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A small café themed server owned by Plutia. Feel free to join, relax, use bots and make new friends! Still small but slowly growing. Have a nice stay(・∀・)
Bloodmoon is a monster school RP server with excellent staff fun bots and a non-toxic community anyone is welcome (as long as you aren't a raider of course) feel free to DM me any questions @Juggernaut#9473 for more info! Have a lovely day!
╔════ ∘◦ ⛧ミ ◦∘ ════╗
Welcome to ♡󠇰󠇰
The most friendly server!!
╚════ ∘◦ ミ⛧ ◦∘ ════╝
What we offer!!

✦.⁺ - Roles and Colours to choose from!!

✦.⁺ - 1:1 male and female ratio!!

✦.⁺ - So many channels to choose from!!

✦.⁺ - Looking for E-Girls so come join!!

✦.⁺ - Very kind staff who will help out 24/7

✦.⁺ - Cute but edgy server layout perfect for that weeb over there!!

✦.⁺ - Leveling up system and special prizes to gain!!

✦.⁺ - Events and VC Nights every week!!

This is a very family friendly server with really good people inside who really care and we also interact with new members there are so many channels for u to enjoy just join!!! ^-^
A roleplay server set in an crimally insane asylum. Play as a staff member(nurses, doctors, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, psychotherapist, guards, lifeguards) or a criminally insane patient! We have a friendly community and everyone is welcome and hopefully you’ll fit in!
Vtek Hideout

Looking for an active new server to join and enjoy it? Well Vtek Hideout is your place to be, we're a new and expanding community where you can chill, have fun, play games, or maybe just share your favourite memes with others. We have active giveaways, and active staff team. Join, have fun, and make new friends today!

Offensive and non-offensive chats for different types of fun!
A ranking system with rewards along the way.
Game-dedicated channels and game-specific server roles!
Weekly & Monthly giveaways
Great and fast growing community!
Lit server emotes!
Interactive channels for everyone to use.
In this server, I develop cars. This is also a place where you can talk with your friends and have fun! There are many games that you can play like the casino etc. There are also cool roles for all of the members!
Hiya! All Friends Here is a gaming and interest based community. There are multiple roles to choose from and are quite a few venting channels. We are a welcoming community. COME JOIN FOR SOME FUN. NO NSFW ALLOWED.
Warframe Dynasty is a community of players on PC, Xbox One & PS4. Instant Price Checks, Weekly Giveaways, Free Promo Codes & More!
Hey! Hopefully you join, we are friendly, kind, and funny, we love memes , art, and much more? trust me, you're welcome here <3
lightly moderated chill community , laidback staff, self roles and more!
This is a **__Pokemon Roleplay Server__** created with the aim to provide roleplayers with a fun and memorable experience when they are a part of the Pokemon universe. **With your help, it has full potential to be a lovely place to stay!**

Love Pokemon, and want a break from your real-life? This is your place!

**__WHAT WE OFFER:__**

► **Minor-Friendly Environment:** Still a teenager? No problem! This server is completely NSFW-free and politics-free! The only requirements are that you are at least 13 years old and your account is at least 7 days old.

► **Newbie-Friendly Environment:** New to roleplaying? No worries. We will help you get started. It will be **fun!**

► **Three Zones For Different Styles:** Regardless of how you RP, we have a zone for you, as long as you are willing to contribute and put effort into your posts. You can even **host your own RP** if you want!

► **Arts and Fictions Centre:** Have some drawings or stories that you would like to share? You are always welcome!

► **Chatrooms:** For basically everything. Wanting to make friends, share your memes, or discuss about gaming? No problem! We have places for that.

► **Conflict Resolutions Centre:** We do not have the intention of making this place "conflict-free," because such thing does not exist. We acknowledge the existence of conflicts, and we will help you **resolve** them in a **serious** and **respectful** manner, to ensure a **truly enjoyable** experience for all of you.

**__Pokemon Roleplayers of the World, Unite!__**
A small chill server to come and chillax and talk about whatever with whoever.
We have WaifuBot, Mudae, Pokecord, etc.
Please join to help expand our community
Legends tell of a magical land, in a faraway place. Filled with fair maidens and oath sworn knights. A land rich with drink and lavish feasts. Hard to believe such a place could exist, at least until such skeptical folk came across the Kingdom of Anvora. This is a land where you will find warmth and welcome wherever you go, regardless of who you are and what your race is. Simple folk live simple lives, they work the fields, tend to the crops, peddle their goods and try to make an honest living. It’s a land ripe with opportunity, full of adventure to be had, maidens to defends, and long lost treasures just begging to be found. You will never go hungry, never thirst for a drink and never find yourself wanting company for in Anvora you will find all your wants and needs fulfilled. Despite facing war, death and destruction, life has found a way and peace and prosperity fill the land once more. So what do you say, shall we go on an adventure?

A chill medieval type roleplay server. We have interesting events full of combat, mystery, conspiracies and all that jazz; a wholesome community, helpful mods and loads of fun. Most importantly! We're active! Please join!

3 decades after the battle of Yavin, the galaxy is once again in turmoil. From the ashes of the empire, THE FIRST ORDER has risen lead by the Supreme Leader Snoke and his apprentice Kylo Ren as they hunt for Luke Skywalker to find him and destroy him. Meanwhile the Resistance has risen up and has taken up arms against the first order as they fight to restore peace and prosperity to the galaxy.
While the two factions wage war against each other, crime syndicates thrive on the outer rim planets. With weapon manufacturers and smugglers making enormous profits off the war, our story takes us to the planet Taris. A planet with a history of war and conflict, its ship graveyards a bitter reminder of a terrible time past. Its levels divided by class, the elite rule from the skies as the poor literally fight to survive. That was until now…
The First Order has begun putting squads of troopers on the planet as Rebellion operatives have also risen. The Force however has other plans. Several force users have begun showing themselves to the galaxy, as there is no defined Jedi or Sith order and no one to guide them, they rely solely on the Force to show them the way.
It is now up to you, the role-player, to pick a side and fight for what you believe in. Will you be a member of The First Order, a Rebel Fighter, a Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Force User or a nobody just trying to get by and live a life the best you could. The choice is yours, whatever you choose, may the force will be with you...always.

(Fun and open RP server based in the canon-verse but away from all the happenings of the movies and such. We have a non-toxic wholesome community, interesting events, star wars fans to geek out with and helpful staff. We guarantee that you will have a good time. Join now and become a part of our server!)
Just a server to chill in. It's very active and the community is nice to each other. Not too strict rules and it's a good place to be in. We don't mind a lil bit of toxicity either.

We have:

-Lots of bots 🤖

-Games and Nitro Giveaways 🎉

-Fun & Active community 🎆🍿

-And much more!🎐
A fun little server (kept at maximum of 25 people)
A community to talk to others about stuff you love. Some of the main topics are
- Adventure time
- Pokemon
- Halo
and lots of other things
A variety of bots and if you want some more contact a mod and we might add it.
Earn roles, Make friends, Chill and just have some fun
Focused on both anime and gaming, Kawaii Café is a slow growing server with an open community.
Feel free to jump in and have a chat
Welcome to Kinzie Academy! We are a brand new high school role-play server! Directed towards the high-school-life genre, we have much friendly staff, really cool bots, and many role-play channels! Come join us if you're interested! Role-play FTW! Keep in mind this is the restart of the original :D
A kingdom always have to be united and together, we are a family and we are proud
We shall respect each other and talk to each other and put pass our differences to protect each other. Once you have joined, you should never be afraid to be who you are because we shall always accept you as you are, like a family should.
•We have contests
•a welcoming atmosphere
•we love a good taste of chaos
One night..all crimes a legal..even murder..

Have you been bored of fantasy roleplay..? Being unable to kill people without having so  much drama about it.. or having your character killed and not being able to be revived?

The purge of elements gives you that freedom

The Royal Palace is a fun, non toxic hangout server for users looking for new friends. We are a very welcoming and funny community with assignable roles, multicultural channels and fun events!
ೃ:.✧✲゚*。⋆•─── ⊱✿⊰ |•━ ° . ☆ *₊ ☆
𝐌𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞
° . *₊ ☆ ° . ☆ *₊ ☆
【(っ◔◡◔)っ ღ mystic rose ღ 】
it's a fun and chill server where you can meet new people, chat, share your interests. we offer fun voice channels. we also have events channels like; qna, wyr, tod etc.

»。 ∾ ღ ➵ ♢ ➵ ღ ∾ 。»
what we have;
☆ « self-assignable roles
✭ « level-up roles
☆ « experienced staffs
✭ « great community
☆ « emotes
✭ « daily games

╳°»。 ∾・⁙・ ღ ➵ ⁘ ➵ ღ ・⁙・∾ 。«°╳
come n take a look!,, everyone is welcome!! ♡
✉ - !!Looking for Partner Managers!!"
°:. ₊ invite link;
Beasties & Basements is a small & friendly Discord server for beginners and seasoned D&D players alike! We have a few beginner and veteran GMs who run several games each week, and even have at least one game a day! So you’re sure to find a time that works for you. We focus on 5e Dungeons and Dragons but are mostly a positive and uplifting community more than anything.
Hello and welcome to our community, everyone is welcome even weebs, Come here and have a nice chat about anime.