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Hey! Stop scrolling! Are you a furry? Do you you like vore? Do you like anime or ddlc? Do you have other fetishes? This place is for you! There is also nsfw sections! So what are you waiting for? Join!
Welcome to Sexual. We are a porn server that will meet your every sexual desire. We have an endless amount of porn and different types of fetishes. We urge you to come to join us anyone is welcome.
KoiServe's Discord server is a Discord server owned by a vore youtuber named KoiServe! Which is me OwO! I am normally called Star and in my server we have a lot of categories of vore. Once you join you will not see any of these unless you have the Vore Permission and you need the Scat Permission to see the scat channel.
A server in which all fetishes are allowed. Mainly vore here but there is no limits to ehat you can do here. Must be 18+ to join. You can roleplay, buy art, post art, voice roleplay, gaming, etc. Enjoy the server
This is a safe place for all kinks and fetishes (including ddlg/cgl and bdsm). From drawings, to NSFW, to movie nights, we have it all. Come join our little wonderland were you can meet and hookup with people just like you! This is a place for you to make new friends, relationships, and meet new people! ADMINS AND MODS NEEDED. 14+
This is a little space, pet space, bdsm, etc. minded server. We are a little community but is trying to grow bigger, so please join and support us, everyone is accepted. Hope we will see you soon. ~Nya
a community still in progress but still a group for people who wanna roleplay nsfw or not
a group for fnaf fans and fetishes you want to do, you can make art and ask me questions or need any ideas from me.