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Come to the land of ristrica and become what you want to be
Fantasy Manor is a Discord roleplay server that serves the purpose of providing a small little community of like-minded roleplayers a place to be together. This can be to chat and hangout or create their own character and enter our world of fantasy. Our staff team provides the ability to make sure everything runs clean and all roleplayers to do so fairly and follow our clear sets of rules. Any and all questions can be given to this staff team. We all ask you to join our little community and enjoy yourselves in a realm of fantasy!
Welcome to the city-state of Hyperborea!

Set in the real world during present day, this roleplay focuses on a sanctuary city for the mystical races of Earth, where they are (mostly) free to be themselves and embrace the magic that humanity has suppressed through centuries of ignorance and denial.

Enlist as a secret agent with the Department of Supernatural Affairs, explore the secrets of Morgan Le Faye's descendants, parley with the gods, pledge fealty to one of the Fairy Queens, and more!
Play as any of the various mythical races of the world, such as the fay, demigods, vampires, undead, angels, demons, spirits, and so on.
Feel like playing a fairy posing as a human Instagram model? A siren shitposter? A kitsune politician? Join the fun!
Multiverse RP is a casual roleplay server based around any universe in any game/book/show/movie.

Join us for a wonderful experience! Like DnD? Pick fantasy where the experience is based around such dungeon plunging or even tavern warmings!

Like Sci-Fi? Join up on the speculative category for a treat in almost every aspect. Want to be a ship captain? A marine from halo? A cyberpunk dude/dudette? A wastelander from fallout?
We gotchu.


Ω| Literate to Advanced writers
Ω| Original Characters ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS!
Ω| 13+ Age Requirement
Ω| A growing community
Ω| A server without freeform RP, DM'd RP channels.
Ω| Learn as you go lore, explore the lands after an introduction
Ω| Missions everywhere
Ω| A giant underlying plot for everyone
Ω| Over 200 channels to RP in
Ω| Active welcoming team! Learn anything about the server
Ω| Tatsumaki Leveling
Ω| Currency System
Join the Land of Nadrìa, a fantasy roleplay server inspired by several books.

The Humans are at war with the kingdom of Unity.
The Dwarves are playing both sides for coin with the Elves decide to stay out of it.
Magic is everywhere and even the gods meddle with the mortal people.
Centaurs, Elves, Human, Dwarves and more.
Five defendants, seven weapons. Chaos has broken out across the land and strange things are happening.

Legend has that there were once six mythical weapons, and five wielders. Wielder of Trident, whose purity and support keeps any team together, The wielder of a scythe, who takes upon the sword of light and scythe of sin, Gauntlets of bravery, who knows of wisdom and courage, A Hammer of creation, granted to one who's desires is to build something that will help for the betterment of society, lastly the Sword of Justice, the one who's known as the Sin of Wrath, sins that taint them, but they have a desire to lead a powerful team and make decisions for the better of his team and land.

It's been hundreds of years these weapons lay dormant. It is time they rise, with a new edition to the team, who will be the next defendants of Darius?
Fantasia Roleplay is just another fantasy roleplay server, but what makes it different is the people in the server. When going on, you can see people chatting constantly about nonsense. The server allows you to create your own character and assign yourself certain ranks. If wanted, you even have the option to make your own pack.
Roleplay server looking for many many more people! We are a friendly bunch that likes chatting and getting to know our members individually! We are having a slow start so people that aren’t interested in making a server succeed should join! We have a few channels that include Furry Resort, Pokemon Gijinka, Four Princes of the Apocalypse, Sins and Virtues, Modern Gods, and a Hucow Ranch! Plus, more to come in the future like a mostly female space crew, a Fate AU, and twisted red riding hood plus more!
Welcome to the magical world of Toraxx. I am Mikkel The Pickle#3788 and i run this (currently) small discord community, which is entirely focused on RP. Although it is an RP server we have more things such as

- A chat where everyone can hang out and be friends
- a very chill server, where even if you have never tried RP'ing before or you've done it a hundred time you are welcomed
-A friendly staff team :D
- Deep lore to the story and the happenings of the continent (which you don't have to read at all tbh, it just helps set the mood)
- A very open world where you can practically be anything you would ever want to be! (with limited powers)

So join, it would make me very happy to see more people on my server! And if you decide to join, then i hope you have a wonderful time here!
Hello there stranger and welcome to the Realm of Veridin, a kingdom spanning of vast lands and differently climate lands. These lands are currently in peace, but within the Royal City, a beginning of stir is happening, and uproar is happening and people need to choose sides as it begins to grow larger. Be careful stranger, you need to make sure you're safe in these times of growing danger.

Hello, there stranger! Welcome to my server the Realm of Veridin, a fantasy rp server where their world is entering a period of an uproar against the Royal family. Although other than rp we have out of rp channels, server lore, and voice/music channels. We also want to be a server that listens to their users, so we have many suggestion pages! You are very welcome to join!
This is a For Honor RP server, just put in your bio, wait for admin approval, then hop in! This server is not for the sensitive or the easily offended! Though erp is not the focus, we do allow it, and though this server is, as said before, not for the sensitive or easily offended, we will not hate on you just because you're LGBT, or for your political views, or whatever
Quartz Sanctum is a literate urban fantasy roleplay centred around witches in modern-day Seattle. Widely known and accepted, magic is used throughout the world, and while most aren’t hostile, it can be a contentious subject. Lately, witches have been going missing.

Here, our magic system is based off traditional wiccan and pagan practices to give the system some structure, however there is plenty of room for different types and uses of magic. We are a literate server, and ask for a roleplay sample to join, HOWEVER, as long as you submit a decently-written sample that is over 4 sentences you’ll likely be accepted. Minor flaws are simply areas for improvement that you can see to while roleplaying here.

Also looking for moderators, helpers and character approval staff!
-The Lore of Shaman King-

The story takes place a couple years from the Shaman King tournament, in which a surge of new shamans emerged a glorious golden dawn generation of shamans emerging and this time around the empty seat in which there is no shaman king after Yoh Asakura stepped down and wandered alongside his shaman queen towards the glorious promised land called 'Arcadia' in which none knows how to cross towards but few. Now things are hectic as this new generation of young people or old from the previous generation, have their stake in becoming the new shaman king or queen. For the time being it's up to you to take matters into you're own hands and become the one to steer the whole world either in chaos or peace.

-We're a new server starting up at the moment.
Its open world rping, so many places to explore and adventure in.

-It's a fantasy medieval rp server.
-Active Staff
-Unique lore and a map
-Many places and battles to be had
- A great community

World of Goroan, where five gods created a single world until the fifth god of divine light succumbed to the corruption which turned him into the Corrupted One whom destroyed a continent and waged war against the other gods until they sealed him away for good. But now the world is in shambles and scrambling to prevent another war, for anyone in Goroan may choose their own destiny, in how they wish to do. May they be saviors or destroyers.
「☆ Welcome to Planet Juno! ☆」

「❀」We are a new roleplay community, set in a fantasy-cyberpunk world. Earth was destroyed by the Unknowns, and now we live on Planet Juno, under the ruling of a mysterious new Empress.

「❀」What we have to offer:

➪ Over 60 self-assignable colour roles~! ♪

➪ Over 50 self-assignable character roles~! ♪

➪ Friendly staff teams~! ♪

➪ Open to new suggestions and ideas~! ♪

➪ A growing community~! ♪

➪ Many fun bots including pokecord~! ♪

➪ Over 50 RP channels to choose from~! ♪

➪ Levelling system and rewarda~! ♪

「❀」So come give us a shot! Join Juno today and make a unique original character, to start your adventure on a whole new planet.

「❀」We're also looking for new staff members to help our community grow and shine~ ;3
A fantasy roleplay channel based off the book series by Leigh Bardugo!

We have:
-Dedicated staff
-Enough bots to keep things running smooth
-Non-toxic community
-Lots (I mean, lots) of RP channels
P.S. You don't need to read the books to understand what's going on.

━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━

Hello there, young Voyager!

I see you, lurking around. Are you looking for some fun and some dirty times?

You have hit the jackpot!

A.A welcomes you into its realm, magical and futuristic. Come and discover all the wonders of Amphigúeis, an ethereal dimension where all races cohabit and fight your fight in Azura, the so futuristic Earth, situated in 3027. You may find that things are slightly different now, where technology is the new religion and peace reigns.

However, do not adventure too far out, for you might find a quite desperate view.

There is always an option, though, to get your mind off things. Drugs, my dearest. They have been banned in Azura, and thus for years now, but do not be fooled. They can easily be found if you search the right places. They may lead you to a magical place named Amphigúeis, where magic and happiness rule everything.

Stay with us and uncover the mysteries of this new realm, along with the exciting adventures we have reserved for you! And do not worry, have as much fun as you want ;)

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

We are a small server barely flying yet but I can assure you that you will feel welcomed and we will do anything to ensure that! Allow yourself to be fully submerged in this futuristic world filled with gorgeous landscapes and a heck of a ton of magic!

We have friendly admins and we allow you to create unique and fleshed out characters, based on what you like all while following the lore.
Welcome to Etherias, a small and new roleplaying community that revolves around simple, down-to-earth fantasy roleplay. No weird and clunky EXP systems, no forced DnD-esque dice system. No enforced writer system that breeds segregation. Just pure and simple text roleplay in a world and community that grows with you.

This server is very much fresh and new and the world's history, lore and composition is still in development. Join us and contribute and maybe your writing may be part of the books.
A fantasy Role Play server with many factions to join. Come one and all to see and experience a fun atmosphere
Want a fantasy Role play world that allows for anything?!

Want a Fantasy Role play that is dedicated to making for interesting lore and stories?

Want a Fantasy Role Play that has Sex in it :D

Well, Realm of Gardina is the place for you!

We are a brand new ERP and RP server! We need your help to get off the ground and get into some steamy, hot, and maybe bloody action!

So come on in!

(all role players must be 18+ to join. Age verification is required.)
Welcome to Marian the school for people who have powers
-Owner with horrible advertising skills (Check)
-Lots of interesting role play servers (Check)
-Friendly people (well not alot of people but hopefully check)
so come join Marian and find your adventure
sorry im bad at advertising
A fantasy/cyberpunk RP server with dedicated staff for RPers of all levels!

✦ Welcome to New Terra, Traveler! ✦

Many millennia ago, There waged a war between the Aegeilis and the Daeveilis that left the earth marred and deformed. The land was not without it's beauty, however. A small handful of the two warring species came into union with each other and thus the Imperfects were created and from them: the races that walk the realms of New Terra today. Will you aid the Karr Warlord Tarogore in his quest? Will you join or even start a rebellion of your own against him? Perhaps you might consider being a neutral party!


✦ An active member base!

✦ Choose from 50+ races and magics!

✦ Choose from a variety of mounts, languages, factions, and religions!

✦ Explore a vast number of countries and regions within the New Terran continent!

✦ Various rare tomes to be found around the world!

✦ Enjoy a general rp while you wait!

✦ Music and meme channels!

✦ Fun and mature staff!


We are a newly opened roleplay server and are still building extra bonus materials such as quests and a main story plot (See above 'Tarogore') and would love to hear how our community would like to see us grow!

Keep in mind that this is a somewhat mature community involved in an action roleplay. While there is no NSFW content in terms of pornography, there is a likelihood of encountering blood and gore described in text while in roleplay.

(Side-note: We are fairly new and still pretty WIP rn, so please have a little bit of patience if people aren't always active)
=If you require any help, we have a staff team who can answer most questions and the all-knowing Owner=
=A welcoming community=
=Over 12k words of lore (don't worry, most is optional)=
=15 Races, with a total of over 90 Subraces=
=Over 100 types of Magic to choose from in a developed Magic System=
=4 Unique Continents with their own culture and climate=
=Nearly entirely freeform RP with no Dice Rolling or Stats=

= = The Permanent Link: = =

= Read Below for a bit of lore and I hope you join us in the future! =

Dragons and elves are still things of fantasy and instead, creatures such as the Kamaeler and Leteleperios take their place. Malsea, for the most part, is inhabited by very harmless animals, due to an effort by the Gragenfrae, one of their most "peaceful" nations, and thusly is considered the safest nation overall. Margion, on the other hand, is considered the most dangerous, home to creatures known as Demons, or creatures affected so harshly by the energy on Margion that they underwent horrific changes and became nigh indestructible by any one man. Casteo is home to many cold-blooded creatures and tribal ways, making it a very good holiday spot if you bring the right spells to defend yourself with. Finally, and most anti-climactically, due to the culture of the Uperafolk, Murcia has been mostly ridden of all of its animals - Uperafolk believe that if an animal did step onto the God's Land, they could be punished for keeping it unclean, and thusly many of their animals were sold to large nations in Malsea such as the Esman Empire.
Liveran is, for the most part, based roughly in a pseudo-Steampunk/Medieval setting - large airships are not a thing, however regular ships, small to medium-sized guns (with some other more manual artillery such as magically powered grenades), respiratory gear and fairly mechanically advanced armour are all things that exist. If you're unsure, just ask the owner and he'll be able to answer any questions about what does exist - Most technology also shares it's roots in magic, making for a mix of the two in areas where magic is most prominent (such as Seraphite or Detenel areas) - Tribal societies are still stuck fairly behind everything else and thusly stick to more medieval-esque technology, or even more akin to cavemen. The most advanced societies (such as those who built the Forgocc) have even found ways to convert energy such as heat into life force or other energy such as electricity.