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Welcome to FN Marketplace ,a server where anyone can find a player to 1v1 whether you're looking to build fight or box fight, and trading,
Help the owners by just joining.
Come down to my market!

- Support Channel.
- Market lounge for everyone!
- Giveaways coming at 100 member's.
- Invite rewards are active with proof!

If link is invalid here is a link.
Elysian Market is back! Got anything you want to sell, buy or trade? Join us!

Here you can:
[💸] Buy & Sell
[♻️] Trade
[🎁] Participate in giveaways
And much more!

We provide a free middleman service and we have a brand new authentication system. Our old discord server got terminated so please join back. (900 Members)
Welcome to Fortnite Hut
Here is the place where u can buy sell or trade fortnite accounts
We have many features such as premium generator, to unlock this feature u need 5 invites.
Enjoy ur time on my server

<=> 5 Invites = Minty Code
<=> 5 Invites = Wonder Code
<=> 10 Invites = 3 Month Nitro
<=> 20 Invites = 10,000 ROBUX
<=> 30 Invites = $50 PAYPAL
<=> 40 Invites = 13,500 VBUCKS
Welcome to Og Lounge, last server had 4K members! This Discord Server is a Market Place for All Games! Free Legit MM Services!

We have active Giveaways!

We are Currently looking for Moderators!
Welcome to: Fortnite Market Hub

✯ Trusted owner.

✯ Ban hammer for scammers.

✯ Best middle men.

✯ Active community.

✯ Best prices for best privates shops.

✯ Giveaways are coming once we've reached the first goal.

✯ Drops starts at 200 members!!!

✯ Only trusted people stay.
Selling server! Sell and trade/buy anything you want and need! Free Giveaways and invite rewards DAILY. Very welcome community :)
You can:
➢ Buy 🛒
➢ Sell 💲
➢ Trade 💱
➢Get your own shop
⭐️Morty’s Chill Zone
⭐️Invite Rewards
⭐️Many Chilled People To Talk To
⭐️Trading & Selling
⭐️Join Up
Fortnite Trading, Selling, Buying, and Fortnite Shop cheap Accounts Selling no Cracked account Or ban
DAILY Giveaways hosted so you can get your hands on FREE accounts.
Professional shops and verified members for 100% no scam guarantee

Interested? We also do invite rewards, so get yourself in the server! And no Cracked Fortnite Accounts
Fortnite Hub
-Buy, Sell, or Trade your account
-Exclusive Skins (Wonder, Honor, Dark Vertex, Eon, and more)
-Rare Fortnite Accounts
-Trusted Sellers
-Trusted Middlemen
Join Our Server Now!
Hey this is a new community as we grow more people will get more roles we would love to see you? in our server come and trade/sell/buy fortnite accounts have a great day <3
A fairly new marketplace server where you can hang out with the community, buy trade or sell !
-scammer free🚫
-Legit invite rewards✅
-kind staff👨‍❤️‍👨
-huge drops/giveaways 🎁
Come stop by hessy's market and enjoy your stay!