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Welcome to Delta's Bar! Glad you could make it~!

Weather your a furry, wanting to be a furry, or just a random Joe, we welcome you~!

A few things you should know :scroll:
We are a primarily SFW server so anything NSFW (with the acceptation on our NSFW area) is forbidden.
We are all for new experiences! Anyone new to the furry fandom or not even a furry is welcome! IF you just want to chill and have a good time, that's fine too! Or maybe you just here for friends that's fine as well.
This is a judgement free zone so anyone in the LGBT community are welcome with open arms for a safe environment.

We have:

.Self Assign Roles
.Music Bots
.Various Events
And More~!
BBB Furry Gaming is a gaming and light roleplay community, mostly for furries to get together and talk about games as well as some lewd topics together!