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We are a new Fortnite clan starting out, and we encourage you to join the server if you do want to try out, or you can just join for the heck of it, and come to talk. Although we may not be online at some times, DON'T LEAVE as we will tend to you at the soonest possible.
All regions welcome, LGTBQ+ freindly.
About us:

- Gaming.

- Giveaways.

- Chatting.

- Gamenights.

- Jobs.
Can try out I have a clan with 80+ members but it won’t let me add it so join this then ask for info on the clan
Hi! Team M18 sucht dich als Fortnite Pro Player, als Mod, als Designer oder einfach als normalen User.

Wir bieten:
- Gut strukturierter Discord
- Gute Bots
- Turniere

Und vieles Mehr...

Joine auch du.
The LR Clan!
➔ You are at the age of 14 or above.
➔ You have experience in playing and are able to play in a team.
➔ YOU SHOULD BE ACTIVE. (in the Clan / Discord)
➔ A working headset/mic.
➔ You are humorous, loyal, nice, chill, DON'T BE TOXIC.
➔ Support the LR Clan.
➔ Put the word "LR" before your username
➔ 10 to 100+ wins
➔ If your a BOT we can make you BETTER
➔ Recruiters
We are looking for very active people also we are gonna get some sponsors what we have to offer

We just started this clan so we need members fast

We are really active people

Also we are nice people

We don’t accept toxic but sometimes people are toxic cause it happens

We are a fortnite clan that allows all platforms and regions! [Mainly NAW] If you are looking for a clan with an amazing community, great staff, and Non-Toxic members, this may be the server for you! Come drop by and join the fun!
If you want to join or clan we have 20 members but not all of them have discord we accept all platforms but except switch
Hi we are a gaming server! On our server you can: 🎧Listen to music with our bot! 📣Self promote! 🙋‍♂️Meet people to play with! 🎮Join our fortnite gaming team! And much more! Join us!
Primitive Gaming Recruitment

[+] Primitive Gaming Is looking for skilled and active players to join our competitive team!
[+] NA team

We have 3 levels of play:
1. Casual
2. Competitve
3. Pro

What We Offer:
[+] Highlights and Publicity
[+] Opportunities to be apart of tournaments
[+] Experience in the competitive field
[+] Montages, edits and more
[+] Non-Toxic Environment
[+] Friendly and creative atmosphere
Join our awesome server where we host scrims and price pool tournaments and have a friendly talk with everyone. Hope you join this thanks
The Massives FNM Clan

New Team on the Rise 🤩

If you're looking for a fortnite mobile team then come on by we have:

Nice and active admins
Custom emojis

Just don't forget to follow the rules and you'll be welcome 😁
This server is our public server where everyone can join.
To have a little talk or who wants to join our clan.
Everyone can join you just need to follow a couple rules that's all.
Those rules can you find in the server.
We would love to see you in our server...
(✓) a small fortnite clan looking for more people to recruit and or just play with !!

‼️ 15+ • ages below are accepted though !!
A fast-growing Fortnite gaming clan with somewhat active members. To get in all you have to do is 1v1 someone, and if you're good enough, that should be easy.
This is a discord server for our clan TBS, we are always looking for new clan members, when your in this server, you can apply in one of the text channels.
We are looking for moderators/fortnite team captains for our discord server. Our teams name is GRD(Guard) and we would like for people to constantly managing our teams discord!
☆**We are Competitive & Content Creation Team**

*Looking For*
☆Good Content Creators
☆Competitive Players
☆Active Players
☆Players Who Are Wanting to Grow and Achieve Goals

➤**Fast Growing YouTube Channel**
Hi this is the leader of afterglow pls come and join this nice good fun and pro clan any skill level will work we will help you if you need anything thank you we play fortnite btw