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World's RP is a freeform roleplay server loosely based on D&D 5E. The setting is low-tech fantasy, with freedom to allow most any characters to play. All levels of rpers welcome, though we do prefer you can at least speak english fluently! This is a Pg17 server, NO ERP. We hope you can enjoy hanging out with us cool dudes and dudettes.
Welcome to this modern fantasy country!

Xedaenia, formerly known as France, was invaded by those called Nonhumans who quickly reformed the French government and society. 200 years later, humans rise as rebels to overthrow the government and regain their rights. Join and change the country's fate as part of the villains or the government.

[ Species ]
- elves
- vampires
- fairies
- were-animals
- ~~humans~~ (no more vacancies)
- sorcerers

[ Roles Needed! ]
- Council Members (2+ weeks requirement)
- Vampire followers (work for the villains)
- ~~Government (Nonhumans only)
‍ ‍ - Military (subgroup of Gov't)~~ No more vacancies
- Rebels
- Heroes

[ RP Style & Requirements ]
- literate, 3rd person, past
- making a new OC
- respect for the lore rules

[ This rp is best for people looking for... ]
- serious, long term rp
- making close friends that talk outside of rp
- experienced, literate rpers (2+ years)
Hellion high! A school for the weird and wonderful! Anyone is welcome in this server, we’re just starting up and of course If you’d like to join please obey by the rules! Although it’s not too hard aha!

About us
1897, Hellion High was founded, it was first created as a safe place for demons all around the area, although after the feud with the other races ended in devastation for all races, Hellion decided to open its doors to many other races, soon becoming an inclusive school, a place for anyone with odd powers and abilities to either get help to control their powers or even just show off and develop new skills, this is the new Hellion High

What we offer

A fun and friendly community filled with new people and great role players along with great admins and mods!
It shows an inclusive lore and races can be altered to suit you as a role player of course!
We also have our NSFW role if wanted just ask one of the Admins!

If you do join I hope you have a wonderful time!

Our server is very basic and simple. We dont ask for all that detail just make a character and be yourself! No God like characters of course but there is no limit to who or what you can be. So please join and make friends!
Dies ist ein Server für alle jene den der Alltag zu grau ist.
Ein Platz für Fantasie, Kreativität und Verrücktheit, für einen Funken Magie. Hier ist ein Platz für alle Künstler und Geschichtenschreiber. Für alle Träumer.

~Dies soll ein offener Server sein, wo man auch kreative Ideen austauschen kann~
This server is a Custom Roleplay created for fun! This server has Magic, Artifacts, and different custom stuff that you can apply for. Make sure to check it out.
The city of wonders, where strange beings roam the city at night...They will fight and scrach you for what they want.
Did I mention you can meet gods? Get gifts from them or even powers?
You can become a blood thirsty killer for this rogue city or something else..
Many things could happen once you walk through the streets..well thats up to you.
How would YOU choose your fate?

《◇》 We have fun bots《◇》
《◇》friendly community 《◇》
《◇》active and friendly admins《◇》
《◇》open world《◇》
《◇》random events《◇》
《◇》modern day fantasy《◇》
《◇》starboard 《◇》
《◇》NSFW channels《◇》
《◇》Battle Arenas《◇》
《◇》LGBT+ safe!《◇》
《◇》Easy to partner with《◇》
《◇》 Op characters are allowed《◇》
A new, growing WAKFU RolePlay Server. We are still small, but steadily growing in size.
Join us in the World of Twelve.

You don’t need to know much about WAKFU to join us, and there are informative materials available to help learn about the world and abilities your character will have.
Welcome to the land of Norhaven! Were dragons and griffins soar in the skies and humans and monsters live below. Here you can make your own, demi-human or mythical creature to roleplay as. We are a fairly new server but are welcome to all!
~ Literate rolepayers only
~ Fun channels to talk to other members and chat
~ A wide world were you can explore, the sky is the limit!
~ An NSFW server with erp channels and such!
Lord of the Rings Roleplay

Hello! This is a roleplay server for anyone who is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's works, and the world he created. We are set about 28 years after the war of the ring, effectively where the Lord of the Rings trilogy finishes off. At the moment, we are discouraging taking over canon characters in order to create our own world. However, we are more than willing to try and support whatever you want to do here. I look forward to seeing you there!!

:: Pets and Steeds
:: Custom Weapons you can bring to life
:: Discover the magic of the LotR universe
:: We welcome all writing skill levels, from seasoned writers to new RP enthusiasts!
:: Our very own bot expert is here, bringing a whole range of technical options to the table.
:: You can be nearly any race, faction or alignment you want!
:: Faction leaders available.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Come enroll in the flying school, Spex, a wandering castle-like structure that hovers far above the land. Learn magic, combat, culture, and explore the land of Alea through weekly exploration events.

Classes are held daily, though attendance is not mandatory.

Alea is besieged by The Other, a corrupt realm that exists between universes. Learn of this conflict as you bear witness to the effects it's had on the land, fight horrific nightmares for the sake of Alea, or perhaps even strike a pact with something... different, hiding between the shadows. Students will take the foreground in an original story line that will have a proper, complete ending.

Shape the world, Save it, or Break it. The future is in all of your hands
An RP that takes place within the Fairy Tail universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, the guild you know and love are still here! With the ability to create your own original guilds and magic as well!
The Molten Lion Gang is reviving powerful magicians left and right. The Burrowmill princess, Bella, somehow found herself with an ancient, blue, and oddly dressed knight at her command. Matt, the teen wizard that quite literally messes up everything he touches, is friends with an undead skull dragon named Skully. Crisis, one of the best wizards, is an avid reader of Magnus Magistrate’s books. Ave, the runaway circus member, is just the sweetest little pumpkin. This is Burrowmill Kingdom. And these are just some of the people you might encounter.

Burrowmill Kingdom is a fictional, fantasy free reign roleplay server! We feature:

⭐️Many plots, some server wide, and some between characters. Whatever you do, you’re probably gonna find someone who you can mesh a subplot together with!
⭐️The freedom of characters, as long as they have original concepts and they are actually original!
⭐️A community that would love to socialize with you!
And finally…
⭐️Almost anything you might want! If you like to stay true with fantasy and/or sci-fi, the ongoing war between Burrowmill and the Woodland Kingdom might entertain you! If you prefer horror, interactions with Marco the demonic wizard could be fun! If you like action or adventures, the Molten Lion Gang should be a point of interest to you! It’s possible that comedy’s your thing. Which in that case, we have tons!

The region of Burrowmill welcomes you with wide open arms!
An academy made specifically for those with supernatural abilities!

What we offer for roleplay:
-An economy system that rewards students for improvement and effort!
-A ranking system from E - S, so you can climb to ranks of the academy!
-A measurement system used for measuring the power and potential of your characters!
-A lore that will be developed and updated with your actions!
-Events, a student council, clans, and more!

We've put in much effort to ensure the best experience possible, we hope to see you there!
╔═══════ ೋღ 👑 ღೋ ═══════╗
Atarashi Yoake
╚═══════ ೋღ 👑 ღೋ ═══════╝
Hello, and I see that you've come across this new medieval server. If you'd like to see what this server is about, please read the following!

「➢」First up, we have the Lore. I'm not going to post all of it, but only a brief summary so you can give this wonderful server a chance.

Before the land of the Elves, Orcs, Fairies and all, there was absolutely nothing. It was black, empty, cold. . . lonely. Lonely to who you may ask? As of today, citizens call it the orb. For, it literally was just a white ball. No one knows how long, but this orb was wandering the empty plane for years upon years, that it until it discovered something within itself. Magic. And so, to be rid of this loneliness, it created a daughter; Asahi and a son Erembour. Asahi represented the element of creation and Erembour was the opposite; Destruction. The two siblings created a world which we now call today; Arata. However, in a certain part of Arata lies the kingdom of Atarashi Yoake. This kingdom is ruled by Alice Illyria. This kingdom has been thriving for many years and holds races of any kind, however, the ones who lie before the gates of purgatory have been getting restless. Who will defend the kingdom?

Of course, this isn't the exact lore, just a brief summary. There is more to the story.

「➢」 What we have in store!

★ A somewhat friendly staff team!
★ Fun Bots to play with!
★ 50+ Channels for you to Rp in!
★ Self-Assignable Roles
★ A somewhat guaranteed non-toxic community!

As of now, we are a small community, but we hope to grow and thrive, and well, have fun!
Welcome! Azriss is a roleplay in a desert continent filled with violent creatures, people and vast amounts of gritty sand you'll find in all your clothes for weeks. Magic though is much more Violent for those who possess it for the user and the victim because of a mark.

We are a small group but friendly and accept lots of varieties of people. Please note that this server does have erp but in DMs for the sake of keeping it PG13 ish.

Never the less feel free to join in and @ a staff for role!

ミ .✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫.・゚。.★.。・゚✫..✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫..✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫. 彡

♛ Welcome to the fantasy world of Marisal! ♛

ミ .✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫.・゚。.★.。・゚✫..✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫..✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫. 彡

♛ RP Information ♛

♔ Based in a world that resembles more magical medieval times
( but not quite! ), the kingdoms of Marisal consist of four main
areas, or the four kingdoms ♔

♔ The Kingdom of Avaire is the Northern-most Kingdom of frost and
snow, known to contain many cold-dwelling species.
♔ The Kingdom of Navarth is the middle most kingdom, settled within
moderate temperature plains and hills.
♔ The Kingdom of Incendite is contained in rough, wild deserts that
happen to contain its capital city, and criminals and nomads in the
♔ And on its own separate area, is the Republic of Victarus, the
Kingdom most renown for its intelligence and democratic ways of

♛ More Information! ♛

♔ Most Royal roles are still open, so come get them while you can!
♔ You can submit your own race and get it added to the list, so
so if you can't find a race you like, submit one!
♔ Original map and world
♔ A kind community of decent RPers
( who are all dedicated to the story! )
♔ Self-roles & color roles for you to personalize yourself
♔ End up loving the server? Open staff applications as well!

ミ .✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫.・゚。.★.。・゚✫..✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫..✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫. 彡

♛ So are you ready to join this magical world? ♛

ミ .✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫.・゚。.★.。・゚✫..✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫..✫゚・゚。.★.。・゚✫. 彡
︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ ˚ 。 🌨

๑ ˚̩̥̩. #(𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒊𝒑𝒊𝒕𝒚) ‹╯ 。・゚♡ .° ۬◦۪۪̥


<⌚> 𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝐥𝐚𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐫𝐚. ∘⠡

                  [singing a hymn]
                  [of lies and sins]. . .

               ———————— 累❜

                ❛ ◟
                      💌      ↴
                ⌞🍯⌝ ≛ information⊰
                ༝༟ ﹋──── ・・
               ﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀ 🖇

-`, Laenielira is a fantasy based roleplaying server that revolves around ten kingdoms and much more! Join today along with 600+ others and begin your journey with unlimited original character slots! Purchase limited spells, potions, grimoires, and so much more. Create your own guild, enroll into a magic academy, become a royal, and uncover the truth about Laenielira!

               ┈─────── — ꒰‧⁺ ⌨𝚕 ˀ  *ೃ༄ 
                ♯❍─ 友達 ◠ ◠ ◠
               ❛⌇ 700+ friendly members, including staff!
               ❛⌇ bots! play games, music, trivia, and more.
               ❛⌇ all different types of roleplayers!
               ❛⌇ anime, kpop, gaming, and more.
               ❛⌇ over 200+ roleplaying channels!
               ❛⌇ gods, demons, angels, yokai, & many custom species.
               ❛⌇ no nsfw related content at all for safe users!

               ─ ─ ⁏⁏ join laenielira today! 👹 ☁ ⠀ ོ
▸ ♡ : : : ︵ 🖇 °

\ ︿︿︿︿︿
╱ ꧙➘➘
           ↳ ❝invite:
You've been invited to Fate Manor

A place where unique individuals gather to socialize and test their abilities, a magical nexus for traveling across dimensions, and a home to those outcast by society. However, it is not necessarily a safe place, as the halls of the manor have been divided into factions, each wing governed by a different Team Leader. These teams are constantly competing with each other; be it directly through combat, or indirectly through their feats and accomplishments. On the surface, it is all in good sport, but beneath those layers lies something far more sinister. As the forces of darkness grow stronger in secret, so must we all in order to preserve this world, and all others.
Community server!!
- Become a subject or rule over your own realm
- Games
- Discussions
- Role play
- Many fun bots
- Lvl XP roles
- Mystical dungeon bloop
- Empress for sale to the highest bidder
and more!
- Be a part of a community and have fun while you're at it
See you there!
Welcome to Euslai! A multi-genre roleplay with RPG aspects! Create your character and explore the world of Euslai, while interacting with other people! We are all friends here, and have amazing staff to push along stories and engaging quests. If you're looking for a good roleplay, chances are, the world of Euslai has what you're looking for. Keep in mind, this roleplay has several original RPG systems and rules. If you don’t like those, this server might not be for you!
Have you ever wanted to own a super normal totally not satanic company? Too bad, there is no way that is going to happen, you'd have to kiss so much ass and kick even more.

Hm? What's that? Ohhh right, that's all people do here.

Here at Natas, we are offering a completely new experience to the business life style! We offer both bed and breakfast 24/7/365, and you get paid just for showing up! Doesn't that sound great! We don't even really care what you do, as long at the work gets done at the end of the day. People here claim the towering skyscraper to be a heaven on earth! Indoor pools and forest galore. Along with the more scandalous areas such as strip clubs and general whoring areas.

Maybe all the mundane is not for you and you crave power, more of it. You can choose to fight your way to the top, talk, or....Well I think we both know what else you can do to be up there. Watch out though, once you get up there, those milk jugs might not save you. All that power over the company can come crashing down if you get challenged by someone. Or, better yet, you make it to the weekly blood ritual.

Oops I've said to much, Just sign below

Hello there, allow me to introduce myself. I am a recruiter for the distinguished school for dedicated role-players, Tell Tale Academy. What is Tell Tale Academy you may ask? Why it is a school filled with the sons and daughters of your favorite childhood fairytales and Greek mythology. With royals, warlocks, Gods, peasants, etc. there is always something buzzing in these hallowed halls.
Currently, registration is open to all students of any race, gender, social class, religion, or sexuality.

We oh-so hope you will visit our website where you will find:
- More information about our school
- Meet our astounding administration and other fellow students (In the server)
- A map of the Fairytale world and others like it. (In the server)
- A list of rules and guidelines for you to read and follow.
- A list of Fairytale or Greek mythological parents who aren’t taken under the “Enrollment” tab - If you have a request for a character ask us!
- A template for you to follow when creating a character.
- And more!

We at TTA extend our deepest welcome and gratitude to you and hope you can make Tell Tale Academy your new home.

Our Website -
The Scoijan Empire

Welcome to the Scoijan Valley - home to the once opulent and mighty Scoijan Empire; now turned to disarray and infighting. Fractured and further fragmented by three leaders - each a claimant to the throne their father, the Emperor, had held for over four hundred years before his death. You will find yourself amongst the streets of Mairoux. It is a city - once capital of the Empire - defined by intrigue, callous justice, opportunity, and magical technology. Contesting the expansion of Mairoux stand Portsborough and Erod-Teyrnas. Portsborough are paragons of purposeful progress, freedom of person, clockwork-steam machinery, and the roar of artillery and ranks of rifles. Erod-Teyrnas are unmoving in their dedication to the old way of nobles, knights, and serfs - possessing primal, primordial magic to combat the advanced technology of their rivals. It’s a bloody feud, an unending feud, and only your hands may change the tide - toward domination or peace.

Our close-knit community is a friendly, experienced group of roleplayers - welcoming new members to our fold to share our world with. We’re predominantly freeform in our role play style where every character can influence the world around them; good or bad. Our tense and perspective is, however, third person - past tense - semi-literate to literate. We prefer that our users be of this same style or at least willing to learn.

If we have piqued your interest, please - come and join us on discord!