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If s̴o̢met͜hįng͘ e̕x͡ists, i͠t͝ m̕ust̡ have͢ ͡an̷ o͟p͘p͏o̢s̴it͡e͞. - H̨̨͞ȩ̴͡ Ẁ̴̕h̀͘͝o҉͠ ̕͠͠Ķ͠n̸̕o̸͘w͢͠s҉͢

-Fantasy medieval roleplaying server.
-Active and friendly staff.
-In-Depth lore and multiple maps which are being updated and added to.
-Many places to explore, such as the Pirate infested ‘Federation of the Black Fleet’ to the Floating kingdom ‘Aluara’.
-Many items to collect such as Shoes that can change states of matter, to Metals capable of withstanding mountains of bombs.

"So many places to explore and adventure in." - Leo

Because of loneliness, the celestial deer Goroan, shed five tears. These five tears became gods and decorated Goroan with the world man knows of today. Everything was okay until Naorog, Goroan’s opposite, ‘cleansed’ them. The god that was affected the most was the god of light. Now the god of corruption, his siblings sealed him using a locket. Centuries later, a flaw in the seal caused Corruption to leak. Will you succumb to it, or will you resist?
We are quite a small server, but we look forward to growing! In this server, you are able to be a Supernatural! They have mystic like abilities, and have advanced their technology much beyond the normal human race. We hope you have fun roleplaying!
☆ Aether Institute is a fantasy/medieval academy where you are invited to hone your magical or non-magical prowess.
From raising Familiars, to becoming a hybrid class, here are some things we have to offer you...
↣ Dungeons and Dragons (dnd) style combat system with dice rolls, abilities, random events, stats etc. Mostly optional to use outside of main quests.
↣ Easy to understand class system, giving you various abilities as you level up, you can even become a hybrid class when you reach a certain level.
↣ A plethora of quests, random encounters, dungeons and secrets to uncover!
↣ Hella active and overly passionate staff team.
↣ Anti-raid.
↣ NSFW channels and rp if you lewdies so desire. Though we are NOT and erp server.
↣ Easy to understand guide to signing up, super simple for newbies to rp, as well as being flexible for those with rp experience! All welcome!

☆ What can you offer us?
↣ Unique characters that are welcomed into quests, you can even make your own scenarios etc.
↣ Suggestions, advice, help for people having a rough time in our Snuggy Zone, activity <3
1) Be nice, respectful and considerate to other users on the server.
2) Use of potentiality sensitive slurs are not allowed, this includes racism, homophobic and religious.
3) Please cooperate with staff members during the character application process. Do not intervene in other people's submissions in any way unless your a mod or higher
4) Abuse of tags is not allowed.
5) Spam in any way is not tolerated
6) Use the right text channels.
7) Most importantly, we want you to have fun!
8) Ghost pinging is only permitted to tag your roleplay partner(s). All staff have access to audit logs and we can see who's doing the ghost pinging.
9) Speak in english, its an english server cmon
10) Advertising your own server is strictly forbidden, whether it be in DMs to users or otherwise.
11) Speak with the right symbols to show you talking you use "". To do an action you do ** around the text, ooc is (),(,)
12) Duel in the respected areas, or the streets i dont care
13) Be patient with people, just because someone goes offline done ping them a million times, people have live outside of discord

The year is 2019 and your just a normal person living in a normal world, until you find out that you and the entire world has the power that when they fall asleep, they enter a dream world, scientists call it the fantasian dream, and the term got popular by many people across the world. Even better than Virtual reality. When you fall asleep in the real world you enter the dream world and you are able to be anyone you want to be, with powers a person could only dream of, literally! After this power was discovered by everyone across the globe currency was set to be able to keep things in order, the entire world became a popularity contest, More popularity, More money, in the real world, causing there to be competition's and other events to boost a persons popularity, every week, the popularity board is updated, and the person with the most popularity, is promised the most money. One giant competition and one giant battlefield. The game is yours.
An RP that takes place within the Naruto universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, the clans you know and love are still here! With the ability to create your own original clans and jutsu as well!
“Over Death” Is a custom made RP server which takes inspiration from many anime’s like for example One Punch Man, we have a custom lore which will be expanding throughout the rp, thee are many ways you’ll be able to customize your character like creating your own powers or weapons, this server is nsfw free so there is nothing to worry about, the most important characteristic in this server is the possibility to become a hero and rise up the ranks to become the strongest or a villain to destroy anything in your way and take whatever you want, there will also be lots of events with rewards and also giveaways, as the owner I can assure you that you won’t regret joining, so why don’t you check us out?
Welcome to Eros, a roleplay server based on fantasy and chaos. Here there are no limits on who or what you can be~ (just so you know as well, this is blended it with some of the ideas of the anime The Seven Deadly Sins hence why they exist within this server)
Phoenicia is the perfect image of a small town with a cozy atmosphere, a close community, and of course, various monsters in the woods. This town resides in a world where the supernatural is widely known about to all. Orcs, elves, dwarves all roam the streets freely while magic is available to the public. Everyone here is just trying to live, and hopefully carve out a living in the little town founded by Phoenixes.

Join this server if you're a fan of slice-of-life RP, fantasy, urban fantasy, and relaxing, small town interactions.

Server features include but are not limited to:
-A variety of races to choose from, with the ability to make new ones.
-Friendly and helpful staff.
-Chats for memes, art, or just chilling.
-A detailed system of magic.
-Tons of locations to explore. Including outside the town, extra-dimensional areas and a college campus.
-No character limit.
-Playable monsters.
-New content being added all of the time.
This server is for all elves big and small unique or normal. This roleplay is a roleplay of imaginary stuff.
No inoppropriate content
Kissing is allowed
Dating is allowed
This server is new so i am still working on it
This is a role play server based on Rick Riordan books. Hope you can cime and enjoy~
I’m looking for experienced admins/mods/channel creators. Why you ask is because I have no imagination and need some help to make rping places channels rules etc
Legends foretold of a secret world underneath our word, a hidden paradise of the past, a long forgotten haven of creatures of myths and legends. This place is the world of The Hallowed, the underground sanctuary for monsters and otherworldly creatures, driven by humanity. Having different regions to discover, each with its own denizens and characters to discover and interact. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy, magic, anf myths? Enter the world of The Hallowed now and craft your own story.
A roleplaying server that had just opened, we follow a dice rolling system for each attack/dodge/magic! Join us and experience fantasy!
No Mans Land is set in the future after a devastating war forced the remaining humans to live underground in a hollowed out Earth. These humans found a special mineral that when concentrated and injecting into humans it will give them supernatural abilities or physical alterations that pass down through offspring. With these new powers the humans built huge cities and towns underground. Eventually some of the humans went to the surface to start small settlements, but most came to a ruthless demise as mutated creatures and plants had taken over the surface. Some still managed to set up outposts despite the creatures, but are under constant threat. Learn more by joining and reading the full lore page.

- We got interactive bots
- Expanding Lore
- A plethora of places to explore
- Events to come
- OC orientated
- Friendly and Accepting

- And much more so come join us in No Mans Land

This will be a high lvl one shot or full campaign depending on players. Game will be starting at 9pm est today make sure to hurry!
In 1349, A horrible disease overtook the world, a disease that corrupted and mutated. Known by many names, it is commonly referred to as the Malaise, a word that describes it very well. It's origin is unknown, some believe it came from immigrants across the ocean, some believe it is divine punishment... and some believe it is a culling. The sickness turned father against mother, neighbor against neighbor, knight against lord. Efforts to stop the spread of it were unsuccessful, and it ravaged the country side. Travel became treacherous, the remnants of the population of the world barricaded themselves in towns and castles. For years the world continued this way, the remnants of civilization beginning to crumble, and sprout in new ways. Welcome to the World of Adreiena, We hope you don't die too quickly.

A New Dark Fantasy Rp Server. By New, I mean very new. Like really new. Anyway, hopefully, the lore interests you, if not, ask for my epic joke skills. You'll be just as disappointed as I am.
Yo welcome this is a new CP server where you can voice chat, chat, and rp with other CPs. There’s a list of open and taken characters and it’s first come first serve, but you can also be an OC. It’s a pretty chill place to rp and share things so come on in and hang out.
Hi! Welcome to Palara, a medieval fantasy RP server! In Palara you have the freedom to make your own race, powers, whatever, so long as it is within reason. The realm of Palara is divided up by 5 different kingdoms, so who will you pledge your alliance to?
This server is currently in the works of a new campaign and needs some players. Its a west of marches style and is open to many players. Have fun.
This is the absolute proof that Ectoplasm#5652 has nothing better to do (btw if the invite is not working dm that tag)

500 Years Ago, in a distant land, there was a man that built a small farm on a nameless land, people started to build their houses near the man that soon became the king of these people, he named the land after the most precious and rare gem they could find there, Emerald Land, after several generations the land started to grow and evolve, the kingdom was the most sucessful one, everyone was happy, after a war that happened 100 years ago the land got devasted but it started to rebuild itself at a extremely fast pace, the year is currently 1999 but the technological evolutions are beyond imagination

The City is divided in 3 parts, or 4 if you count the castle as another part, Theres the metro realm, basically the downtown of the Emerald Land, it has the market places, malls, apartment blocks and stuff like that, Kyon, the part where the rich and wealthy people stay, its mostly a residential area, but only for the ones who can afford, Kashin is basically the slums of the city, it is the place where most people dont even dare coming to, or getting out of it, drug deals happen frequently, shootings with the Police also do, the castle is located in the middle of everything, it is in the middle of the Metro realm
Mafela, a medieval RP world in which demons, angels and humans are at war with one another. Will you fight for your beliefs, rebel against your demon rulers or control the mortal world against angels? Or instead, in this world you can find unlikely romance and a long term rp for character development. Mafela awaits your arrival.


This is a new and small RP server, of Angels vs Demons, while humans are stuck in between this conflict. We have plenty to help out with character descriptions, questions, etc. and of course, we hope to see you soon!
This is once again one of Ectoplasm's creation and he's proud of it, this is a server about a prison in a universe where there's the possibilty of anything happening within the prison, and its literally everything

The year is 2XXX, The World is living at its peak of technology, entire city's became floating islands, the world is currently a Dreamland, however you decided to fuck up and now you are in the Outer Heaven, a prison designed for keeping extremely dangerous prisoners inside, The Warden is a living machine that keeps an eye on literally everyone, The guards are some of the most elite trained to ever exist, the prison has 4 Zones, The High Security Zone, which is basically a normal high security prison, it is located in the sea level, The Asylum, located 3 floors under the HSZ, The Containment Zone, which has extremely dangerous criminals that pose danger to the entire world, this zone is 8 floors Bellow sea level, and there's the Outer Inferno Zone, This Level contains the Most Dangerous prisoner to ever exist, Ryan Cooper, who happens to be the brother of the Warden

Now here's the catch, not everyone in this prision commited a crime that big, this prision is also a place that they keep people's with weird mutations that give them some sort of special ability or superpower, the guards also have these weird powers and they are not allowed outside of the facility, as it is in the middle of somewhere on the west coast of Europe, most probably the mediterran sea, but prisioners from everywhere are kept inside of the place
Years and years ago,dragons lived in an unsafe and cruel world where they were often hunted by humans and other creatures,sometimes dragons would have to kill other dragons in order to survive.Years later, the 10 alphas have found a land far from human life,a safe haven where they can seek refuge in.Soon after they discovered this land,they brought the rest of their elements to the paradise.Over the time the dragons have evolved improved this land into the Dragon's Den that you know of today,where dragons of all kind can live in peace,away from the wrath of humans,No human had ever found the dragons den (or lived to tell the tale) but will all of that change?(hello! This server is pretty new and is just a replacement for an old server that is show in the pfp,we might make an art contest for the pfp and the winner will have their picture set for the servers pfp,anyways thanks for joining and let's have a good time!)
Note: this rp is new

Welcome to the Odd Lands, a world made up of Imagination

This server is perfect for people who want to play overpowered characters and crap like that, we have a few wield rules but that it.

If you want to add something new, then suggest it, you can now go anywhere. So have fun.....if you are over the age of 13, if not get out