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We're a server made for mostly just hanging out. We're recruiting staff and a strong amazing community will be built starting with me and you.
Swearing is allowed but NSFW content has to be requested so ask the Owner if you would like it.
We also love music. Music is amazing and a form of talent.
Our only rules are:
No Racism
No saying anything sexist
Have fun!
Are you looking for a friendly place to hang out and chat? Meow Cafe and Lounge offers a great community to make friends in, but also fun events and much more!
Designed to be voice-centric; hangout and meet new people in a non toxic hangout setting.
In the South East Commonwealth, bombs were dropped, creating a nuclear wasteland. This Fallout themed roleplay server is OC only, and takes place in Georgia. Come have fun with friendly staff and great roleplays!
A fun server where you can make a family tree by adopting and marrying other people!

About the server!

- You can create a family tree with MarrigeBot.
- You can be shipped (quite literally) with Yui.
- You can rank up by talking to get a higher role. You get new roles all the time!
- We are a fun community that is not uptight at all.
- We can make new channels or add bots on request!
- Now I know this sounds cheesy, but we just want you to have a good time!

View our current tree at
Just a place to chill out
-meet new people
-make friends
Ethereal is a newly made space-themed server that is focused on having fun and socializing. Experience chill peaceful moments or some wild action. Come in the ship and chill! We are inclusive.
We've been branched off a decently sized server in hopes to make a better one. It was quite corrupt and so we're trying to make this one better than that.
We're just a little community that is extremely willing to have each other's back and our staff team will be willing to give you the support if you need.
Hey there, this is a server meant for ppl to just have fun. The bots are a bit fucked but idc tbh. It's lgbtqia+ friendly so i'll kick anyone that makes fun of someone for being lgbt. the only rule is so don't be a dick soo, lets get tHis bReAd bOiS
Hello, I hope you join my server. Its was created for Fortnite, Save The World. I hope you come and have fun, trade and make some freinds!!!
Tired of trolls and fast-paced chats? Then, our server will provide a vacation to your tired day, come hangout and chill with us! :)
Join the 24/7 #AustraliaisNOTreal Discord today!

╠ We're an Active Community made up of Australians and E-Thots. ~

╠ Regular events with games such as Secret Hitler, etc. ~

╠ Make your own commands with unlimited functionality ~

╠ Over 15+ Bots (Including music bots!) ~

╠ PS4/XB1/PC Matchmaking! ~

╠ Over 30+ Active E-Thots! ~

╠ Currently Hiring! ~

╚ NSFW Channel! ~

Join Today!
Arctic Crew
Anyone is allowed and welcomed!
❄️Helpful Staff
❄️NSFW chat
❄️General Pg and Non Pg VC's and Chats
❄️Gaming Vc's
❄️Friendly Staff and Admins
🐙Tide Changers🐙
Anyone is welcome and you meet new people and very friendly, helpful staff
✅__Server Owner:__ @CptBirdgirl#2444
✅ 100+ members and still growing
✅Friendly people👋
✅Positive, committed, helpful staff team🤝
✅Gaming VC 🎮
✅Pg and Non PG chats and VC’s🔊
✅Music 🎵
✅Fun Bots 🤖
✅Role Abilities
✅ __**The server can be dead sometimes**__
✅Positive, committed staff team.
✅Fan made discord server for a Minecraft Youtuber
✅If you are a troller/spammer/bot spammer and come into this server and troll you will be banned without hesitation!!!!! 
Kommt einfach rein um Spaß zu haben :D
We're a community that is mainly created to make new friends and chill in your free time, we always chill with new members so that they can feel a part of the community.
We offer:
-Level system
-Non-strict rules
-Fun roles and active staff
Hoi🤚 bienvenue dans le serveur venez comme vous êtes ici tout le monde est accepté selon son idéologie ou un de ses passions
La liberté d'expression aussi si vous avez des propositions a faire venez mp 👑KING 4EVER👑 Les demande d'inviter des bots ne sont pas accepté
Aussi les demande de roles sauf pour les rewards bref amusez vous bien!
Nous sommes 51
Véritable Fleur est une communauté francophone cherchant à rassembler des publics de tous les âges, dans un cadre chaleureux et en ayant pour thème principal le jeu-vidéo.
- This server just for some bullshit dating thing
- If ur lonely as fuck you can find some other lonely fucks here
- We gotta be nice to each other tho
- selfies, social media etc...
This is a role-play server for anyone who wants to role-play as his/her/their favorite musicians and music artists! All welcome!
Hello! This is a server for any one who wants to roleplay any character from their favorite fandom in a general school setting! All fandoms welcome! Love to rp with you!
This is a new Marvel Avengers Canon-Only rp! Have fun rping as your favorite Avenger or other Marvel character! Please stay and spread to your friends too!
Hello! This is a server for all people who are in or care about the LGBT Community! We have events every week and maybe more! Kind admins! Open to all ages, genders, sexualities, everyone!