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A small but growing server!
This server is made to make friends and game, it has:
🔥** Some games you can talk about**🔥
🤖**Some bots to keep the server on point** 🤖
😎 **Nice and helpfull staff** 😎
📝 **Staff applications** 📝
✅**Invite system you can get amazing roles with**✅
🎧 **Music bot** 🎧
Just give it a try. Join and maybe you like it here! 😉
❝we are a multifandom community that is solely for meeting
new people and sharing our love for k-pop. we strive to make
sure every member here feels safe and comfortable, and a
drama-free zone.❞

🌿 ⋮⋮ kind + helpful staff
🍓 ⋮⋮ partnerships, events, + fun games
🏹 ⋮⋮ variety of roles including achievable + purchasable
🌼 ⋮⋮ lqbtq+ welcoming + free-speech
🍥 ⋮⋮ amazing memories to be made together!

in this server, there is always something to do like chatting, meeting new people, playing games, & so much more! please consider joining us today!
Hi! the main goal of this server is to literally have some fun lol

-we have a pretty active and chill community!
-The voice chat is pretty active

Also this server is still on a work in progress phase so feedbacks are highly appreciated!
This I just a random server for fun
It super small so help us come make It bigger!
We're friendly. We don't bite (Most of us anyways). But, we're super dead until night time for some reason :> (as sometimes we're always dead, but, that's rare)
Hope you join and have fun here!!
~Me :>

We are a growing "lovey-dovey" community server based on the idea, art and culture of love, romance, relationships, and similar themes.
We provide a way to share your ideas about love and romance with like-minded people. We have professional/friendly staff and are growing extremely fast!

Here are some of the things we offer!
✦ Love Quotes
✦ Relationship Advice
✦ Dating Ideas
✦ 1:1 Female to Male ratio
✦ Movie and Gaming Events
✦ Monthly Giveaways
✦ Couple's Corner / Marriage Bot
✦ Question of the Day
✦ LGBTQ+ Friendly
✦ 18+ Channel

This Is a new and under construction serve that me and my friends are working on. we have nice mods, music, and cool bots. I hope to make this server a big, great and, friendly community. Hope to see you there.( Server icon set to change).

-CEO Vented-
We require assistance for our ambitious exploits and ever-expanding territory.

[+] Must be literate in order to read the second qualification.
[+] Must be able and willing to click the “join server” button.

Job Description:
[+] Verbal Jousting – conquer your opponent with witty words and clever arguments!
[+] Sorcery-Overflow – for those dabbling in the computer science mystic arts
[+] Server gaming, a helpful community, and much more!

Sign up today and meet your fellow enlistees!
(Note: We are not really an rp-centered server, though we are medieval-themed! Anyone is welcome.)
Welcome to Cy's Beehive, the server where almost anything goes!
You can socialize, meme, discuss games, and much more!
We have friendly staff and we are looking to grow this server.
I hope you consider dropping by!
>>>Ahora disponible en español<<<
A chill place with rp and memes stay and chill all you want
We just meme and have fun. :> I want to make more friends, and this server is for people I care about and trust.
A laid back server that's fresh out of the box! I made it because I'd like to have more friends ;w;
Welcome to soars hangout hear is a list of things we can provide to you to give the best experience possible.
🍒active chat
🍒art channels
🍒bot channels
🍒kind staff
Welcome to Oblivion eSports!
What we offer:
- Nice Admin (that don’t abuse power)
- Fun roles
- Applications to tryout
- Active Owners

We are a fortnite mobile competitive team and we are looking for members 😍

Consider joining and supporting us!
A community server for furries,by furries. (P.s. we are really friendly people and love to talk about mostly anything!)
Small, fun server for chatting, meme posting, and listening to music.
Welcome to Traverse Town. this place could be described as a home for the homeless. We're a friendly bunch of people, and I hope you can join and enjoy yourselves. We offer color roles, Question of the day, and a place to chit chat and make ne friends
Hey you :exclamation:
Stop right there :exclamation:

Anime Fandom welcomes you and any of your friends to come join our server :exclamation: :exclamation:

This is a new server, but there's lots to do here :exclamation:
☞ Memes
☞ Roleplay
☞ Anime art
☞ Pokémon
☞ Cool Bots
☞ Music
☞ Anime Suggestions
☞ Emojis are going to be added frequently
!And so much more!

This is a casual server and we're all really nice! There is absolutely no judging allowed in this server so feel free to be you!
Like I said we're small, but we're growing and we would love for you to come be a part of our family!

:heartpulse: :heart: Join us! We'll be pleased to have you! SO PLEASE JOIN!! :heart: :heartpulse:
This is a server made to help people get through the toughest journey, Life, we have very active staff who are here to talk to you. You are never alone in your journey.
Come on in and hang out, meet new people and listen to some music!
We're a small community, but we really want to grow! We strive for a nontoxic community. I made this server for other introverts, such as myself, to be able to have the chance of making friends.

In my opinion, it's very hard to socialize in real life, so online is the best alternative. Come in, chill, and chat with us!
Welcome to Harry Potter Roleplay!
You can:
-make a character

-sort yourself

-be on your house quidditch team

-classes and many rp channels

-and so much more!

Come join us today and have some fun
Hello there you've probley seen about 50 of these ad's saying "Hello there" or "Hey there" but its most likely the only way to get people's attention. Well anyways my server has Bots and all the Crap but lets get down to business, if you join my server right now you will get a Exclusive role from just joining through So I'll let you think about it and then if you do join; We are a group of Friendly people and we welcome you to this discord; This discord has Bots and Custom Bot so you can have some fun. That's it.
Welcome to LoL Confessions! A casual, non toxic League of Legends server. We welcome members from all servers. This is a great place to meet some new friends to take to the Rift! Please message a mod with your region upon joining otherwise you will not be able to see the channels. We do this to help cut back on trolls.

*Occasional RP Giveaways.
*Events for League of Legends with prizes.
*Channel to advertise your streams/channels.
*Channels for Anime/Manga/Shows/Books/Movies/Comics.
*Channel for memes.
*Channel for discussing LCS/LCK/etc;.
*NSFW Channel. (Have to ask a mod for the role!~)
*Lots of Discord bots, like Orianna Bot, Ayana, Tatsumaki, and Mantaro.
*Special role for being pinged for finding games.
*750 members+, with members from lots of different regions.
*Cute custom League of Legends emotes made specifically for this server.