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The excitement surrounding a 2019 version of the lucrative tournament started to swirl up when FaZe Clan coach DestinysJesus posted an image suggesting that the 2019 edition of the wintery event would consist of players competing in the duos playlist.
Hello! If you have ever wanted to TRADE your fortnite account legitimately with someone without getting scammed? If so, you have found the right server. We offer friendly and trusted staff that will help secure your trade. The server owner is well known and has owned many discord servers with over 500 members! We do not allow selling here because we FOLLOW DISCORD T.O.S! Do not join if you want to sell your account here! Dont hesitate to join and invite your friends!
Welcome to: Fortnite Market Hub

✯ Trusted owner.

✯ Ban hammer for scammers.

✯ Best middle men.

✯ Active community.

✯ Best prices for best privates shops.

✯ Giveaways are coming once we've reached the first goal.

✯ Drops starts at 200 members!!!

✯ Only trusted people stay.
Fortnite Trading, Selling, Buying, and Fortnite Shop cheap Accounts Selling no Cracked account Or ban
DAILY Giveaways hosted so you can get your hands on FREE accounts.
Professional shops and verified members for 100% no scam guarantee

Interested? We also do invite rewards, so get yourself in the server! And no Cracked Fortnite Accounts
Welcome to StarLite™
This is the gateway server to our Fortnite Marketplace server so that if we ever get banned we can always run the marketplace from a backup, which will be accessible to everyone in the gateway. In order to join our main Fortnite account selling/selling/trading server join here for the link.
Enjoy! xD
Invite 10 Active and real accounts to the server and you will get a free Mint Code
Invite + and the gifts will be bigger !
You can trade as well but we advise you to use middlemans / Admins !
Have fun !
Public Fortnite Marketplace to Buy/Sell/Trade accounts. ABSOLUTELY NO SCAMMING WILL TOLERATED. Giveaway every week.
Come in and have fun :)