventure RP, "Storymode", which will be explained more in depth when you join!

This is a breakdown of our server:

🌺 Storymode - If you like RP, it's a little different than that. Storymode is set in a Sci-Fi Realistic timeline which includes things like space travel, interdimensional travel, and more! You could either use your fursona or just use your human form, either are accepted! This is DND orientated, and sessions happen every week at a time that is worked out beforehand!

🌺 Art/Writing Platforms! -Share your art or any other projects you are working, on, whatever they may be!

🌺 Gaming! -Discord is all about games, and this server is not an exception! Talk about and geek about your favorite game, or just the one you're playing at the moment!

🌺 A Vast amount of chat and voice lobbies!

🌺 We do have NSFW, but you have to be 18 or older to obtain the role.

I really hope you consider joining our community, Our staff work on improving the server daily, and have a certain amount of rules I have in place to make sure everything goes smoothly! See you around, potential friend!
BBB Furry Gaming is a gaming and light roleplay community, mostly for furries to get together and talk about games as well as some lewd topics together!