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Hey you!!!!
Stop right there!!!!

Anime Fandom welcomes you and any of your friends to come join our server!!!!

This is a new server, but there's lots to do here!!!!
☞ Memes
☞ Roleplay
☞ Anime art
☞ Pokémon
☞ Cool Bots
☞ Music
☞ Anime Suggestions
☞ Emojis are going to be added frequently
!And so much more!

This is a casual server and we're all really nice! There is absolutely no judging allowed in this server so feel free to be you!
Like I said we're small, but we're growing and we would love for you to come be a part of our family!

💗💖Join us! We'll be pleased to have you! SO PLEASE JOIN!!💖💗
National Memographic to ostoja stworzona dla wszystkich memiarzy. Serwer istnieje od 16 Kwietnia 2018r. Naszym celem jest sprawić u ludzi uśmiech i zachęcić do dzielenia się nim z nami
This server is meant for spamming Kahoot sessions and potentially getting answers to one of them. If you'd like people to spam a Kahoot, please use #kahoot-spam-codes. If you would like to get the answers to one, use #kahoot-answers.
Hello we're a new dating discord server. You can join to find the love of your life or just find some amazing friends. :)
Wanna meet and talk to cool people about anything you wish in a comfy and open environment? Sweetener is the place for you ♡
We offer:
> a friendly community
> cute animals
> fun bots
> music
> self promotion
> unique roles
> memes
> low level moderation
> occasional VCs
Hope to see you there~!
Frostcast is a brand new community hangout server, we include:
- self roles
- dating channel
- seeking channel
- shipping channel
- gaming channels
- WoW channel
- public voice chats
- music voice chats
we hope you become a part of us! ;)
In the beginning there was absolute darkness within this Realm of nothingness as something sparked in which the human beings in different civilizations was dragged across universes, their entire cities ripped apart and put into different places mashed all together in The Realm assimilating different cultures into one, which created a drastic upheaval. For someone tried to create a perfect utopia of a universe, whichever deity that did it managed to convey one thing utter chaos and much more. During the convergence 90% of the human beings ripped from their worlds now possessed abilities unlike other ordinary 10% normal average people who is normal, but the abnormals possessed the ability to create fire from their body or fly in the air this uneven realm gave rise to heroes and villains, yet chaos still around.

- Brand New Server inspired by Marvel, MHA, DC.

- Active Staff

- Good Community

- A place to enjoy themselves.

-Non-Toxic Community
Looking to meet people your age? Whether you want to hang out, find love, or just meet some new friends, we got it all here. 14 - 19 only.
chill and friendly server for users 18+. we have bots for music and games, and self-assignable roles. we also have vc events and are open for partnerships. please join us! our goal is to create a prosperous community filled with friendly users!
An extremely active server where you can meet new people, have fun with bots, and even use global emotes!
We welcome everyone to join Pancake's Playhouse. Make new friends and chill here! We're currently looking for more new members and we're trying to create a community, so join us today in Pancake's Playhouse! You won't regret it!
An awesome new server for sharing memes and having a good time
18th Avenue is a social, chill & growing server. Become part of a welcoming community full of NSFW channels if you’re 18+, if you are under 18 don’t be scared to join there’s something for you as well. So please come join us at 18th Avenue & enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Barney's World, a server for gamers. hangout and meet new friends and teammates. A server mainly based around games and other fun things. Very friendly and helpful staff. And if you want to start a chat around another topic just contact us.
**Not a furry server**

A place for cats to roam freely, aka the heaven you've always been looking for :3

What is this? A cat just appeared out of no where. It stares at you.. like.. it wants something. You follow it into a bush, and there's a.. trap door. Do you go in, and follow the cute kitten? Or is it too suspicious?

The Purr Lounge is a gr8 discord server with various channels for you to enjoy from. We have:

Various Bots
Helpful Staff
Plenty of Roles
Growing Community

Our Community Is Purr-fect For You!

We will be waiting for your arrival..
Hey everyone and welcome to sad timer, sad timer is a server that you can make great friends on and maybe you can get a (gf/bf) 💕💕 its for fun
FIRE is an organisation dedicated to futhering and help society. We discuss and plan for our missions. Outside of these we talk and meme and generally be dorks. Something here for everyone.
Looking for more people to play with? Want to make more friends? Have stuff you wanna talk about but no one to go to? Join the Mercynaries. This is MagicMercy's official Discord server ( We have text channels for fun, IRL, memes, love and support, games and NSFW. Voice Channels are also avaible. We welcome every new face! :D

PS: Mercy is more active on her Discord than on Insta! ;)
Join this chill group, for everyone to join, be you and make friends here :D
Hello there looking for a Cafè server to make some friends and have fun?

We like to invite you to
-Sweet cherry cafe-
a cute fun Cafè small simple server

What do we have?

❥non-Toxic chats
❥Self assignable role
❥Fun chats to make friends!
❥sweet level roles
❥Nsfw channel
❥we have fun bots like {Yggdrasil/Dank Memer} some other more!
❥self ping roles so no worries for ping spam!
❥share recipes and food

Info~ we are looking for partner managers
Welcome to Planefern’s Community server and this server is all about chilling, chat, etc. Planefern’s community server is a community server where u guys can hangout and make new friends in this server. There is no saltiness so don’t worry cuz this server is alright for u. This server has some very interesting things for u.

Memes 😂
Selfies 🤳
Fun bots 🤖
Advertisements 👍🏼
Partnerships 👍🏻
Self assignable roles
Music 🎵
Truth or dare 👀

And so much more
Join our server and remember, respect everyone and the staffs.

Founder: PlanefernYT#5318

a place for loner teen hangout, making friends, or finding your soulmate memes. 14-19 only.
small server full of clown fuckers, midnight redbull drinkers, night owls and other weirdos, join to have silly and comfy convos
Hey there! Nice of you to read this server description. I’d like to tell you about our server, ♡The Cool Kids♡. This server began early this year (2019) and it’s just a general server. We have:
☆Plenty of fun bots to mess with
☆Friendly Staff
☆Dank Memer
☆Question of the days
☆Roles to assign yourself
☆Levels and Achievements
☆NSFW Channels
☆Available Staff Positions
☆LGBTQ+ Friendly
☆20+ Channels
☆Random Topics to talk about
☆Gaming Channels
☆And so much more!
You really don’t want to miss out being a cool kid do you?!