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A discord server full of Fortnite players who are looking to buy, sell, or even trade their accounts! Buy RARE and OG skins for the cheapest price around here!
Friendly trading community!
No scamming!
Trusted Staff!
Support 24/7!
Invite rewards!
We are nice friendly fortnite STW server that does consistent giveaways for stw items
Trilly Trading is the #1 Fortnite Save The World trading server. Trade weapons, trade materials, chat, and more in our safe trading server.
Fairly new server, With perks of MEE6 levels, Fortnite Trading (PVE), Friendly staff and looking out for new and all gamer needs for all gamers.
Doing multiple big giveaways and having big trades. Come and check this awesome Save the World server out.
Our server is the best trading server you could ever find, helpful staff, categorized everything, trusted middleman and just all around amazing server go ahead and join
OP Trading World is a nice growing server with not a lot of people but were still growing. We are starting to do lots of giveaways for 130s, Sunbeam and lots of other materials. Joining the server will help out our community and yours with your progress in the game.
This is a hub for all Fortnite STW players. You can just hang out, trade mats and weapons or take part in the many giveaways and contests that we host here :D
Hope to see you join.
Super friendly server!
Join to:-
Trade! 🤝
Join Giveaways!🎁

We are planning to grow this server big! If you join it would mean a lot to us and we would care for you a lot!
(Also we are not obviously scammer proof so if you get scammed report it to us and we will ban them from the server)
Use this server to find friends to help you with missions and trade your way to a bigger and better inventory! Leave a review if you really enjoyed it!
This is a server where you can trade with other people and communicate with others who have stw. Here we have giveaways pretty often, and have many bots to make your experience here wonderful. Our moderation team is also great and always looking for new members to join our staff. We have Middlemen so you can trade knowing you wont get scammed and have many roles to make your time her easier to show the zone you are in and power level and weather you are a craft of good weapons and can build home bases.
Fortnite STW Community is a fortnite stw trading server and a community.
We have friendly and helpful staff.
Daily giveaways.
Huge member goal giveaways.
STW invite rewards.
Useful bots.
If you are looking to trade legitly please consider joining our server!
This guild is centered around Fortnite Save The World, here you can trade, find friends to complete a mission, storm-shield defenses. We specialize in an advanced, seamless and fair taxi system. So... What are you waiting for? Join the discord :D

-Fortnite Save The World Giveaways!
-Great Bots!
This discord server is a trading Fortnite Stw Server that has many active members that has no scammers, and has taxis, we also have patch notes and you can report scammers.
GIVEAWAYS GOING ON NOW Our server was recently nuked. We invite you to join and support us. Sorry for bothering you, but it would mean a lot if you joined. My old server had over 500 members and i will get there again. I am going to work my way up and we are growing quickly. Thanks for your time :wink: 5 invites = a 130 and 1 invite = a 106!!!!!! (they have to join) If you want to join my APEX LEGENDS SERVER; it is here
In This Server
Their Will Be Minigames STWTrades TurtleWars
Music And More!Hope You Enjoy The Server!
Also Im Doing Free 130 Giveaways Everyday!
We are a discord server ran by youtuber Wil Fresco. We assist is safe trading, mission help, and game advice for beginners. We do daily giveaways of mats and weapons to our members. We are a very close knit fortnite community with different channels supporting all fortnite content including battle royale and creative mode. Come join the gang gang and see what we’re all about.
We are one of the most unique, powerful, and safe fortnite save the world trading discords.
This is a great server to join if you are looking for a server to trade, play fun events and win giveaways. We have a dedicated staff team that if you have any problems will help you out. You should trade at the beginning with higher reputation people, as there is a chance that you can get scammed with members that have 0 Reputation as they are new. Once you got enough reputation, you could trade on lower rep drops first to prevent any scamming. We recommend you to record with anyone that you are trading with.