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Croissant croissant,

This is just like a store, but with K-POP and LOONA!

stan me ok thx
Serene XXile a multi-variety server filled with fun and mature people to chill with no drama, no toxicity Join us today we are waiting.
This is an anime and food-themed server! We have:
~ A plethora of bots! :robot:
~ A NSFW channel! :flushed:
~ Color roles! :black_circle: :red_circle: :large_blue_circle:
~ Cute emojis! 🐱
~ Events! 🆕
~ A chill community! 💤⛄
~ Private chats you can reserve! 🆔
~ Music bots and channels! 🎶
I can't wait to see you there at the Doki Doki Diner~♡
-nii (server owner)
Here, you get to participate in various fun activates, such as
discussions about various music and soundtracks that you enjoy
discussions about games, movies, TV shows, and animes mangas you enjoy watching and reading
various fun raffles and polls with other members
fun VC discussions
Freely enjoy listening to music in the VC
Do you like to chill out with like-minded people watching movies and listening to few tunes? Then this is the server for you! No topics are left untouched. A strictly 18+ and LGBTQ friendly server! Join us!
This is a small (new) friendly server where you can share your recipes and food. We also have a general channels for those who aren’t interested but want to make new friends.
We welcome all ages, genders and race. Please be respectful to everyone :)
🌐 Welcome to Chats without borders !
This is a Multilingual New server.
Here you will meet people who come from all four corners of the earth, people of all ages and cultures, people who have a common interest in the Food and Cryptocurrency, or eating, learning to cooking.

🍴 Welcome Food porn!
Let's chat about Food and Cooking.
Any topic of food related is fine.
If you eat something, do not hesitate to post here!

🍜 There are chat rooms for topics such as Ramen shop, Instant noodles, Foodies Recipe, Cooking, Cryptocurrency, or Freedom.

💰 Plan to hold the first air drop in FY 2019.

🍥 Racoin is a Genuine Real Global RamenCoin.
Racoin brings a peaceful economy to the world through ramen.
We will change the world through Ramen, enhancing world through Racoin.
“ Ramenomics! ”
Join the world ramen revolution!
Your join will change the world.

🍴 🍞 🍖 🍗 🍔 🍟 🍳 🍲 🍱 🍣 🍛 🍜 🍷 🍴 🍞 🍖
ramen noodles food culinary cooking recipe chef restaurant kitchen cuisine gourmet gourmand cryptocurrency crypto chat free freedom global worldwide language exchange airdrop bounty ramencoin racoin bitcoin altcoin
Multilingual english deutsch français italiano español português brasil русский japanese 日本語 chinese 简体中文 繁體中文 korean 한국어 bahasa indonesia thai การพูดคุย vietnamese tiếng việt arabic الدردشة
💙 Welcome To Bubble Boi's House! 💙
🍇This Server Provides You With Super friendly customers (members)!🍇

💬An active chat!💬

👥A supportive staff!👥

🎤We host karaoke, movie and gaming nights!🎮

💘We're trying to make a successful server joining would be a great help💘
You like food? Making food? Or anything involving food? Then this is the place for you! We are a server welcoming to all Foodies where we discuss, share and critique each other’s food and recipes. We help each other improve on out cooking skills and learn different recipes. Join us today!
This group is for meeting new people and maybe even find a partner! I am very strict about spammers and bad people so let's hope you dont run into any bad people while you're in the server. Note that this server is in the works and still does not have everything but there are some fun bots you can mess with!
A server to talk about anything
Mostly cheese
umm...thats about it
Oh there's also bots to mess around with. (incuding some pretty neat games)
Any foodies out in here? Join ☕ LeCafé ☕ for a full on fun experience! Make friends, socialize, have fun with bots, even get married and more! Make sure to invite your friends too, the more the merrier. Just like with food, you could never have enough.
We do events. We’re a strong community. We hope to see some good people join our community. We accept everyone no matter your race, sexuality, culture. You’re welcome to join!
Heyy Buds, you found us!

Come! Sit back and chill with us as we go on with our lives and taco 'bout pretty much everything. We encourage mature behaviour and positivity, and we always strive to provide a comfy nook for you to hang out in.

Some of the things that you can find in our place :

◌ Non-toxic community
◌ Food & Beverages
◌ Easy-to-get Self-Assignable Roles
◌ Custom Levelling System
◌ Casual chat, specialised and secured NSFW channels
◌ Music & Radio Channels
◌ Anonymous sharing channel and Commission Board
◌ Streamers highlight
◌ Gambling & casual bot games including Pokécord
◌ Custom commands, webhooks and more!

We will be happy to have you with us. See you soon!

▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿

Note :
We are also open for PARTNERSHIP with non-toxic servers with at least 50 users.
(Rep has to stay!)
Hello everyone ! This server is built for all users to be able to socialise with one another and to have fun.
Hello, and welcome to The Fridge!
We are a WIP server based off of the one thing we all love- Food!
We were recently raided by a girl who lured out our trust and banned everybody, so please excuse the member count.
Café De L’Artiste.
《Established; November 13th of 2018》
One of the cutest, humblest, comfy servers around! We pride ourselves in filling our server with down-to-earth, chill people with a growing community and tons to do. Fast responders, and a lovely array of different cool bots to choose from! We have a wonderful little layout that makes everything so much easier to navigate and get around through. Not to mention our amazing music bot!

Don’t Like Reading?
Totally fine, I don’t either. Here’s a summed up list of what we have to offer;
— Tons of fun bots to chose and mess with!

— Sweet, fast replying members!

— A comfortable, easy to use layout!

— Interactive chats like QOTD / WYR!

— Fun creative events to attend!

— A small lovable growing community!

Still not persuaded? We’ve got tons of coffee!

So what’re you waiting for? Come on in!
The Kitchen is your new favorite hangout place, where you can discuss various topics in a friendly, foregoing environment. You need some friends, because your crippling anxiety is keeping you from making friends outside? Then this server is perfect for you! We all have our fears, but we can work together to get rid of those! We can all talk, share content and cook whatever you feel works, so come on down!
🍰Welcome to Peep's & Treats! 🍰

🍓Here at this server, everyone is very kind and super friendly! 🍓

🍒Occasionally we host karaoke nights, movie nights, and game nights!🍒

🍉Our server also provides many different self roles!🍉

🍊This server is slowly growing! We hope you join in all the fun, we would love to have you here in this sweet server🍊

💖Tysm for reading this~💖

Say Hello. A great place to start a conversation with like minded people and to make great friends, after all that's how The Hello Server became to be.