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Hello, We are a Fortnite based Gaming Organisation. Join Our server if you would like to try and join us. We have accumulated over 2.6k on Twitter and 1.1k on Instagram.

We have some simple requirements-

TEAM PLAYERS -Required to be active in chat every day and to attend practices - DO NOT be toxic to other players! We like to have a laugh in Team LeX from time to time but dont go over the top its honestly not needed! - Make sure to be friendly and active in the server and join in all the customs and zone wars when you can! -Make sure to send in clips for future teamtages!
GFX: - Must show us your work in #⇒gfx-pics (do not dm us your work) - Must be willing to work for free for now! - Must be active!
STAFF: - Must have good experience with discord. - Must be active alot. - Must be helpful in the server. - Very friendly and have enough patience - Must know everything in the server so you can help others!
CONTENT CREATORS: - Must post content at least 1 - 2(times) a week. - Must have a decent following. here is that a little bit shorter but better.
Hello, we are a server that solely is dedicated to Fortnite. We are a clan that has started up recently. We have big goals and we need people like you to help us.
Team Probe is striking to be the very best and constantly improving each day.
Our goal is to become big at one day.

Requirement Info

- Be on discord daily (no slacking)
- No Toxicity
- Must be Mature (not to much)
- Good Callouts
- Must be good at Buildings/Edits (mainly aim)
- Must be either NA / EU / NAW

RC Requirement

- Must include free builds, edits, etc
- Use tag #Probe250
- In description, List Down your weakness and your strengths
Must be 2-3 mins
⭐ ⭐ SF ⭐ ⭐
Welcome to SF!
We are currently an up and coming Fortnite Multi-Platform and Pokécord Clan+Community looking for players and members alike!
We are small but growing fast and could use Gym Leaders, GFX artists and team managers, especially console and pc managers! We accept Mobile, Switch, PC, and Console players!

**Fortnite Players: How To Join**
-Go to the tryout-request channel in our server and use the command *%apply* to start an application in your DMs.

-Respond to each question and staff will review your application. If it looks good, you'll be tried out!

-1v1 one of our recruiters (Winning is NOT NECCESSARY. You will be judged on your skills, even if you lose!)

**Pokécord Players**
You can join the Pokécord team by beating 8 gyms! To become the champion you must beat the Elite 4 and the current champion!

**GFX: How To Join**
-Showcase your art in the gfx channel and if we like it, you'll be notified that we want you for the job!

- Toxicity and/or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated
- Spamming is allowed only in the spam chat
- Only @ roles (i.e Commander, Leader, etc) if neccessary or if granted permission (Ex: To make an announcement)

Welcome To SF Clan!
▬▬▬ Reverse Alliance ▬▬▬
We are Reverse, an Upcoming Team That’s Grinding to get to the top. We Strive To Help Our Members be Successful, and we give them a fun loving non toxic community. Join If You Are Interested!

● Non-Toxic
●Be Active In The Discord Server
● Uploading/Streaming Consistently
▬▬▬What We Offer▬▬▬

● Friendly Non Toxic Community
● Free GFX and VFX to team members

▬▬What We Are Looking For▬▬

● Competitive Players
● Content Creators
● Active Members
● Creative Warriors

A clan that is just starting out so please don't leave if someone does not answer you immediately. To tryout type !tryout to notify us. You can be a competitive player or a casual player. We hope to see you there.
Hope everybody joins this clan I worked hard on this shout out to everyone who was in my previous clan I hope you join this one what he did was horrible and this will make it up to you and new Comers hope you like this new one
Team Vaultic is a clan that currently focuses on Fortnite but will expand to other games in the future.

We are currently looking for:
-MORE Mobile Players!!
-MORE PC Players.
-EU Fortnite Players.
-Professional & Casual Fortnite Players.
-Creative Warriors, Content Creators, Social Media Managers, etc.

We currently provide:
-A Roster Of Professional & Casual Fortnite Players.
-A Multitude Of Fortnite Players From Most Platforms.
-Content Creators
-Support For All FN Servers.
-Future Team Vaultic Events.
-A solid community.

We hope you enjoy your time in the Team Vaultic discord. Always remember, look out for Team Vaultic in the future...
We are a server that has just started and we are strongly independent. To get into this clan you must tryout and dm one of our recruiters. What we offer: Music/Chill. Non toxic community. New friends. Competitive Gamers! What we are looking for: Casual Team/Competitive Team Content Creators. Server Boosters. Active fortnite players. Thumbnail and video editors. (for Montages)
Hey welcome to Team Orca! was founded on 2/4/2020 and growing fast! Join us on our journey to success! Make sure to check out #rules , and if you are interested in joining our ranks go here #how-to-join -to-join . Make sure to get a grinder role to access to everything to do with joining the team, including information changing, hosting tryouts
The Bois clan, clan for fortnite, You can be on any device and join! Just have to be decent and you’ll probably make it in. Thanks for reading and have fun in TB Clan!
Team Renegade/East West Orchestra server
<FIRST DISCORD SERVER that manages a group of musicians and a group of gamers>

For Team Renegade, we offer:

-Expert guidance on honing Fortnite skills

-Clan wars(after the ranks of team renegade are built up)

-Internal competitions(soon to be commenced)

-High ranks available(join now to get a prominent rank)

For East West Orchestra, we offer:

-A community where music lovers from all different walks of life get to meet together

-Performances and recitals

-Advises on playing instruments

-MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is the ONLY discord music server that have BOTH WESTERN and CHINESE music integrated together, which means that there are Chinese music instrumentalists and Chinese music lovers in this server too

-You can learn more about Chinese music if you join

So, what are you waiting for? Join our server now and you will definitely not regret it!
Team Limit is a mobile gaming organisation. We have one of the strongest rosters in competitive fortnite mobile history. We accept the following:
Comp players
Content creators
GFX/VFX designers
Academy players

$16k+ earnings
Team Xploit is recruiting

we are looking for new members for our server whether you’d like to be on the comp team be a mod etc we are welcoming to anyone who wants to join
Hey there! Team Kloudz is a just made fortnite team and we are recruiting! You can join the server and read the rules on how to join to be a member at the clan! We are looking for different players and managers! Join the team today!
Join the best and cutest team s discord server!boys and girls having fun out here! You dont want to miss it!
»»————- Hey there! ————-««
Welcome to our lovely server🌸! It is a server that welcomes people of all kinds no matter race gender or religion!
This is a small server, help it grow! Anyone is welcome! We play games and chat.
This is a small attempt to create a community in which everyone knows everyone. Talk, chill, make friends, find team-mates and organise community games. Do not expect perfection, over-the-top features or magic to happen but do expect a growing place where you might belong and individuals that might come to care about you for real.
My Name is Isabelle but you can call me Isabella if you'd like.
Hope I see you soon ✌
Welcome to The Toxic Clan We arent actually toxic but we just call ourselves that so please come join and tryout and dm me @enzai#7666
We're called aRise We truly believe that Esports is a very successful Industry, And Our goal is to provide players with a future Career as a eSports player,
We Will Help You Turn Your Passion Into A Profession.
We are looking for
competitive players
Content Creators and Streamers (300 followers or Subs)
Custom hosters!

Team ShotZ!
• Looking for Competitive, Casual and Creative players
• Looking for Content Creators! (500+)
• GFX and VFX Artists

__What We Offer__

- An Fun And Entertaining Server
- Free GFX and VFX for all of our Players
- An dedicated staff team
We are a fortnite battle royale esports team known as Team Surfe, join this server for. Scrims, Wagers, 1v1s/2v2s ect, or if youre just looking for someone to play with, we look forward to seeing you in Surfe FN Esports