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this place is just a fun little place to get to know people and make friends we are very small but we hope someday we can make this a very known server
Sup fuckers, this is a pointless ass server with few rules and gay staff. We offer you
-Two useless bots
-A useless owner
-Hella ghey staff
And much more! We fucking hate our lives, maybe you hate yours too, consider joining this hellhole! : D
A community for all to enjoy. Come join us and be sorted into your bird house and meet other people who share similar interests! The House of Birds community is divided into 5 groups, the Ravens, Flamingos, Roosters, Toucans and Eagles. The relations between the 5 factions are up to you to decide, whether friend or foe, we hope you find comfort in your bird house.

We offer:
A place peeps can come to make friends, laugh, and game. You can be a fucking degenerate if you want, but fair warning: if someones asks you to quit you are expected to quit.