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welcome to nekocake!
hi there! we're a small chill and friendly community, where everyone can talk, have fun, chill and do many more! ❀
if you find any kind of toxic people, feel free to DM and report! ♡

what we have:
➳ friendly peeps
➳ tons of cute animals
➳ animuu (=´∇`=)
➳ custom emotes
➳ bots!

we're a new server!
feel free to join us~ (´・ω・`)
Welcome to Merry Lounge!

This is a place where you can let loose and vibe out; You feel like talking with other peeps and get to know them? Listen to music with our fellow members? Connect with each other and play games, voice channel talks, roleplays and more? Share your proud artwork and drawings with us? Anime? Well this is the perfect place for you! Our people around here friendly and helpful so you will be at ease and to have a great time and we would appreciate that this is a drama-free server. So please, free to join a chill place and find yourself right at home!

The Christmas season has kicked in and is well underway, we would love for you to join us and get into the Christmas spirt with us!!

PS: We have the Pokecord bot in our server which is used by our fellow members but we are looking for more Pokemon trainers so if you're looking for a place which also does Pokemon, you've also found the right place!

Main owner: GreekGod#3549
plaza de gay hotel is a small but growing community of welcoming, active and friendly members. we are a server that promotes a safe space to be yourself, make new friends and enjoy yourself. we are well-moderated but always open to new staff. strictly sfw. lgbtq+ friendly, everyone is welcome!

Join Our Amazing Server 2 Unfound Hearts Today!

━━━━━━⊱♡ About Us ♡⊰━━━━━━━

We are a community server main purpose dating.


We don't use everyone & here tag. A Server without partnerships!


Self Roles with all the interests, each interest have a channel of it.


Verified Selfie! No catfish.


Every Gender/sex allowed/friendly!


No harassment/bullying/No Pedo, Totally safe.


160 Channels & 177 Roles.


Friendly Staff and Apply for staff & Event Team!

We're a small community, but we really want to grow! We strive for a nontoxic community. I made this server for other introverts, such as myself, to be able to have the chance of making friends.

In my opinion, it's very hard to socialize in real life, so online is the best alternative. Come in, chill, and chat with us!
Welcome to Spooky Pumpkins' Friendship!
We are some people that chat and have fun!

We have:
📜Turkish and English talking friendly members on every topic.
📱Active chats, and lots of pokecord spawns.
🎵Music channels and bots.
🤖Different bots with lots of funny commands!
☄️ You can also make new friends, and play games with them. We have chats for games like Roblox. We would love to hear about new games, and make chats for them.

🌟Talk about yourself freely. No one will insult you for being who you are in here. We are just teens trying to have fun. Any rude behave or word will have a punishment. Except for roleplays of course. Arguments can happen, and no one would like some bad words flying around. You can check out our rules or simply ask an admin without being shy.

💗You should come and see us. We are looking forward to talk with you, and see you in our community!👋
sora's hangout is a server for those looking to just hang out with a laid back environment and to make new friends that will support you. We have a very open community that will welcome you with open arms! We have great chatrooms, and very friendly staff, feel free to contact if need be! We feel that everyone should have a comfortable environment to thrive in. So, please enjoy your stay at Sora's Hangout!
Hi there~ We're a slow-paced, but growing small chill community with members who look forward to meeting & getting to know new people all around the world!

Make yourself snug & enjoy talking about everyday things!

♡ Friendly staff
♡ Self-Assignable Roles
♡ Varied (cute) Server Emotes
♡ Looking for wholesome convos ;w;!
♡ Always open to suggestions and ideas
♡ (one of the owners is a chill kpop multi-stan pls befriend her ;;;;;;)
Hello! Here's a brief description about 𝕹𝖞𝖈𝖙𝖔𝖕𝖍𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖆 ☾ ₆₆₆:

Nyctophilia is a server for mature audiences and is based on the theme of darkness, more specially the love of darkness or night. In fact, the term ‘nyctophilia’ itself refers to finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness.

This server is all about meeting new people and having fun. Additionally, members are always willing to help out one another and create new social bonds. We guarantee that everyone will have a fun time in our server! :)
Help us grow! Serendipity is a growing UK based server hoping to be a close-knit and friendly community with members from all walks of life.
Welcome to the Arcadia Lounge! We're a community made for all types of people, with an emphasis on helping those with mental health issues. Our goal is to be a welcoming community that all can feel comfortable in.
An Overwatch server meant for competition between teams, feel free to join if even if you are not apart of a team, teams will be glad to pick you up. This server also gives us players a way to group up for competitive with people we trust, and people that we know will give positive communication.
With attentive admins and a relatively laid-back attitude, The Dragon Keep is a furry server that manages to have a welcoming community. We take pride in our flexibility and listen to our user base. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to stop by and give us a quick look!
✨Hello!! ^^ Good Vibes Inc. is a small, friendly server. ✨
The staff looks out for our members and try to help out in anyway we can! We currently have:
•Music Bots
•A Rant Channel
•Self-Assignable and Color Roles
•Helpful Staff
•Level System
•Pokémon Bot
•Welcoming and Friendly Community

Come and join us and we’ll welcome you with open arms! <3
💬 ₊✧─────₊˚. « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ ».˚₊─────. ∘₊✧ 🌸

poof! we are UwU Central ~
we have many channels with different topics for everyone! We strive to connect anime fans, gamers, and memers to interact with each other and build healthy relationships!

🍮 ∘₊✧─────₊˚. « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ ».˚₊─────. ∘₊✧ 🍰

So what are you waiting for? Join our server and see what we have to offer! •ᴗ•
We are a fun, interactive, entertaining, artistic and cooperative community.
We play games, draw, play music, chat and more. Everyone here is your friend! If you need help on stuff, someone will help ya out. Just ask :)
New server
Dating and Chatroom server
Please join our server
« Welcome to Pastel Life »
We are a Loli filled server, that also has a few traps,
we're active a lot of the time in both text and voice chats.
Come on in and participate in giveaway's, events, and competitions. Hopefully we'll see you in the server!

Minimal Age 13

« Features »
♡ Lot's of Roles
♡ Multiple Levels
♡ Server shop
♡ Giveaways
♡ Events
♡ Lot's of fun bots
♡ Personal Voice Chats
♡ Lots of more content to come!
Welcome to Sunshade Forest!
Sunshade Forest is a brand-new server based on forest theme. If you want a nice and cozy server, this is the right server for you! Our server is still small because it hasn't been long since it was built. Join today and make our forest alive!

Some of the features we have:
· Friendly people
· Separated, private language channels (more channels are coming soon!)
· Unique levels based on plants
· Forest-themed channels and categories
Join our server if you want to be disappointed. Everyone on the server is pretty chill and if you're not a pussy cunt we'll like you. So join if you like.

e-grills are here ecks dee
Welcome to our new minecraft server!
Ulterium Networks is a Towny survival server with popular features added, including custom world generation, mcmmo, jobs, crates and much more!

Join the discord for a chance to win free ranks, opening to public with on 16th December 12 noon EST (5pm GMT)
Kaldium, the country of floating isles. Four in the spotlight with lore, beasts, and exploration. The fifth, and farthest shrouded in pure mystery. Yet, the possibilities for more isles to be discovered are endless! Come and see what awaits you!
Eevee's Mystery Dungeon is a Pokemon-themed social server founded in December 2017. In the months since, we've been proud to offer our members a warm, safe, welcoming environment where Pokemon fans and those not familiar with the series alike can bounce in and make wonderful friends! ^_^

We're also doing various server events now - we're looking to make movie/anime watches and Pokemon Showdown tourneys, among other things, a regular thing on the server! ^_^
A nice small server trying to grow into something fun, not specifically a dating server but we wont stop you, we are nice people and we don't judge c:
we also have reaction roles!