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The Hidden House
We are a community based server, for anyone who wants to find a new group to chill with over the inter web!
🌹• Giveaways:
*We do a very huge giveaways weekly*
‣ Discord Nitro
‣ Netflix
‣ Steam games
‣ Giftcards
‣ Spotify Premium

🌹• Events:
‣ We do events, going from Movie nights to Karaoke to games streams and a lot of more features so join and stay with us and don't miss any of them.

🌹• Perks:
‣ We pay to keep you entertained with premium bots
‣ We have a very active chats and voice chats
‣ The most safe discord server since we ban all the creeps
‣ A friendly community where you feel so loved
‣ +5000 members
Welcome to Oppa's Paradise, we're a lovely, laidback, and fun community welcoming all people who are looking for a place to stay! Join and make yourself at home!
**Highly ERP Focused Server**

Hey! Are you looking for a server where you can (E)RP anything you want? Want to be apart of a community that doesn't just ignore new comers? Come on down and join our friendly server, HOWEVER! you must be at the age of 18 or older, no exceptions!

One will enjoy the many things our server has to offer:
💗 A friendly welcoming community!
💗SFW roleplay area as well!
💗Numerous Bots for whatever you want!
💗 Leveled Roles with perks as your role gets higher and higher!
💗 An area to post your own original character for all to see and enjoy!
💗 A place for the memes and other images
💗A shop were you can buy more roles! (Not real money of course)
💗A staff that really does care about you and wants to help with your every need!
💗All of these and so, so much more you'll have to see for yourself!
This is a server for writers where we build our skills and share our work for honest, respectful feedback. We allow casual conversation in designated channels and provide many resources to help our community grow as writers. Events and discussions will be hosted. Be sure to check us out!
- ✨ make new friends, talk about anime, listen to music, joke around, come hang out with us! 👻 -
It's a server where everyone just hangs out, nothing more nothing less. Feel free to join :)
A discord server that isn't just a normal discord server, because it's weird... I mean special.
This is a server where if you start talking, you can't stop it

We have lots of things on our server and the only goal is to keep the members happy and to find friends
We have
-party games
-Random events
-nice and weird members
-lots of bots
-anything you want basically

But hey descriptions aren't fun... Stop reading and see it for yourself

Invite link:
um the server is new but we're friendly so join 😎🤝 it'll be fun
and yes we have nsfw channels
Hi, Welcome to the Bean Kingdom!
We are an active and growing server, looking for new active members. A rather small but friendly (primarily SFW) server, feel free to join and start chatting!
We also have a decent amount of bots for you to mess around with.
May the beans be with you fellow traveler. ŌMŌ
Hi there!
Our server is a small close community of friends who like to chill together and be there for each other when we need it. We have many bots and will add more upon request, and we host movie nights and game nights occasionally where we get together and have fun!
No toxic behavior will be tolerated, and no one under the age of 15 should join. Seriously.. we don't like obnoxious kids, so save us and yourself the pain ♡♡♡
~ Comfy Cafe ~
⭐ A server full of friendly & non toxic members. We have tons of fun bots, categories and lovely role. We have 100 leveled roles, 30 invitation roles and 7 buyable roles from Unbelievaboat.

🌟 We would love you to help our community grow as far as you can 🌟
A mental health server but it is also a server to make friends and find people you can relate to and a safe place where you wont be judged
Welcome to your Alternate Reality! If you enjoy sharing art, stories, and characters, roleplaying or playing games then this is probably a place for you! Mostly just a place to hang out and get away from everything for a while. This is an 18+ server so if you are a minor please just wait until you are of legal age and we will gladly welcome you.

- Many channels to share things, talk or roleplay
- SFW channels as well as NSFW
- Character sharing channels and Character RP
- Friendly people and fun bots
- Self-Assignable Roles
- Looking for active members
- Group RPs
- Can link streams and your other content

There are so many more great things about the server but you'll just have to check that out yourself. Hope to see you on the chat soon!

P.S. When you first enter you need to put your introduction and select roles before you can see all of the server channels, etc.
A land of both good and evil, filled with curses, magic and creation of myth and legend.
This is Pandora the creation of a lonely god, Dephadine. The god of this land is a neutral being enjoying good jokes be they performed by those good or evil.
Will you go to the holy cities of Altrik where angels live and sing?
The ravaged Azaloth, the home of the infernal demons?
Or maybe Imperia the homeland of mankind?
Or maybe you will go to Alpha, the grand island, where all cultures merge and no one may harm another out of hate on it's hallowed soil. Maybe your a mystic wielding the power of psionics to accomplish feats no magician could without vigorous training, or a mage casting many different spells from the vast schools of magic that exist? Or are you are warrior, wielding a mighty weapon sworn into eternal battle?
Pandora, is the land for you to start your legacy.
This is a server for you and your friends to chat, have fun, game, and more. Here are some of the good things about our server.
-Owner on every day
-Co-Owner on almost every day
-friendly community
-and you might make friends
Applebees is a fun place that is meant to help people make friends. We here are from all around the world. New York, China, Australia, Scandanavia, you name it! We accept everybody for who they are, and we try to help people with all their problems. Join for a lot of fun!
Welcome to Potential

We're a Pokecord server that's focused on having a clean look without having tens of channels for a bot that only needs 6

What we have in our server:
⚡|Pokecord-based server

💠|Simplistic look

🎉|Giveaways and events

🏆|Gyms (Work in progress)


📋|Looking for staff
Come check us out!
Welcome to Kirby's House!

Kirby's House is a new community server where Nintendo fans gather and meet! If you're not a fan of Nintendo, that's fine! This server is a place for everyone to chat about random things, and talk about their interesting life! There'll be some giveaways and events happening so stay tuned!

We also offer:
☆ Cute emotes
☆ Fun events
☆ Amazing members
The Jungle is a server for everyone!! LGBT+ and Furries ARE allowed! We are a safe place to all and are here for when you need us! Feel free to come join us! Mods are wanted!
Hey there! Looking for new friends or someone to just talk to? This brand new server is just for you! We have very friendly staff, friendly people, and just a safe and chill environment to just talk to new people! We hope to see you there!!
Welcome to cloud city! We are a small brand new server looking just to have fun.