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What we offer? :
-Legit Shops
-Trading & Selling
-Active People
-Trusted Sellers/Traders & Staff Members
-Helpful Staff
1.() New Market In which you can sell/trade/buy any accounts with safety and security as a top priority.
2.() We will be doing a ton of giveaways in the near future!
3.() Staff applications will be opening soon!
✅Kene’s Market💵

Kene’s Market is one of the best Fortnite and Roblox Trading, Selling and Buying discord servers out there!

•We take pride in making sure our server is scam free and bringing in some of the best moderators!

💵We do Daily giveaways and invite challenges!💵

Make sure to join today!
Welcome to Blu’s Marketplace.

- Scam Free
- Trusted Traders
- Active Staff
- Good Community

We have been taken down before at 350 members , so we are renown back up again!
✨🛒 We are a up and coming fortnite market. And we have a large selection of invite rewards! If you want a og account look no further than here because in our server you’ll see we have some of the best staff, and the most legit members in the community! So if you’re struggling to find a good fortnite account or just want to chill join us today!🛒
Hello, we're a growing community with Fortnite traders and sellers. Scammers get banned instantly. Feel free to join :)
-Trusted Staff And Middlemen

-24/7 Active Staff Members

-Legit Trades

-Friendly Community, No Scammers

-Still recruiting active/staff members

-Daily Drops And Giveaways

-Come Join Us At Wizzy | Market
This is a discord server for Fortnite, Roblox and much more.

This discord has

✅ Friendly Owners
✅ Selling
✅ Buying
✅ Trusted
✅ Trusted Server Shop
✅ Trusted Server Moderation Team
✅ Great Trading Community
This is a place for safe trading, selling, and buying (We have guidlines on how to not get scammed in the server)
This server does not hire scammers that could possibly ruin the server.
Hey, we're a newer, legit community that has fortnite,and roblox account sellers, and traders. All scammers with be banned without warning. If you are interested, please join :)
Discord server for
You can buy an account here,
sell them or exchange them for others. We do not tolerate scamers!
This is a Fun marketing place for Fortnite Battle Royale... Enjoy and invite your friends (Remember, there’s invite rewards!)
What we offer? :
-Legit Shops
-Trading & Selling
-Active People
-Trusted Traders
-Invite Rewards
This is a discord server for Fortnite Trading/Selling/!

This discord has