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welcome to inferno! this is a brand new server created by two friends seeking other people to chill with and talk about the woes of life. we also have a minecraft realm you can join after we get to know you, if you’re interested!
Fun Memes
A Calm Place To Hangout And Make Friends
We Are Trying To Make A Place Where People Can Go To Be Happy, (Please Help Us Out And Join To Help The Growth Of The Server)
People in Low Places [Pilp] is a server(18+) designed for those who desire a quality community in this hemisphere of discord, yet don't want to deal with the perishable spam or low quality content that is often associated with chan based servers. We are here for casual talk, deeper emotional journeys, or just plain companionship via memes and a comfortable ecosystem. Come join us maybe?
Robot Sanctuary is a server for anyone who feels left out of "normie" society to talk about life, work, relationships and more in an informal and judgement free environment, in order to provide each other with support and guidance, or just to vent.

Most of us are from R9K. All are welcome irrespective of gender, sexuality or location. Minimum age is 18+. We're not cliquish and are open and welcoming to new members. We always make an effort to include newcomers in the conversation so don't be shy.

This is not a server for shitposting, NSFW material, pictures of your stupid cat or excessively edgy politics. Spamming, harassment or illegal activity gets you a ban.
Consider this the best day of your pedestrian existence. I, The Almighty Tubeman, Have descended from the heavens to offer you a place on my Parthenon. Show me a mere fraction of your endless gratitude by heeding my holy decrees within #the-ten-commandments and I shall refrain from smiting thee. A server designed to strictly categorize discussion and facilitate order and chaos of equal magnitude (generally).
Hello! Have you ever wanted a place where you could just vent about your life problems? Coping With Emotions is this and much more! In addition to being a safehaven, our server is a place where you can be yourself and make friends with fellow server members. In addition, we ensure that your privacy is maintained with any issues you share with us, as we regularly purge the channel with the deeper issues. When and if you join the server, please read our rules. We can't wait to see you!!!
This server is for anyone who needs a friend or just someone to vent to feel free to join my friendly server
We are a for now small community that tries to get more people in by just having fun! join in and play a round with us! we are gamers manga/anime freaks and more!
Discord server for those who want to sit, chill, feel out for a bit and become friends.

Nobody is unwelcomed.

Invite: CjaNTBA
Discussion centered around mental and physical health.

Small Friend centered server that just started out.