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This is a fetish server for YOU. Regina's Pleasure Palace is a place of no judgement! a place to enjoy the things you enjoy. As the server grows more fetish channels and roles will be added by request and popular demand. We offer Role play, events, and soon to have much more! We hope to see you soon!
The server is currently a WIP, since barely anyone is on and everyone leaves it after a few days so do mind if any of the channels are empty. Also, if no one greets you when you join the server, DONT LEAVE. It's not like anyone's ignoring you, it's just most people are offline and timezones exist.

Hello and welcome to Nettos Little Fetish World❤

What is Nettos Little Fetish World, you may ask? Well, it's a multi-fandom discord server that allows a bunch of fetishes, ranging from vore to uh.... scat. Although it's small, we're looking to expand it to the fullest!


▪Fetish Channels
If there where no fetish channels, why would this place be called 'Nettos Little Fetish World'? So far, there's vore and diaper fetish channels, but there will most definetly be more!

▪Art Channels
Oh? You can post art here too? Well, of course! There's both SFW and NSFW art channels!

Another common theme, but with a twist. Ranging from the cold country of Sharo to the City of Electopia, there's many battle network-themed locations..... for now~ there will also be non-battle network locations(note: this isn't a battle network centered discord, btw)

▪Now hiring staff!
As this discord server is small, we don't have much staff. Only Bee and someone else who isn't online much sooo..... we're looking for active and friendly staff to join the NetSaviours!

▪Just normal text channels lol
Duh. Why wouldn't there be normal text channels on a discord server? If you don't really wanna roleplay, how about you chill out in one of the non-roleplay channels.

▪And of course; Roleplay!
There's all sorts of Roleplay here! Uh.... kinda. Ranging from NSFW to fetish, you can do basically any roleplay.... as long as it doesn't break any rules.
Hello! Welcome to Neon's channel! Where you'll find it nice and calm! We accept all fetishes and we are LGBTQ+. We do not accept pedos!! You can be any age to join.. No trolls ofc!
Ever wanted to join a server with people who have similar dirty fetishes as you? Look no further! Join a community and share your fetish with others.
A simple server meant to fill the void that a certain server leaving us will create.
Hello there, and welcome to the school of vore~ we are a very new 18+ roleplay server set in a school where the most trouble you can get in for vore is eating in class~, there is more outside the school, you can be in the city and live out some very lewd situations~ plus, more than just vore is allowed here, you can roleplay any kink you wanna with other people, whether it be transformation, inflation, or testicular castration, or one of the many others, it has a place~
This is an 18+ server! In KinkHaven, we offer a wide variety of channels, such as an NSFW art channel for you to post whatever you draw that floats your boat, a SFW art channel alternatively, a hentai channel, selfie channel, and much more! We cannot wait for you to join the fun!! 💖💖
Join now and praise your one true goddess, Krystal!
We have fun, community, rp and f***ing!
Join the fun!
(Must be 18 or older to join.)
The Fetish Alleyway is a server specified for people to discuss MLP related topics and share others' My Little Pony related fetish material around the world.
hentai central whatever kink you got it's there if it is missing some kinks i'll make more channels based on that kink
Welcome to our You're Not Alone Community Server.

We made this server to help people that have been bullied, shunned, neglected, beaten, teased, rejected and etc. Also, we help people who have anxiety, depression, signs of suicide, and etc. To find friends they can hang and chat with. Our server aims for supporting the left out people and the people who have fetishes. Anyone is welcome who has a fetish or not and can help or needs help! We will direct you to the right section of our server when you join us.

FYI, this server is still under development and we need people to help us make it the way we want it to function.


■ Roles
■ Level System
■ Economy System
■ And more!


#1 Be Respectful to staff and other members.
#2 Organize and help our channel!
#3 Please try not to spam.
#4 No teasing, shunning, bullying, harassment, rejection, and neglection of any kind.
#5 Do not send NSFW or Racist Content (if we find this content in our server it's an immediate ban for you).

Welcome To The Pokemon Dungeon!~ Here we accept all Types of Species, Mostly pokemon though!~ Everyone is free to join if they do so please. [ Be warned, This server does Contain Vore and NSFW content! ]
KoiServe's Discord server is a Discord server owned by a vore youtuber named KoiServe! Which is me OwO! I am normally called Star and in my server we have a lot of categories of vore. Once you join you will not see any of these unless you have the Vore Permission and you need the Scat Permission to see the scat channel.
Got an odd fetish? Well, you're not alone! Lots of us have odd fetishes, so join our server, and meet others of your own kind! We have many channels for each fetish we have down, but if you have one, we're willing to add a category for it! So enjoy yourself, and meet others of your own kind today!

Add a review to help us out! A server for people into weight gaining, anyone welcome. If ur looking for something more, mabey something a little dirtier, this is the place! Have fun!
~ вeaυтιғυl e gιrl
~ ѕnapcнaт preмιυм
~ тeaѕerѕ
~ verιғιcaтιon ѕyѕтeм
~ roleѕ
Hey! Stop scrolling! Are you a furry? Do you you like vore? Do you like anime or ddlc? Do you have other fetishes? This place is for you! There is also nsfw sections! So what are you waiting for? Join!
Welcome to Sexual. We are a porn server that will meet your every sexual desire. We have an endless amount of porn and different types of fetishes. We urge you to come to join us anyone is welcome.
A server in which all fetishes are allowed. Mainly vore here but there is no limits to ehat you can do here. Must be 18+ to join. You can roleplay, buy art, post art, voice roleplay, gaming, etc. Enjoy the server
This is a safe place for all kinks and fetishes (including ddlg/cgl and bdsm). From drawings, to NSFW, to movie nights, we have it all. Come join our little wonderland were you can meet and hookup with people just like you! This is a place for you to make new friends, relationships, and meet new people! ADMINS AND MODS NEEDED. 14+
This is a little space, pet space, bdsm, etc. minded server. We are a little community but is trying to grow bigger, so please join and support us, everyone is accepted. Hope we will see you soon. ~Nya