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A smol precious circle of dweebs. There's not a lot of rules, just don't be a major cumwad. Thanks see you there, my fellow stale meme.
HELLA is a growing community for socializing for everyone looking for friends to talk to!

Hey! (ENG) I would like to invite you to the 'Hella' server. Hella is a huge cozy server where it is active every day, you can listen to music and of course make friends! Maybe you will find someone who likes the same kind of music as you!

What we have:

Cozy community
Fun commands
A 'Money Bot' with which you can buy items.
Friendly staff members.
Music channels.
And much more!

Hey! (NL) Ik wil je graag uitnodigen voor de 'Hella' server. Hella is een enorm gezellige server waar het elke dag actief is, je muziek kan luisteren en natuurlijk vrienden kan maken! Misschien vind je wel iemand die dezelfde soort muziek leuk zal vinden als jij!

Wat we hebben:

Gezellige community
Leuke commands
Een 'Geld Bot' waarmee je items kan kopen.
Vriendelijke staff leden.
Muziek kanalen.
En nog veel meer!
Hello!, Welcome To Dank's Community!, We have vast variety of things to do as well as fun and loving staff!, We have a vast leveling system as well as rewards for certain levels. We even have a prestige option! We hope you can have a fun time in this server!

Love <3--Stixi#4032
LateNight™ is a brand new community made for people who want to have fun. Come Join!
The Dating Emporium Is a brand new Dating Server. We just opened up our Server. We are looking for New members. We have a kind community of users and Very Friendly Staff. This Server Is growing Rapidly And very Fast. You Can Socialize with Others Make some Friends And Chat. Feel Free to stop by Our Server If you would like to. The Dating Emporium Has A lot of things to offer such as.
- A Dating Section
- Self Assignable Roles
- Server Suggestions
- Music
- Role play
- Memes
- Flirting
- Art
- Poke Cord
- Server Updates Everyday
- Level up System
- Verification System
- Reporting System
- Fun!!

Welcome to Baki's Dark Place an immensely appealing and enjoyable place for people who are into socializing and having some fun!
Once you enter the server, make sure to select your roles and discover the rules.
We offer an enormous range of things in the server including:

+ Many active and friendly people
+ Anti-Raid Protected
+ Multiple bots
+ Self-assignable roles
+ Experienced and active staff
+ Memes
+ Lots of games
+ Roleplay
+ Art
+ Pokecord
+ Anime
+ Pictures
+ Polls
+ Quotes
+ Stories
+ Music
+ Voice chat

Join this wonderful server right now and have a nice stay!
Welcome to GiantGames [GG]
We are a community server for people who wants to make new friends and laugh

Why don't you not join and yet make new friends?
As you can tell, this place loves and worships diancie. Though its just my favourite pokemon so thats why its our mascot!
2.6k members

Diancie Kingdom is a growing community or pokemon lovers!
What we offer :
• Nice and friendly active carbinks (staff)
• All typed gyms and elite 4's for a challange! 💪
• Specific categories so nothing gets too crowded
• 🗡Tournaments🗡
• 🎉Giveaways🎉
• 🎊Events🎊
•🎗 Daycares to level up your pokemon🎗
• 🎀Partnership🎀

Hopefully you don't get bored here, please ask your friend to join too! Highly appriciated! 💕💕
**Have fun at Diancie Kingdom!**
Bloodmoon is a monster school rp server with excelent staff fun bots and a non-toxic community anyone is welcome (as long as you arent a raider of course) feel free do dm me any questions @Cassandra#1921 for more info! Have a lovely day!
안녕하세요~ ✵스타✵카페✵ 오신 것을 환영합니다. 즐거운 시간을 보내시길 바랍니다! 저희 서버에는 컬러 역할, 취미 역할, 관심 역할 등 30개 이상의 다양한 역할이 있습니다. 저희 서버에는 15개 이상의 음성 및 텍스트 채널이 있습니다. 영어를 공부하고 싶은 사람이나 애니메이션, 음악, 비디오 게임, 일상 생활과 같은 주제에 대해 이야기하고 싶은 사람들을 위한 특별한 채널이 있습니다. 저희 서버는 SFW입니다. 우리는 OW, LoL, Fortnite, PUBG 채널과 같은 PC 게임을 위한 특정 채널이 있습니다. 많은 회원이 게이머이기 때문에 우리는 게임 친화적인 서버입니다. 우리 함께 PC 게임하자! 우리 서버에는 재미있는 봇들이 많이 있습니다. 나는 한국인과 미국인이 편하게 대화할 수 있도록 이 서버를 만들었다. 나는 이 서버에서 매우 열심히 일했으니 당신이 그것을 즐기길 바랍니다. 한국어와 영어로 이야기합시다~! ^^ 즐거운 시간 보내시고 오늘 함께 하시기 바랍니다~! 이 서버는 도쿄에 살고 있는 누군가가 관리하므로 궁금하신 점이나 걱정이 있으면 같은 시간대에 사니까 기꺼이 도와드리겠습니다.
운영자: @키미아
Hello~ and welcome to the ✵스타✵카페✵. We hope you have a pleasant time! Our server features over 30 different roles, ranging from color roles, hobby roles and interest roles. Interact with people from Korea and English speaking countries. Talk about daily life, video games, music, sports, anime, or just about anything! This is a SFW server. We have channels specific for gaming as well. (PUBG, LoL, Fornite, and Overwatch) We also have over 15 different voice and text channels to choose from depending on what you would like to do! Want to study Korean with the help of a native? We have a Korean study channel! Want to join just to chat? Enjoy chatting in the General channel! Join today!
A chill server focused on Roleplaying, Anime, and TableTop RPGs.

The Server welcomes all and any to have a good time and relax, and make new friends
Welcome to Poro's Dating Lounge 16+!

ºO•❤•.¸✿¸.•❤•.❀• Talk - Chat - Chill - Dating •❀.•❤•.¸✿¸.•❤•Oº

This server is a growing community focused on having a good Time with others and to find another person for life.

We are offering:

➤ NSFW 18+ AREA ღ

Our server is for everyone to socialize, hangout, chill with others, make friends, and maybe find a good Date. We host events, do giveaways, and have fun in general.

Join today <3
LBI is a gaming group that is hoping to become at the top one day. For now we decided to try and get known in discord so we are hoping to get more people to notice and follow us. We include a masive amount of bots that are willing to do what ever you want.
Hi. If you like memes, gaming, comedy, and offensive shit, this is the place for you. We got gaming chats, meme chats, and more. So please join and help spread the cancer.
A fun server for everyone we have fun bots fun people pokecord and more
Fun interactive BDSM gaming community. Please respect everyone! We are active and always gaming. NSFW channels are 18+ only! Please stop by and say hello!
👑 Welcome to **Eevee's Empire!** 👑

🎊 **Welcome to Eevee's Empire!!** 🎊

Eevee's Empire is one of the best Pokémon based servers to join. Our server is active and entertaining. We are a brand new server that will soon become one of the greatest. We have multiple Pokémon based channels for you to chat, duel and have fun in. We have our very own fun, unique roles and staff that can assist you when needed, So why don't you join, share the good news, and become part of the family?!

║ 🌟 Tons of Pokémon Based channels 🌟
║💖 We have Pokémon Daycare 💖
║🔞 Non-Toxic Community 🔞
║🎵 Music Voice Channels! 🎵
║ 😎 We have Pokécord! 😎
║ 🎊 A Variety of Emojis for you to use! 🎊
║😄 A ton of new and highly active members to meet and chat with! 😄
║💯 Polls and Competitions! 💯
║ 👍 We are currently looking for Gym Leaders, Daycare Employees, Helpers, as well as PMs!
║Interested? Join Now! 👍

Here's Our Permanent Link

A server for traps, normies, and everything my guy come talk
Chill Zone is a new server it is created on 4-25-2018 and created by Light#2726. Chill Zone is a friendly server, we solve problems (if we can) we will try our best to make you feel better.

Here in CHILL ZONE you can/there are

~Make new Friends

~Listen to Music

~Play with your Friends

~Use a variety of bot commands

~Vareity of custom emotes

~Self Promotion

~Send Memes

~Reddit Memes


(find out by joining the server)

So what are you waiting for? Join now by pressing/tapping the link and be a part of Chill Zone.

PS- Chill Zone is currently looking for Admins and Mods. We the Chill Zone have a mod application, so sign up now!

Server- Chill Zone
Owner- Light#2726
Server Created- 4-25-2018

Join lemonade for a fun place to chat and the following:
A Spam Channel
A lot of Amazing People!
A lot of Bots!
Abd More!
Have you ever heard of D&D? The stories of a group of friends fighting for their lives against monstrous Dragons and unending Hordes? Perhaps the legends of the bard who seduced everything in sight?

If you want to learn but have never gotten the chance, Roll to Die is the place for @everyone!

With numerous D&D channels you can use, with or without a microphone and even a Karaoke night, We are sure you will enjoy your time here.
Grandma's House is a place to come and hang out with your friends and of course awesome E-GRANDMA :) We are like a giant family and we are looking to grow!

We have channels for gaming, music, voicechat, events, and giveaways. Currently working on growing the server and making improvements. All ages welcome (13+).