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Hallo, wir sind ein neuer und daher noch ein sehr kleiner Discordserver mit Schwerpunkt auf Community und Musik.

Was wir bieten;
- Genre spezifische Musik Text Channels wo ihr euch mit gleichgesinnten über eure lieblings Musik austauschen könnt (natürlich auch Musik Voice Channels) 😀
- lustige Fun und Spiele Commands
- selbst gestaltes Levelsystem
- Verschiedene Kategorien die ihr euch selbst
zuweisen könnt wie z.B.
+Anime (alles rund ums Thema)
+TV (Serien, Filme)
+Art (Fotografie, Kunst, Foodporn)
+Welt (Politik, Religion)
+Ab 18 (NSFW, Hentai)
+Games (video und mobile games)
+Community Games (5 lustige Forenspiele)

Spaß und Gemeinschaft wird bei uns ganz groß geschrieben. Wir freuen uns darauf, euch auf unserem Server begrüßen zu dürfen. 😊

LG Samala
A place for you to let your nerd out. We have events, contests, fun bots, and more!
Dating - Chat. Meet. Love.
Roles - Various options to describe yourself
Love - Dare to get matched?
Accepting community - Supported at ease!
Someone save me, she's crazy
she locked me inside the basement i need help
Furtopia is a friendly furry community! 100+ channels, events weekly, and fun interactive bots!

>>Art Giveaway Soon!<<
We're just a small 16+ server created by a couple of kinky friends wanting to meet more people like us!! Join and become a slut today.
Join the Guild of the Phoenix to hang out, share interests, and make new friends! We have gaming channels, music channels, study channels, and more! Stay in touch for events like movie nights and giveaways--become a member of the Guild!
Just a lil weebhub looking for some chill peeps

Psst! Hey! You There! Wanna join a club i made? You’ll have fun, i promise~
We Have:

🖊 Loads of Channels to access!
🖊 NSFW Channels!
🖊 RP/ERP Channels!

And More Coming Soon!
Hello! Nickelodeon Club is a place to chill, crack jokes, listen to music, and just remember all the childhood shows we grew up on. We welcome all members, we don’t discriminate against anyone. Feel free to come check us out!
A place to hang out and chill with others or just play games.
♜ Oyez, oyez ! ♜

♤- Devenez le plus riche du serveur avec notre propre système économique

♧- Un bot perso & des bots pour tout

♡- Rejoignez une des 3 hordes et participez chaque mois farouchement aux tournois pour défendre vos couleurs, récompenses a la clé !

♢- Des giveaways, des évènements & des animations uniques organisés régulièrement par nos bardes

♤- Une communauté diverse et extravagante

♧- Un staff compétent & sympathique

♡- Peut-être bien que vous figurerez sur le prochain numéro du Impe'News, qui sait ?


♛ Rejoignez-nous vite, on attend plus que vous ! ♛

▁▁▁→ ← ▁▁▁

🚫 Drama/Toxic-Free Environment
🤖 Tons Of Fun Bots To Keep You Entertained
🌺 A Ranking System And Self Assignable Roles
🌐 Partnerships (looking for partner managers)
✨Looking for professional experienced e girls
pretty peculiar server, you'll meet some life changing people tho
Chillis a server that offers something for everyone. We have many different channels and categories that may interest you. We have many chill members and a welcoming community. This server offers :
「1」Aesthetic !
「2」Music Channels !
「3」NSFW (18+ Content) !
「4」Free Advertisements & Partnerships !
「5」Active Voice & Text Channels !
「6」Great emotes !
「7」Friendly Community !
「8」And much more !
「9」(In need of Nitro Boosters) !
@here @everyone Our Permanent server link :


☽•┈⛧ 𝐖𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬༄ is a new growing community. With open arms, we wholeheartedly welcome people who wonder about their life, who wonder where they belong, and for anyone that wonders overall.

We have:
~self-assignable roles (。>﹏<。)
~ fun boties (Pokécord, Dankmemer, etc.)
~ separated channels for a variety of interests and hobbies
~ a diverse and active community

☽•┈⛧ 𝐖𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬༄’s staffs are all dedicated to making the server a second home for all, with the exceptions for individuals performing misconduct of course. There is a saying of “Rules are made to be broken”; in order to make 𝐖𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬༄ into a place for all, the rules must be abide. (We aren’t as strict as we make it sound :p)

Lastly, 𝐖𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬༄ is a very chill server. We welcome all who wonders. ~(≧▽≦)/~
Greetings, in this server, we're always bored af, and would like to literally just talk about anything.
Unlike many other servers, this server wont be crowded and you'll have the opportunity to get noticed.
We have a lot of fun bots and interesting activities that you can do, we aslo have self roles and many random emojis.
After all, feel free to be your self and enjoy this fucked up server!
The official FreshPanda Discord server!

• Friendly and Active staff team 👮‍♂️
• Weekly giveaways 🎉
• Tons of cool emotes 😎
• Secure Save-The-World trading ♻️
• Tons of earn-able roles to keep you occupied 👤
• We’ll partner with any servers that have 100+ members! 🤝
• Discord partnership 🏁

Join and relax in our server, we promise you won’t regret it!

Hi there! Hi there! Would you like to join my Metal fight roleplay server? I’m looking for staff to help. I’m also in desperate need of members. I would really appreciate it if you could join.
Welcome to Anime Flow,
We have every active chat with alot of fun people an bots.
Very active VCs.
And the way more so come Join the fun.
This is a Community discord server called "Lucifer's Domain" owned by Lucifer. You can meet new friends, interact with the community, help the server, and possibly become staff.
Need artwork done for free? join here we have artists who can draw just about anything. The best thing about this server is the art is
for free.
This is an RP server with no rules, you can RP however you want. That's really it, I guess.

Hey there you cute goofy goober's (or as we say in germany: taube nüsschen) in front of your monitors :3
As of now we're still a small group of people who are interested in almost everything, aside from that we're interested in meeting new people.
The server is about everything you want, games, anime, memes so on...
We'd love to get to know some of you and maybe we can play some games like CAH or in the evening.
We're kissing your eyes
The Admins c:

Hey ihr süßen tauben Nüsschen da vor den Monitoren :3
Wir sind eine bisher noch kleine Gruppe an Leuten die sich für alles mögliche interessiert, wir sind außerdem daran interessiert andere und neue Menschen kennenzulernen.
Der Server dreht sich um alles was ihr wollt, Games, Anime, Memes und und und...
Wir würden uns freuen euch kennenzulernen und vielleicht können wir auch mal einen Abend CAH und spielen. <3
Wir küssen eure Augen
die Admins c: