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Serene XXile a multi-variety server filled with fun and mature people to chill with no drama, no toxicity Join us today we are waiting.
2 hours ago
The Avocation Legion is essentially a place to learn new friends, and a perfect place to get to know your future best friends considering many share the same interests/hobbies. It is a server where you can talk about anything from a-z. We are trying to form a large and friendly community that can inspire over-the-world relationships. You can say it’s your neighborhood, where you can learn stuff from others, teach stuff to others, and just chill, away from life. Come along, join our community, get to know others and find your new soulmate for life!
3 hours ago
Do you like to chill out with like-minded people watching movies and listening to few tunes? Then this is the server for you! No topics are left untouched. A strictly 18+ and LGBTQ friendly server! We have movie nights almost every day, book club and many more fun events! Join us!
7 hours ago
Sit back and chill with us as we go on with life~
18+ advised.

* Food & Beverages
* Self-assignable Roles
* Multiple Currencies & Shops
* Special Roles available at the shops
* Custom Levelling System
* Casual chat, specialised and NSFW channels
* Anonymous sharing channel and Commission Board
* Music & Radio Channels
* Gambling & casual bot games
* Custom commands, webhooks and more!
1 days ago
|| A sweet food-inspired server for furries to hang out! Aiming to provide a mature, relaxing, and simplistic environment for all to enjoy. || [ 16+ only, please! ]

70+ members
No distracting bots, heavy focus on natural conversation
Simple rules + channels, courteous staff members
Sweet & active community
Furries preferred; non-furries welcome
Optional NSFW chat + image boards

[ Thank you for checking us out! ]
2 days ago
This is a general anime/music discord.
This server also features
Youtubers dedicated to High Quality Anime Sound, Anime Web-Hooks, Music, Musicians Food, Art, Bot Games, Leveling, Active Members
Fun Friendly Staff + Members.
We hope to make friends and discuss our shared interests. Come join us!
4 days ago
Inspired by Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san. Spend time with anime lovers and ramen lovers alike. Many bots to have fun with aswell !
5 days ago
Food Dungeon is a community server about food but also has non food related channels!
We have a leveling system!
Self-signable roles!
Mods and Admins
Active users
Organized Channels
7 days ago
A discord server for foodies and chefs alike! Welcome to those that do not cook as well. Friendly and active community!
9 days ago
♪¸.•*.Welcome to **Daydream ☾ ⛭**

**Daydream ☾ ⛭ is a cute, fun and calm server for everyone!**


🍡 Cute Snowcone themed Level roles + Colors!

🍥 Simple rules!

🍡 Partnerships!

🍥 Tons of selfroles!

🍡 Helpful Staff!

🍥 Friendly atmosphere for everyone!
10 days ago
A general gaming discord with guilds and events. battle your way to be the top guild or chill and mess around, we are generally very welcoming and love new people to talk to.
33 days ago
Welcome to Flaming Hot Cheeto's - We're an experimental community, so share your love for cheetos!
50 days ago
A fun place to talk about cats, food, and share nsfw images
73 days ago
A fun loving little diner with quirky fun loving people

We allow advertising in a designated area

90 days ago
Un serveur Discord sympa dans la bonne humeur et la joie et la nourriture. On parle de tout : informatique, sport, nourriture etc... On organise aussi des débats sur des sujets divers et variés, vous pouvez proposer un débat si vous le souhaitez ! On a aussi un espace gaming. Venez nous rejoindre !
140 days ago
We are a server that is just starting and hope to expand, We have DiscordRPG, Pokécord, Music bot, Image distortion bot, and some others. We do have Art / Gaming / Memes channels for your desires.
141 days ago
A server for everyone especially the lonely ones like me. This is a server for a bit of everything, gaming, politics, history, memes and many more topics. Share your interest to new people you don't know and Chill will the music channel.
143 days ago
New server. ^_^
Food and Anime/ OST Fans.
Server mostly dedicated towards food.😋recipes and fun.
Channels: Food, Recipes, Recommendations, Drinks,
Bots channels: Youtube Channel Unreleased Anime OST’s, Crunchyroll, Kissanime.

145 days ago
La Famiglia (italian for The Family) is a small-but-rising community discord server! In the mood for music, games, anime, movies, food, *and* memes all at once?! You've come to the right place! We do hope you enjoy your stay~
216 days ago
We have everything from food to music to cards against humanity's
This is a server for anything, and I mean anything (from NSFW)