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We are a server for those apart of the bdsm & cgl communities.
Our server is strictly verified and monitored by a great staffing group.
We welcome those that are just beginning to learn about the communities as well.
The server offers many things to everyone:

💜 Monthly Stuffie Giveaways
💜 Monthly Big Prize Giveaways
💜 Dating Channels
💜 Verification For All
💜 Dark Humored & Sarcastic Individuals
💜 LGBT Friendly
:💜 No one is asked to leave based on their religion, political views or sexuality.

A place where you can making friends and relax in the wonderful area of our kingdom the nsfw is sorted from the sfw so everyone has what they like and not like avaliable and unavailable
Hello, and welcome to Human Hearts! This time it's completely SFW. This is a human only server(sorry, furries!) But humans can have furry forms that they're not in 24/7. Nekos n that will be allowed, but maybe just with a full-human and no animal features form? Idk

"But Vore is NSFW", is what you might say, but here it's only classified as NSFW if sexual acts are performed n stuff. We're a rather friendly bunch, and will accept all! Micro/Macro, Same Size, you name it.... just Soft Oral only, okay?

Anal, Cock and Hard Vore are considered NSFW here.

Of course, just ping or DM the servers owner for the NSFW server link.

Eventually, this'll be better but for now uh- idk
The Oasis, a NSFW chat for everyone, we are a non-toxic community that post hentai and other nsfw content. This is a new server and we don't have many people but the more we get the better. We have events, art contests and much more. Like I said its open for all to join have a great day and stay clean and corona free.

Hi! Welcome to my server!
This server is NSFW, and 18+. If you're joining from here, and are under 18, don't join until you are, or you will be banned until the time you are 18.
You may create dominant characters, predators, and vore others in any way you like as long as your RP partner wants to do what you want to do as you always need to ask your RP partner beforehand so no one gets uncomfortable, you can create submissive characters or prey character or even switch characters, humans, furries, anthro, and feral character, this server is still a work in progress but it’s still fun!
Please make sure to read the rules once you join! And I hope you have fun!
Hello there~

Have an odd desire to shove your hand in a kitsunes tail or play with a nekos ears? Or maybe you just really wanna get cuddled by a Demi human that's over double your size or vice versa? Well this server is perfect for you!

This servers primary focus is Demi-human wholesomeness in rps and such~

Now, time for some lore hehe

Long ago something happened and now there are Demi humans everywhere, however due to this there is now random rips in time and black patches appear in walls, the air, the floor, hell, maybe even a tree, either way accidentally falling in one can either take you to the past or future, or just somewhere else in modern time, only going in will let you figure it out~

Btw, this is an nsfw server, but if you don't wanna do any lewdness there is a role to say so hehe~
Hello there, and welcome to the school of vore~ we are a very new 18+ roleplay server set in a school where the most trouble you can get in for vore is eating in class~, there is more outside the school, you can be in the city and live out some very lewd situations~ plus, more than just vore is allowed here, you can roleplay any kink you wanna with other people, whether it be transformation, inflation, or testicular castration, or one of the many others, it has a place~
Hello and Welcome to Chill o Reptiles, it's a server created to rp and chill.
Fetishes are allowed but not on every channel
You've got favourite kinks and fetishes such as tentacles, vore, transformation and several other ones?

• Erotic roleplay
• Assignable fetish roles
• Fetish channels
are you a kinky girl who like harem anime and gaming well welcome to the lusty inn a place were you can join a harem sext erp and get to live out your sub fetish or any other kinks you have
we only have a few simple rules
1. girls only joining your in the harem spamers or trolls
4.only join if you wanna be in
The Fetish Alleyway is a server specified for people to discuss MLP related topics and share others' My Little Pony related fetish material around the world.
hentai central whatever kink you got it's there if it is missing some kinks i'll make more channels based on that kink
Add a review to help us out! A server for people into weight gaining, anyone welcome. If ur looking for something more, mabey something a little dirtier, this is the place! Have fun!
~ вeaυтιғυl e gιrl
~ ѕnapcнaт preмιυм
~ тeaѕerѕ
~ verιғιcaтιon ѕyѕтeм
~ roleѕ
Welcome to Sexual. We are a porn server that will meet your every sexual desire. We have an endless amount of porn and different types of fetishes. We urge you to come to join us anyone is welcome.
This is a safe place for all kinks and fetishes (including ddlg/cgl and bdsm). From drawings, to NSFW, to movie nights, we have it all. Come join our little wonderland were you can meet and hookup with people just like you! This is a place for you to make new friends, relationships, and meet new people! ADMINS AND MODS NEEDED. 14+
A place where Kink minded people to come and chat and possibly meet.
This room is a safe place for all. Just be respectful.
**Verification process when entering this room for all new members**
this server is for people to brainstorm and create stories that people can read whenever, it is a transformation server, but all RP do not have to involve transformations. they can involve kinks, fetishes, just a romantic night out. The stories can be about anything. so please feel free to join us and create stories for people to read when they feel like it.