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Just a server for talking and making friends don't join if you get offended easily although we just hangout and talk we sometimes get on certain topics that some people may find offensive and stuff like that.
• Greetings! We are 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕾𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙𝖘, a fun, family friendly group for all ages where everyone can come in, game, and feel at home.

• Whether you are looking for that family friendly environment or just want a place to team up and take on competitive games, you have come to the right place!

• We host giveaways often and the prizes are always good! We have areas for lots of different people, such as an art area, specific gaming channels etc etc.

• We also have an area for people who need to talk about the issues and hardships they are facing in life. That chat is a nice place to see how much the owners and others really care about you.

• The saints are a family and we take care of our family! If you are not quite a gamer, we have chats and things for movie lovers, anime lovers, tv show lovers, etc.

• Speaking of movies, we have movie nights often! So please come join us and watch movies with us!

• Lastly, The owners and admins/mods are on quite often so feel free to give a shout! We would be more than happy to have a chat!
Greetings! This is The Top Secret Base. We’re a server that’s all about making friends and sharing interests! We have a lovely Moderation team that’ll help you throughout your stay! We also allow partnerships in our server (More details inside the server). So come on down! Even if it’s for just checking out what we do, we’d love to have you here!
Were a new gaming community ..all welcome for chat gaming and meeting new people ..all welcome look forward to seeing you there :)🍀
Just a server where you can have fun I guess, we can listen to Mo Bamba or Sicko Mode, but not both at the same time as that will collapse the universe. its a really weird server idk what it says in the tags just join its fun i swear.Once, I put my right Joycon in my mouth and my left Joycon in my ass and pretended I was the Nintendo Labo fishing rod. Immediately, I noticed the changes. My formidable belly began to shrink as an impressive six-pack began to grow. You wouldn't have imagined I had eaten three large Baconator meals the night before and hadn't peeked my head outside for a week. My muscle mass grew all around my body and it seemed all fat had disappeared. I felt clarity in my mind - it was almost a post-masturbatory feeling. My anxiety and depression that lurked on me throughout the day had seemingly disappeared, and I felt like I could do anything in the world. Zits disappeared from my face - my glasses fell off and I noticed I no longer needed them - my face shape became more defined and I can assure you that many other things grew. I can't even begin to describe how much better I looked and felt. It was the most immediate sense of euphoria I had ever experienced in my entire life. I took a walk outside and didn't break a sweat. I walked to the Bank of America and noticed an incredible amount of money there, hundreds of thousands more than I had owned. Seeing as this was late at night and I was taken aback by these events, I went to sleep. As I woke up hours before my usual 2:46 PM, I noticed a beautiful woman by my side in bed. The birds chirped outside and I walked out of my bedroom into my New York Penthouse the lords at Nintendo must have blessed me with. This was over a month ago and the effects haven't subsided at all. I am so glad to be a Nintendo gamer! Happy gaming!
🎊 Giveaways for you to win on roblox🎊
👪 Over 250+ members!👪
🐰 Get some BIG CHUNGUS🐰
🤖 Giveaways on simulator games!🤖
🌈 Special Roles for Being Active🌈
⚔ Very OP giveaways!⚔
🆕Looking for new active members!🆕
👌 Very Nice Staff!👌
👪 Family Friendly👪
📊MEE6 Ranks and Rewards! 📊
🎶 Listen to Music With Vexera!🎶
✨ Many discord chats!✨
😡 Use @GP instead of @everyone!😡
🖥 Self assignable roles!🖥
🎰 Actual Giveaways That Aren't Fake🎰
Where to go if you're bored and want a good meme or two

Here at Sinner Central we provide

🥞 Good ol' fashioned memes just like momma used to make
🤖 Interactive bot support and YAGPDB automod protection from spammers
🛌 A cozy place to chat about your suppressed childhood trauma
🍆 NSFW content for the friskier in life
✔️ Frequent updates and new features!
This community is a safe haven for all. They take pride in holding community events, contests, gaming tourneys, and get togethers! With a built in ranking system, custom currency for roles, and many more methods to build the community, they hope you join them and become a part of their loving, fun, and growing community! So come on and join Celestial Divinity, where you will meet the sweetest of people.```

We have:
*18plus channel for people above 18 and older!*
*Gaming community that everyone can enjoy!*
*Looking for partnerships, the more the merrier!*
*Overall a community of people you will enjoy being around.*
An up-and-coming variety, friendship-oriented for all your Discord chatting needs. Categories and roles cater to everyone's lifestyle and interest. Come get your daily dose of hugs and human contact. 100% autonomy, low moderation. Come get your daily hugs!♡
Welcome To Roblox Hangout!😁 We have a very friendly community and staff. We are currently a small community but growing everyday! Come join and make some friends to play some games with!

-Interactive bots
- Friendly community😋
- 24/7 Staff❄️
- Auto Roles❄️
- The more your active the more you level up!❄️
- Find people to play games with!❄️
- Chill music channel❄️
- Hiring staff!👮‍♂️
This Server is a hangout and talk to friends about almost everything where everyone can have fun time and make some new friends.

We hope you join and enjoy!
═══════ ೋღ ☁️ ღೋ ══════

With new members joining everyday, The Iconic Lounge is a great place to socialize, chill, play games and make new friends! We have a place to share and talk about all of your favorite things.

✦ Active and friendly members

✧ Drama Free [Good Vibes Only]

✦ Gaming, Music, Anime, Roleplay, Etc.

✧ A ranking system and self assignable roles

✦ Tons of bots to keep you entertained

✧ Special events

And So Much More!

Come on, give it a try. Join us today! You won’t regret it.

═══════ ೋღ ☁️ ღೋ ══════
A fun family friendly server that you can join and hang out with other people just like you, or even different than you be active and level up as your heart desires.
>>> Our goal here at the friends server is to bring in friendship and create strong bonds with people on our server. We try doing this by making sure you both have the freedom you desire/need, but it we won't allow your freedom leak onto other in a negative way. So we have come up with ratherly “Strict” rules on most channels to prevent your anger from splashing onto other people’s business and keep things organized and where they need to be. Many people here do not like the rules, so we have created a non-moderated channel so you can let out your anger/insults there.
Hi,If you wanna learn coding/programming then you are in right place! We teach many languages like html,css,python,roblox lua and much more! You can clear your doubts and have fun in server :D!!
This I just a random server for fun
It super small so help us come make It bigger!
We're friendly. We don't bite (Most of us anyways). But, we're super dead until night time for some reason :> (as sometimes we're always dead, but, that's rare)
Hope you join and have fun here!!
~Me :>
Super toxic server with almost no moderation, why do we even have mods??

Is a VC based server with enough channels to keep you losers entertained

Special age verification for our 18+ members

Full of egirls, eboys and more
Plenty of ways to offend the others in this server

Pokémon cord
Fight each other over lootboxes (EA approves!)
Dank memer
see how much of a no life you really are.
Hidden NSFW
Super relaxed rules

And much more!

Come join and see what we’re all about

Not for the faint of heart
Something for Everybody is an amazing server which aims to provide a place for everyone to communicate. The difference with “SFE” is that we have no set theme for the server, as instead we have many different topic channels to provide a server where most things you may be interested in are all within one place and community. Not only that, but it gives an opportunity for members to learn about new hobbies and different interests which others may have to widen your mind on different cultures around the world and potentially find new likings and things you may enjoy. We have a kind warming community that everyone enjoys. We are also partnered with discord which is amazing!
A new server not a lot of people yet but you can join and chill with us
Hey everyone and welcome to sad timer, sad timer is a server that you can make great friends on and maybe you can get a (gf/bf) 💕💕 its for fun
xxDiScOrDxx is a discord with a little bit of everything, we take request on new channels and category's to make. Right now its pretty small but thats the reason we are putting it up here.
Just a chill SU server. We're a nice community with some really cool people.