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•Need more discord server members?
•Struggling to grow your server?
•Want to meet new people?
•Want members?
•Want your server to get thousands of members!?

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Advertise your discord server here to gain members! It's quick, its easy and it's fast! You'll grow quicker than ever!

Server Link:
Discord: Micaiah#2913
Owners YouTube: Micaiah Gaming


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we are a discord server where you can come here and advertise you very own discord server to gain members, the type of discord servers you can post is limitless.
here you can also buy n sell what ever you like, there are channels in here for everything so i hope to see you there.
Hey you! Yeah you, haven't you heard about bread gang? Well, I'll assume you haven't, so I'll explain what it is about. Bread Gang is a server that is friendly and fun, and accepts LGBTQ+! There is a lot of different things like...
Game discussion, community-polls, suggestions, self-assignable roles, free -advertising, events, partnerships, and other things that you wouldn't believe that are there. So many things to do!
So hopefully you will join Bread Gang, and have fun.
Remember to follow the rules too!

P.S. If you have a report on a player please message either crims#1790 or Oskarix for assistance.

Your sincerely,
-Oskarix (Owner)
A small sever that I’m looking to grow. Not currently accepting staff, but will accept suggestions.